How to Spot a Scam

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dan "The Dumb Man" Spurlock

Thank you to the person who submitted the following information. It appears that Dan Spurlock has slipped up and is now leaving messages on answering machines and giving US based addresses in which to wire money to.

On 12/28/08 a concerned CL user wrote:
"Dan Spurlock" used this address for himself when e-mailing me: The text about being on a honeymoon trip to Hawai etc. was identical as that sent to the other bloggers here. I got a good looking fake check from him by UPS, follwed by a message left on my answering machine inquring about the 'overage' cash he wanted me to wire him by Western Union to a place in Texas. The quality of his recording on my answering machine was poor, but I am sure he spoke with a heavy African accent. I am around students from Africa a lot, so I do know this accent.

*If you have received a fake check with directions to wire money to anywhere in the USA, please contact the United States Postal Inspector's Office (A link has been posted on this site). Also contact your local police department. These people can be caught and stopped!!

New York Apatment Scam Update

The scam artists who were trying to "rent" a non-existent apartment in Brooklyn, NY have now changed locations due to being exposed by this site. Their new location is located in Manhattan.

On 12/28/08 a CL user submitted this info.

Location: 253 West 73rd. St.
New York, NY

They are now posting an apartment in Manhattan in a very chic building on the UWS - 253 West 73rd - for only $800. Meanwhile, the ad asked for a different price and had contradictions galore within it. While I thought it was a scam, decided to send an e-mail anyway (wishful thinking, perhaps!). Received a long and detailed e-mail back, along with photos. Stay clear of these people who obviously have nothing better to do with their lives.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Apartment Scam

Thank you to the CL user who submitted this info.

There is a new apartment scam on Craigslist that is targeting people in Brooklyn, New York. The scam is being perpetrated by people living in the United Kingdom with a possible accomplice using a Chicago, Illinois phone number.

Scam Artist: Cindy & Kenneth Roberts
Email address:
Phone Number: +44 7045780684 (United Kingdom Number)

Possible Accomplice: John Lamont Caldwell
Phone Number Used: 773-467-7459 (Chicago Phone Number)

*Please note that none of the phone numbers provided are even remotely close Brooklyn, NY where the apartment is located. Further proof that one must always deal locally.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New UK Scam Artists

CL users in the UK would like inform everyone about these two low lifes:

Name: Jessica Spencer

Name: Barry Rorek
Address: 29 Athlone Rd.
Brxton, UK

Kelly Smart Update

The Internet persona known as Kelly Smart has been using new email addresses:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to Avoid Employment Scams

Anyone who has posted their resume on one of the online recruitment websites (,, etc) will have received one or many offers for work. The work seems easy, the pay is good, the experience is negligable - what can go wrong? Well, in 99.9% of cases, it's simple fraud - and you can end up an accomplice - try explaining to the police why you're sending money to a known criminal and trying to cash fake checks - not going to look good on your credit history if you get a criminal record too!

The important thing is to do your research to avoid getting stung. A pretty good rule is this:

If you get an unsolicited email offering you 'work-from-home', hit the 'delete' key- it's almost certainly a scam!

The "Money Mule"

A"money mule" or "money transfer agent" is used to launder funds obtained as a result of phishing and Trojan scams. After being recruited by the fraudsters, money mules receive funds into their accounts and they then withdraw the money and send it overseas using a wire transfer service, minus a commission payment.

Money mules are recruited by a variety of methods, including spam emails, adverts on genuine recruitment web sites, approaches to people with their CVs available online, instant messaging and adverts in newspapers.

Positions on offer sometimes include "Local Representative Needed ", "Shipping Manager", "Financial Manager" or "Sales Manager". They offer you the chance to earn some easy money for a few hours work each week, usually just requiring that you have access to the Internet and a bank account.

Check Fraud

Example 1 (Africa Satellite Company) Example 2 (Germansun, Ricoh)

Recently the scam as perpetrated by Avanger/Avangar-europe/Germansun
etc. has involved using counterfeit 'certified checks/cheques', paid directly into the employee's bank account, followed very quickly by instructions to 'send on the rest'. By the time the check has been found to be a fake, the employee has passed on the cash, usually by Western Union (the Scammer's best friend!).

Remember, if a fake check is paid into your account and you draw on it, YOU are responsible for returning the money to the bank. The Bank will not bail you out!

Robert Adams Employment Ad

Check out this fake employment ad from Robert Adams. He's still claiming to the "hearing impaired" to avoid the fact that his thick Nigerian Accent gives him away. Here is his new email address:

Mike Kimball, Services CPA provides accounting services to creditors of all types. This can consist of conducting delinquency interviews with past due customers of the creditors, urging the customers to call the creditor at the time of contact, visual inspection of collateral or photographs of collateral. We are not a collection agency, nor do we serve legal papers or repossess collateral. We act primarily as a conduit of communication between the creditor and their customer and also act as a fund manager on behalf of our creditors. We do not provide a hard-core collection approach when dealing with the creditor's customer.
I run the company and I am currently recruiting employees throughout the country. I am seeking very stable, dependable people on Part-Time basis. You are signed on as Personal Assistant. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have the ability to dispatch some check billed to creditors daily. I do this formerly myself but it as gotten so demanding i can't afford doing this and still expect to have any other work to be done during my work hour, so most time I end leaving for home late. Should you be interested you will be posting the checks by United Parcel service. Work is typically performed during day hours (9:00am-12:00pm or 1:00pm-4:00pm Mondays through Fridays ). This is an excellent part-time income of $1500.00 monthly. Applicants must have an internet access computer, a coloured printer.Applicants will be working from home pending the time Office is avialable. Applicants will also be posting company letters, company invoice & company's account documents via post office or Ups/FedEx.The work is simple in nature.
Interested parties should respond by emailing their resume to We will respond to all resumes received, please check your spam filters. Mike Kimball, Services CPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Job Title : Personal Assistant WantedPosted By: Mike Kimball, Services CPASalary: $1500 payable at end of the monthPhone Number: Employer is hearing impaired, contact is best on email.Location : Nationwide(City/Town) : USA.

Benson Collins phone number

Benson Collins has gained our attention as a worthless scammer. We are also posting their phone number. It appears that the phone number given traces back to Seattle, Washington. These scammers may be cunning, but they are not bright, infact they are down right stupid.

Name: Benson Collins
Email:, ,
Phone: (206)202-1120 (Seattle Washington number)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Robert Adams, Karen Edwards, and Rev. James The Same Person!

Think you have problems, try being Karen Edwards, Robert Adams, and Rev. James Russell because they are the same person! We followed up on many tips and found many similarities, including the same email address. I guess when its hard to keep track of so many fake emails. Whether its pure stupidity or down right laziness, the slip up is very evident. I also question the sanity of a guy who would also pose a woman to cheat people out of money.

The man behind these aliases is not a real man!

Here are some of the emails used. Do with them as you wish: ( also used by Rev. James)

Chris Marcus Update

We are starting a running list of Chris Marcus email addresses.

This loser has changed his email three times in two months since being featured here!

Scam Artist Cannot Spell Fake Name Correctly

Thank you to the Sacramento CL user who sent this information.

I received a closely related set of emails responding to my tutoring ad on Sacramento craigslist. Tip offs for me were a change of email address (and name spelling: Micheal -> Michael), poor english, and no reference to anything I had said. After running several unsuccessful google searches with names, towns, etc. I ended up here. Kind of funny - kind of not...


Hi,will you be available to tutor my daughter (Carie) Maths or English
by February 2009?


Thanks for your reply.Am from Petersburg Florida,my 15 year old
daughter(Carie) is coming for an holiday,and she is interested in
having Algebra Maths or English Composition lesson during her
holiday.She is a middle school student.Actually,she want the lesson to
start by first week in January but i insist on Feb.So if you can be
available for the lesson by January,no problem. She will be coming to
you for 1 hour lesson per day(3 times per week),I got a Nanny that
will relocate to you area to take proper care of her and also there is
someone that will always drive her down to the location of the
lesson.So please Kindly get back to me with:
1.Your charges per hour.
2.Total charges for 1 month that she will be taught one hour per day
in 3 times a week.
Waiting to read from you soon.

Do Not Rent To Bob Draper

Attention Canadian landlords, do not rent to Bob Draper.

Scam Artist: Bob Draper

We just recieved one of these. The original message was from Bob Draper. It says:
I am Bob Draper,my wife and i just got married,i work with Environmental Protection Agency in Canada and we are coming for our honeymoon in the states,kindly check if we can spend three nights at your place,(Dec 10 to DEC 13) .We dont have any pets neither we dont smoke or drink.Pls get back to me with the cost and availability.


We sent rates, and some correspondence. Then he writes:

"Hello Am glad to inform you that the payment has been mailed to you and will get to you soon. However,there is a mistake on the check, our traveling expenses was included in the check for our booking. This was suppose to come in a different check that was supposed to go to our Logistic Agent and not in the one for our booking.But since it has been sent, just deduct the full cost of our booking and send the remainder to our Logistic Agent using Western Union money transfer so that she can make all necessary things we need to do with it pending the time of our arrival. I hope you understand this and we can be able to depend on you.We can't wait to be there. My regards to all the members of your family."

Similar to the others in this thread, but a different twist.

Bob Draper

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Benson Lawson Sentenced!!

The person who posed as internet conman Benson Lawson was sentenced this past weekend. Australian authorities say they nabbed this guy after an intense investigation, further proving that when the pressure is turned up these chumps crack!

Upon learning of these chain of events, we are recommitting our efforts to bring more low life's to Justice.

Paul Ashbaugh Update

Con artist, jerk, and overall loser Paul Ashbaugh is using a new email address. He now claims to be living in Chico, California.

Name: Paul Ashbaugh
New Email: mytime0054@gmail

On 12/15/08 Paul Wrote:

Hi thanks for the respond, I'm cool with your final price .. let me know if you will accept payment with Money Order as this is the only way i can make the payment because i am located in Chico, C. A .. I don't mind offering you an extra $30 for holding the item for me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mystery Shopper Scam

A big thank you to Scamdex for posting this scam.

Name: Javier Hines


Name: Michael Bernard


Tactic Used: Mystery Shoper Scam

Here’s a little email I receive quite often - I assumed these were scams, but never got round to ionvestigating them until now. from a Javier Hines [] email address, but wants replies to Michael Bernard [].

Irvine, CA 92604-3703

Thank you for your interest in the Mystery Shopper position.

Our company conducts surveys and evaluates other companies in order to help them achieve their performance goals.

We offer an integrated suite of business solutions that enables corporations to achieve tangible results in the marketplace.

We get hired by other companies and act like customers to find out how they are handling their services in relation to their customers.

Mystery Shopping is the most accurate and reliable tool a business can use to gather information regarding their actual customer service performance at the moment of truth. This moment of truth is not when the staff is on their best behavior because the boss is around - it is when they interact with customers during their normal daily routines.

This is where you, the Mystery Shopper, come in. You pose as an ordinary customer and provide feedback of both factual observations (ex…the floor was free of debris) and your own opinions (ex…I felt that the temperature in the establishment was too cold).

Mystery Shoppers must remain anonymous. You must act as a regular customer and be careful not to do anything that would reveal you as a shopper. An inexperienced shopper could tip off the staff to his/her identity by asking for the manager’s name for no clear or appropriate reason. If you are going to be bringing someone with you on the shop, make sure you educate them about the process as well. Beware that even whispers can be overheard by employees. If anyone notices you are a shopper, you can bet that word will quickly spread around the establishment and you will get some of the best customer service in town.

No company can afford to have a gap between the promise of quality and its actual delivery, that’s why leading corporations look to us, the nation’s premiere mystery shopping and customer experience measurement company.

In order for a business to effectively compete in today’s economy, they must be prepared to meet the challenge of increasing sales by:

* Retaining existing customers

* Acquiring new customers

* Creating word-of-mouth advocacy

* Improving customer loyalty

Once we have a contract to do so, you would be directed to the company or outlet, and you would be given the funds you need to do the job(either purchase merchandise or require services), after which you would write a detailed report of your experience.

Examples of details you would forward to us are:

1) How long does it take to get served.

2) Politeness of the attendant.

3) Customer service professionalism.

4) Sometimes you might be required to upset the attendant, to see how they deal with difficult clients.

Then we turn the information over to the company executives and they will carry out their own duties in improving their services.

Most companies employ our assistance when people complain about their services, or when they feel there is a need for them to improve upon their customer service.

Our company partners with you to implement proven mystery shop auditing and surveying strategies that provide critical information about customer experiences.

You will be paid a commission of $100 for every duty you carry out, and bonus on your transportation allowance.

Your task will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of restaurants, retail stores, casinos, shopping malls, banks and hotels in your area.

Qualities of a good Mystery Shopper:

* Is 21 years of age or older

* Loves to go shopping

* Is fair and objective


* Is very observant and able to focus on details

* Is fairly intelligent

* Has patience

* Is detail oriented

* Is practical

* Types well

* Is trustworthy

* Explains well in writing

* Is discreet

* Loves to learn

* Handles deadlines

* Has full internet access (at home or at work)

Mystery Shopping is fun and exciting but also must be approached very seriously and is definitely not for everyone.

If you are interested in applying for consideration as a Mystery Shopper do send in your information only at our e-mail:

Full Name: Address:

City: State:

Zip Code: Phone Number:

Age: Occupation:

As soon as we receive your information we will add you to our database and we will look for locations in your area that needs to be evaluated. If you have any questions please reply on our e-mail:

Thank you,

Michael Bernard

Best Surveys, 505 Barranca Parkway,

Now this sounds good - and fun too - we all want to reward good service and punish bad service - and who doesn’t want to go shopping?? :)

Well, this is just our old friend the counterfeit check scam in another guise. At some time you’ll probably end up having to cash a large check and ’send the rest’ on to a wierd address by (guess who?) Western Union (’The Scammers Best Friend’).

Also seen as postings on CraigsList or print classified ads or sent to people who are looking for employment on Dice/Monster etc. Job sites - The ‘job’ sounds very attractive and would obviously appeal to candidates such as home makers, Pensioners and other people with free time who want to make a little extra cash.

The Federal Trade Commission offers some advice about becoming a “mystery shopper”:

The truth is that it is unnecessary to pay money to anyone to get into the mystery shopper business. The shopping certification offered in advertising or unsolicited email is almost always worthless. A list of companies that hire mystery shoppers is available for free; and legitimate mystery shopper jobs are on the Internet for free. Consumers who try to get a refund from promoters of mystery shopping jobs usually are out of luck. Either the business doesn’t return the phone calls, or if it does, it’s to try another pitch.

Here’s What SNOPES has to say on the subject:

Remember always, if you are asked to pay for the privilege of working (eg by needing to purchase training materials or obtain certification or register with a database of available mystery shoppers), you are probably being conned, avoiding being victimized in this fashion would be a relatively simple matter: all one would need to remember is, “If they want me to pay them, it’s a scam.” And that would be that.

Someone who answers a mystery shopper ad is sent an employment packet typically containing a variety of items, including a training assignment and a cashier’s check made out for a largish amount, typically a few thousand dollars. The assignment explains that the “shopper” is to pose as an ordinary bank customer (either at a particular named bank or his own), cash the check there, then wire the funds he receives from the teller to an address that has been supplied in the information package. The “shopper” will also typically be told it is imperative he complete the task within two days, or else he will not be paid for his work or hired again.

How to Avoid Falling Victim to ‘Secret Shopper’ Scams:

  • Remember that anyone can place a newspaper or online ad. Do not confuse the appearance of such solicitations in reputable forums with proof of the offers having been vetted by those publications or job search services.

  • Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by official-sounding corporate names. Some scam artists operate under business names that can be confused with those of long-standing, reputable firms. Others choose impressive-sounding evocative names that roll satisfyingly off the tongue. In both instances, they count on their pigeons being mollified by the sound of the name rather than inspired to research the company on their own.

  • Don’t pay a company to hire you, not even if such payment is presented as your buying necessary training materials, obtaining required certification, or registering with databases of available mystery shoppers. Remember, if the process involves your sending your “employers” money, it’s probably a scam.

  • Be wary of companies that ask you to disburse money from your own pocket for the goods you buy as their secret shopper. While some legitimate mystery shopper companies do operate in this fashion (with their employees submitting receipts for what they bought along with their reports, then being reimbursed in full), the more prudent aspiring secret shoppers will tread carefully in this regard at least for the first few transactions, rather than plunge in wildly and make large purchases with their own cash.

  • Do not wire money to strangers or to firms that have supposedly hired you. Use entities such as Western Union and MoneyGram only when you know the person who will be receiving your cash very, very well. Remember, that while a charge made against a credit card can be disputed and a check can have a stop-payment order issued against it, once cash is out the door, it is gone forever. Since wiring money is sending cash, treat it that way.

  • If you have questions about the legitimacy of a job listing, contact your Better Business Bureau, your state or local consumer agency, or the Federal Trade Commission.

Eggs is Eggs Right? Not in the UK

Came across this fascinating scam - selling battery-farmed eggs as ‘Free Range’.

British consumers are eggstremely conscious about where their food comes from. (Way more so than Americans who like not to think of such yukky subjects).

So - Big thumbs down to GMOs (Genetically Modified foods), and a rather hard stare (ala Paddington Bear) to those who farm animals with disregard to their comfort and safety. So imagine the horror when it is revealed that the purchasers of ‘animal-friendly’ eggs, supposedly from Free-Range chickens turns out to be just the usual mass-produced crud from the despised battery farming methods (cramped cages, de-beaking, chemical feeds, miserable life cycle).

Anyway, here’s the story from the Newcastle, UK based Northern Farming Journal

Egg sales scam is much bigger than feared

A scam involving eggs laid by battery hens in Europe being sold as free-range or organic in UK supermarkets is 10 times bigger than previously feared.

Consumers may have been duped into paying higher prices for more than 500 million mislabelled eggs over five years.

Investigators from Defra are continuing their investigation into the scale of egg fraud in Britain, although they stressed that they do not believe mislabelled eggs are still being traded. However, free range egg producers in the North-East said it was important that the fraudsters were caught and brought to justice.

Christine Jackson of Sunny Hill Eggs, near Berwick, said: “It is very important for the goodwill of our consumers that we have integrity in the production of Sunny Hill Eggs, follow all the welfare codes we adhere to and also have integrity in the marketing and retailing of our product.

“So you can be sure that at Sunny Hill Eggs all of our eggs are produced and marketed according to strict Lion Code and Freedom Food Practice and at Sunnyhill all of our hens are happy hens.

Puppy Scam

Everyone with an e-mail address has received the Nigerian scam e-mail. The scam, sending money to someone who’ll reward your kindness with much, much more money, has been around forever, but the Internet really spread it around.
The L.A. Times reports there’s a twist on this, playing on the desire both for a bargain and to help a puppy in trouble:
The Council of Better Business Bureaus Inc. and the American Kennel Club today will issue a warning about fraudulent websites, MySpace postings and print ads asking people to help save puppies who are in desperate straits.
The sites and ads usually show adorable puppies that somehow have become stuck in Nigeria or other countries, and are offered free to new owners. A variation is to offer the puppies, such as purebred, English bulldogs — a particularly expensive breed — at vastly discounted prices.
But free or not, people who had responded to the ads eventually were asked to send hundreds of dollars to cover such costs as shipping, customs, taxes and inoculations on an ever-escalating scale.
Some reported paying fees totaling more than $1,500.
“It’s like the Nigerian advance-fee scams we’ve been seeing for years, except with the face of a puppy,” said Steve Cox, a council vice president.
No matter how much was paid, no puppies arrived. Even the pictures — showing sad-eyed puppies with folds of skin so loose it looked as if they were wearing bunched-up sweaters — probably were fraudulent, mostly lifted from legitimate websites of unwitting owners

Stay Clear of These Two

We have two new names to report.

Con Artist: Larry Moore
Email used:

Con Artist: Nathan Bennett
Email used:,

*Help put an end to these miserable people

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fake Starbucks Job

Thank you Darzam for submitting the following information. There appears to be a fake Starbucks job position circulating on Craigslist.

Starbucks Coffee
North Last Chance
GulchHelena, MT 59601

Dear Applicant,
You are getting this email in regards of the resume you sent to us for the Account Officer (Receivables/Payables)posted on the Accounting Section. The HR Managers have scrutinizedyour Resumes and due to some certain factors, am glad to get youinformed that you have beenshortlisted as a possible Account Officer of the company.

ABOUT US - Starbucks Coffee CompanyThe bottom line: We always figured that putting people before products just made good common sense. So far, it's been working out for us. Ourrelationships with farmers yield the highest quality coffees. Theconnections we make in communities create a loyal following. And thesupport we provide our baristas pays off everyday. Read more about ourapproach to business in the 2007 Corporate Social ResponsibilityAnnual Report.

Responsibilities:As an Account Officer, you are responsible for the following:
1. Receive payment from our Customers or Clients.
2. Process payments received for crediting
3. Record daily transactions and invoice
4. work with the Credit Department of the Company to complete transactions.This position is part time and it gives you the opportunity to doother works as you will be working from home while earning more income.

Your application is being considered and you will be mailed a letterof acknowledgement as soon as you are given the post.

Meanwhile, you are to get back to us with the required informationbelow, this will be recorded in the Company's Regional Database(CRD).
First name:
Middle Initial:
Last name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
State:Zip/Postal code:
Age:Home phone:
Cell phone:
IM Messenger service (AOL, YAHOO, MSN, ICQ, SKYPE):

We hope to read from you soon,
Ben Mullins
HR Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company

SECOND ONE (needless to say, I was a wee bit upset):
Welcome,I hope you had a lovely day. This is to inform you that your JobPositionas been approved at Bucks Coffee.

You are legally capable of carrying out duties on behalf of thecompany.We would like to use this medium to remind you that as soon as you receive payments, you are to send an email to acknowledge the receipt,and also, to have such processed as earlier stated in the job offer letter.This update is to notify you that you are to commence your first assignmentwith the company and to confirm if you are ready to proceed. As we are about to begin full scale operations, all handsmust be on deck.

1. To act in the capacity as a representative of the company
2. To receive payment from our customers on behalf of the company.
3. Payments will be made via Check
4. Record payments information such as Check#, Date and Name of Issuer
5. To process payments and cash the checks recieved at your Bank
6. To work with the Credit Processing Department for balancing of transactionWe would like to know if you will be able to carry out your duties diligently and timely enough and most importantly if you think you are upto the task.

A quick response from you would make things a lot easier forus, so as to know if to inform our clients to start making payments for goods already delivered to them, payment which will be made directly to you.
Ben Mullins
HR Manager
Bucks Coffee

OK I hope your BS meter is going off by now. Please note the reply email address is Gmail. Starbucks is an international corporation and does not use Google mail! Also I'm sure they do not refer to themselves as "Bucks Coffee."

Friday, December 12, 2008

CLScambuster featured on Scamdex!

We are excited to announce that our site is now featured on Scamdex. As you may know, Scamdex operates the largest database of both online and offline scams. In addition they receive tens of millions of visitors from around the world. It is considered an honor to be mentioned by them, as only a handful of sites are selected per year.

To view our feature click here.

Caution: Bogus Wells Fargo Online Banking Alert

This email was in my inbox this morning. For those who may not know, Wells Fargo Bank is a very large bank in the Western part of the United States, but they are expanding across the country. I do not bank with Wells Fargo, yet the scam artists who created it don't know that.

The scam works like this, the potential victim receives an email stating their online banking is blocked, and needs to be resolved. The victim is then redirected via a link provided in the email to a "fake Wells Fargo site" (this is called "phishing" in the cyber world of crime), where they are instructed to enter an online ID and password.

Once this information has been entered, the scam artists now have your personal online banking information, if you are a Wells Fargo customer.

Your Online Banking is Blocked

Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts on you account, we had to believe that, their might be some security problem on you account.

So we have decided to put an extra verification process to ensure your identity and your account security.

Please click on continue to the verification process and ensure your account security. It is all about your security.

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Avoid This Car Scam

Here is another example of a dirt bag scam artist posing as US Military Personnel. In reality there is no car for sale, its just an elaborate scam to cheat people out of money.

Scam Artist Name: Jerry Mercante
email: unknown

If you are interested in my 2003 Toyota Camry LE, it is in perfect condition, with no need for additional repairs, no scratches, dings, special marks whatsoever. It has 32,154 miles and the VIN # is :4T1BE32K63U771971. It has a clear title ready to be signed and notarized on your name.
I have the pictures hosted on the net and you can see them at :
The car is located in Simi Valley, CA.
The price is $2,500 including shipping costs anywhere in the continental US. There are no other costs regarding this transaction. I am selling the car because I am in the army, and my unit will be deployed to Afghanistan in January.
The transaction will be closed only through a 3rd party and this way we will both be protected. My time is limited due to my job in the army so I decided to use a service from ProPay. To begin the transaction I'll need your full name and shipping address, I will forward the details of our transaction to ProPay and then you will receive an invoice from them. The car will be shipped insured to your location with DAS and you will have 5 days for inspection.
Jerry Mercante.

John Mark Update: New Fake Cashiers Checks

Our loser friend John Mark insists on creating fake cashiers checks. If you have recieved any checks from this person, please let us know where the envelope was postmarked from.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Scam Artists

Here are two more names we are adding to the scam artist list.

Name: Dr. Anderson Coleman
Country of Origin: UK

Name: Karan Edwards
Country of Origin: Unknown

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Report a Scam to The United States Postal Inspection Service

First and foremost we would like to say thank you to the Cleveland Police Detectives who have worked very hard to provide us with the following information. If you are in possession of a fake/fraudulent check sent by a scam artist, your best plan of attack is to contact your local United States Postal Inspector.

The USPS will investigate any and all complaints regarding scams sent through the United States Postal system. Feel free to click here to located your nearest Postal Inspection office, then click the contact link to find the office in your area/region.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Rev. James Russell - Con Man

Thanks guys for sending this info.

Name: Rev. James Russell
AKA: Dr. James Russell,,

A Cl user wrote:
He just mailed me as Dr. James Russell, using these "Hi, I am Rev. James, I am interested in the item on subject listed by you on Craigslist. Please let me know if it is still available for sale??? I have difficulty talking on the phone. Please send me more pictures if possible."

*I find the email address with the suffix of godsfamily completely offensive.

John Mark and the Cambodia Connection

The pieces are falling into place as it appears that our old friend John Mark does have an accomplice in the US. Too many people have reported that the envelope containing fake checks was post marked from Brooklyn. At first all may appear normal, but upon receiving the fake checks the victims are instructed to wire the "extra funds" via Western Union to an address in Cambodia. This is where most peoples suspicions are raised and Google John Mark's name, thereby finding this site.

Again we now believe that "John Mark" is based in Cambodia or South East Asia. He is operating with a network of associates, some of which are based in Brooklyn, NY. If you have been a victim to these jerks report it immediately. You can read more about where we believe their US base of operations is here

Computer Crimes Department in NYC
(646) 610-5392

File a Report with the FBI

Ted Smith Update - New Email address

Thank you to the CL user who sent this info:

Name: Ted Smith
Email: (New Email),
AKA: Robert Phillips

Our friend "Ted Smith/Robert Phillips" is using a new email address in the pathetic attempt to assert his new identity. He also uses,bBut his reponse email goes to Beware of this loser!

*Also please note the new email domain ZZN is a free email based web service which allows its users to customize their email address, thereby appearing more legitimate. ZZN is an honest business, but not all of its users are.

Pati Olinger - UK Scam Artist

Thank you to the UK user who sent us this info.

Scam Artist: Pati Olinger
Country: United Kingdom

Hello TutorAm Mrs Pati Olinger. I would like to secure your service for my daughter, Her name is Olympia and she is 14yrs old so i want her to be busy in the time of the day because we just moved in from United Kingdom. i have decided to let her attend your lesson pending the time i wll get a good sch for her ,so she will be coming 2hours in a day and three times in a week(10am to 12pm or at any of your convinient time given to us)in the morning or time that you will be chance. so i want you to calculate the cost of 2 hour per day for Monday, Wednesday & Friday or any of your convinient time for the whole 2 Month and send me the total cost ,My husband company will be paying you Check or wire the money to your get back to me with your cost for the November and December. I have someone that will always drive him down to your house Kindly get back to me with your full details below...My company will be paying with CHECK..1.YOUR CHARGE FOR AN HOUR FOR TWO MONTHS....2.TOTAL CHARGES FOR 2 MONTHS.TAUGHT 3 TIMES PER WEEK..3.FULL NAME AND ADDRESS WITH ZIP CODE. (FOR PAYMENT)and (LESSON VENUE)4.YOUR PHONE NUMBER...Don't hesitate to e-mail with your total charges.Thanks and looking to hearing from you soon.Stay Blessesd and best Regards

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ted Smith - Robert Phillips Alter Ego

Do you remember when country artist Garth Brooks invented an alter ego called Chris Gaines? The result was a huge media/personal setback. Well it appears that scam artists also have multiple personalities. This past summer Robert Phillips was riding high as a con man who thought no one knew who or what he was (creep, jerk, etc., you name it). As it turns out this site starting featuring good ole' Robert and he disappeared for a while.

Enter Ted Smith, Robert Phillips new identity. Lots of people have reported contact with "Ted" and new story which goes something like this:

From: (Ted's new email)


Thanks for the prompt response to my mail. I will be buying from you
so please kindly withdraw the advert from CRAIGSLIST. Please be
informed that I will be paying with a check. Anyways, I'll not be
available for the pick-up due to much engagement with me this season,
but my intention is to hire a mover to pick it up.Please note 'UPS' do
not deliver to P.O.Box addresses.I will need the following details to
mail out the payment.

1.Name to be on the payment
2.Home address
3.Cell phone #

I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will be
delivered within 2-3 working days.** I use a hearing impaired phone #
and will receive your calls via email.Kindly delete the posting as am
totally committed to buying from you to save me cost.Until then remain
blessed and take good care of yourself for me

*Best excuse yet, to busy due to much engagement with me this season. Honestly these people make my skin crawl.

Kelly & Lauretta Smart, Kelly Rowland

A Craigslist user sent this info. Please beware of these con women.

Names: Kelly & Lauretta Smart
Email:( or (

Name: Kelly Rowland
Email:( or (

Wanted: John Mark Checks

Many people have been asking what should they do with their fake John Mark checks. First do not cash/deposit any of the checks into your bank account (they will bounce). Next, you will need to decide if you would like to report the matter. We have added a link on the homepage under the section "Report a Scam."

The amount of pressure that has been directed at John Mark is starting to show. Tens of thousands of people have become hip to his game, and as a result he is starting to slip up. At this point we are requesting that if you have any checks from John Mark, please scan them and email them to us at:

Thanks again to everyone who has shared their experiences with this creep. Last week alone, the calculated amount of money saved from potential victims totaled well over $8,900. Of course that figure is only what was reported to us, who knows how much the actual amount was. Until "John Mark" is brought to justice, we have vowed to apply relentless pressure. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Scammer targets people who've been ripped off already

Here's a nice little variant on the traditional 419 scam letter that showed up in my inbox this morning:


In David W. Maurer's classic 1940 book The Big Con (the basis for the movie The Sting), he describes how con-men would put their victims on the hook again and again, fleecing them, then convincing them to go home and borrow or steal everything they could from their friends in order to get their original money back. Like a desperate gambler doubling down, the victims would get deeper and deeper, and at every stage, it got easier for the grifter to con them again.

*Please understand that no government, especially Nigeria has a plan to reimburse scam victims.

John Mark/Bobby Alfred base of operations?

The pressure has been turned up on John Mark and he is now attempting to change his identity by using different "associates". In addition to using previous names as Jeremy Silver, the name Bobby A Alfred has been appearing on new unsolicited emails.

Furthermore, fake Walmart-Western Union money orders have been sent from:

365 E. 96th Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11212

We are not sure if this person/group of people are currently living at the address they've provided, however the map link below is a street view image courtesy of google.

View Larger Map

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

IP Address Tracker - The Best Way to Locate a Scam Artist

Have you received an email that sounds a little too good to be true? Or is your gut telling you that something isn't right? Wish you could locate exactly where that email came from? Well now you can. Every computer that is connected to the Internet has what is called an IP address. Similar to a phone number, an IP address is unique to every computer, which indicates Geographically where the particular computer is located.

When you receive an email, you receive more than just the message. The email comes with headers that carry important information that can tell where the email was sent from and possibly who sent it. For that, you would need to find the IP address of the sender. The tutorial below can help you find the IP address of the sender. Note that this will not work if the sender uses anonymous proxy servers.

First of all, the IP address is generally found in the headers enclosed beween square brackets, for instance, []

Finding IP address in Gmail
1. Log into your Gmail account with your username and password.
2. Open the mail.
3. To display the email headers, Click on the inverted triangle beside Reply. Select Show Orginal.
4. Look for Received: from followed by the IP address between square brackets [ ].

Example: Received: from [] by

5. If you find more than one Received: from patterns, select the last one.
6. Track the IP address of the sender

Finding IP address in Yahoo! Mail

  1. Log into your Yahoo! mail with your username and password.
  2. Click on Inbox or whichever folder you have stored your mail.
  3. Open the mail.
  4. If you do not see the headers above the mail message, your headers are not displayed. To display the headers,
    • Click on Options on the top-right corner
    • In the Mail Options page, click on General Preferences
    • Scroll down to Messages where you have the Headers option
    • Make sure that Show all headers on incoming messages is selected
    • Click on the Save button
    • Go back to the mails and open that mail
    • Look for Received: from followed by the IP address between square brackets [ ]. Example:
      That is be the IP address of the sender.
      If there are many instances of Received: from with the IP address, select the IP address in the last pattern. If there are no instances of Received: from with the IP address, select the first IP address in X-Originating-IP.
  5. Track the IP address of the sender

Finding IP address in Hotmail

  1. Log into your Hotmail account with your username and password.
  2. Click on the Mail tab on the top.
  3. Open the mail.
  4. If you do not see the headers above the mail message, your headers are not displayed. To display the headers,
    • Click on Options on the top-right corner
    • In the Mail Options page, click on Mail Display Settings
    • In Message Headers, make sure Advanced option is checked
    • Click on Ok button
    • Go back to the mails and open that mail
  5. You should see the email headers now.
  6. If you find a header with X-Originating-IP: followed by an IP address, that is the sender's IP address
    In this case the IP address of the sender is [].
  7. If you find a header with Received: from followed by a Gmail proxy like this

    Look for Received: from followed by IP address within square brackets[].
    In this case, the IP address of the sender is [].

Look for Received: from followed by IP address within square brackets[].
In this case, the IP address of the sender is [] (Spam mail).

  1. * If you have multiple Received: from headers, eliminate the ones that have
  2. Track the IP address of the sender

If you have further question about the proceedure you can learn more here.

You can always Track the IP address here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sitter City Tips and Resources

If you have been targeted by a scam artist on SitterCity please use the following link below to report the matter directy to SitterCity.

Charles Desmond - Tutor Scam

CHARLES DESMOND, has two kids (ages 8 and 5), originally from Spain, but currently residing in the UK. He is seeking an English tutor for his kids following their move to (blank) city this year. Uses the e-mail address or .

Charles Wrote: I want to pay you $1400 in advance before our arrival to the US. I will send you one of my US cashier check of $4200 which i bought the last time i came to the US.I will write the check payable to your name so you could cash it at your bank.I am sending you that much money because of my dad's sickness which i spent lots of money to rescue his life because he is so precious to me. My dad got sick couple of weeks ago which made me spent lots of money taking care of his medical bills. The cashier check is for US which is cashable at your bank and its not cashable here in UK. As soon as you receive the check, take it to the bank and cash it and deduct $1400. Then send the balance of the money to my ticket agent in London so i can buy the family ticket to fly there.


Dan Kleeb - Scam Artist

Be on guard against:

Name: Dan Kleeb
Email Address:,

He said he has sent the money to me by UPS. I will be throwing his check away once I receive it.

Beware of Max Smith

A CL user would like us to beware of:

Name: Max Smith
Email Address:

Glad that I found this site - won't be sending my name/address, or cashing any check.

Paul Ashbaugh

Here is another Scammer to add to the growing list.

Name: Paul Ashbaugh
Email address:,

Thanks for the respond, I'm cool with your final price .. let me know if you will accept payment with Check as this is the only way i can make the payment because i am located in Columbia, S.C .. I don't mind offering you an extra $50 for holding the item for me. I would have loved to come take a look at it though but i will not be able to do so due to the distance and my work Schedule but i'll really appreciate a picture from you if you have that. You may reply with your name and contact address also your phone number where you will like to receive the payment. And concerning the shipment i will handle all the shipping expenses myself. I shall look forward to hearing from you soon.Here are some of the details I will need for final assurance of the payment to you. (1) Full Name(2) Mailing address, no please(3) your direct telephone numberHear from you soon . God BlessThanks.

Friday, November 21, 2008

John Mark is Public Enemy #1

The gauntlet has been thrown down on John Mark and he is now our public enemy #1. In the past three months more people have reported his name to us than anyone else. Furthermore, our movement has caught fire and Sitter City has terminated his user name mycutelilangel and johndmark. This victory is only the beginning, as our goal is to shut this creep down once and for all. Please continue submitting any and all info that you may have on this person; especially any/all Sitter City user names.

On another note I can empathize with not receiving a job, but a solicitation to lose money. Let's face it we are not in the best of economic conditions. Perhaps you have been out of job for a while now, and were excited about the prospects of obtaining a new position. Maybe you went out and told your family and friends about this, only now to feel let down. If this is the case you should have nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you were led to this site for a reason. For some of you it was that "gut feeling" or intuition that said something is not right. Along the way I hope you took the time to realize that your not alone out there. Many people have been in the same position and can now share their experiences with the world. This empowerment is further proof of the age old saying, "While people lie, your intuition does not."

Make no mistake about it, the information compiled on this site is nothing short of information warfare for the 21st century. The scam artists featured are committed to lie, cheat, and steal in order to obtain their objectives. These objectives range from identity theft, international bank fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and so on. Keeping informed on these tactics is the best way to protect yourself from financial ruin.

In conclusion, I want to thank everyone for their contributions. This site has become more popular and receives more hits than I would have ever dreamed. Many people have reversed course and were able to step back from the ledge in the nick of time. If you have any suggestions as to how this site could be better, please feel free to leave a message in the comments section of this post. Keep the Faith!

-CL Scambuster

Emmanuel Perry - Tutor Scam

A CL user wants everyone to be on guard against Emmanuel Perry. Thanks again for the tip!!

Scam Artist: Emmanuel Perry
Email address:
Tactic: Classic Tutor Scam

While on Craigslist, I found an ad looking for an English tutor. I replied and today received a reply from "Emmanuel perry" (his e-mail address is who has a "15-year-old daughter." He asked for my full name, address, phone numbers, etc." Also, he said I would receive a check in excess of my fee. I am to cash this check and send the remainder to the nanny and taxi driver.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Richard Burrows

Name: Richard Burrows

Thanks for sending this info:

I also got another from a "Richard Burrows" from the email address:

He said: "Hi....I will like to proceed with payment asap and will like to handle shipment myself when you must have gotten your cash at hand. I am in no rush to pick up the item till funds are clear at the bank. My mode of payment will be via Bank Certified Check. I will need your name and address with valid phone number to send the check to you.Kindly deletethe advert of this item if my mode of payment is accepted. I will await your email asap.Please provide your phone number!and i will be offering you $100 to your asking price so please get back to me with the asking price so i can send the check. Thanks"

Robert Dash - More like rob n' dash

Yeah we live in a world full of creeps so here's another one. Thanks for submitting this info!

Name: Robert Dash

I just received an email from this person after posting on Craigslist. He is using the name "Robert Dash" and the email address He sent the same message though: "Hello, I'm Robert, I am satisfied with the description and condition of the item listed above by you on the Ad, Please let me know if the piece is still available for sale and kindly attach more pictures if available. I have a problem talking on phone because I'm hearing impaired I look forward to hearing from you soon. Robert.."

Please note that we have reason to believe Robert Dash also uses the alias Robert Adams and Robert Phillips. Real original guy!

Beware of Chris Marcus

Chris Marcus has emerged as a scam artist and we are actively seeking his email. If you have been contacted by him, please leave his email address in the comments section. Thanks again to the poster for forwarding the info.

I received the same identical email from "Chris Marcus" on my posting. No one should accept cashiers checks or money orders. There are too many stolen ones out there... Here's what I received:

Thanks for the prompt response and i will like you to withdraw the advert from Craigslist,i don't mind adding an extra $20dolls for you to take the advert down from craigslist so that i can be rest assured that am in hand of the item.I don't have time to come take a look. I will be paying via cashier's check,and it will be over night payment .You don't need to bother your self with the shipment Ok,i will take care of that.So i will need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of the check.
1.Your full name
2.Your mailing address be it residential or postal address
3.Your phone number.
i will have my mover come over as soon as you have the checkHave a great dayI look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you again

Dan Spurlock is Back

A CL user in Detroit has mentioned that Dan Spurlock is back and using another email address.

Name: Dan Spurlock

Just got an e-mail from "Dan Spurlock []" in response to a posting I made for a table on This version of the message was much shorter: Is the item still available and in good condition? The fact that the table was referred to as "the item" and that I had stated the condition of the table in the posting raised a red flag in my mind. I did a search for the e-mail address but came up empty. Doing a search on the name led me here (so thanks for creating this site!).

Scam Artist Megan O'Grady

Thank you to the person who sent us this info.

Name: Megan O'Grady
Email: is a scam artist from craigslist who offers to send $140 or $150 more than is necessary through paypal because his/her cousin, son, brother is overseas. They claim they will send the $150 for shipping costs knowing good and well that it doesn't cost $150 to ship a laptop. Anyway watch out for this fool.

John Mark/ Jeremy Silver "Family"

Thank you to everyone who submitted these photos to us. Look closely do these people look familiar? These photos are being emailed by a scam artist named John Mark who also uses the name Jeremy Silver, and trolls websites such as SitterCity and Craigslist to con people out of money. We have no idea who these people are, or if they even though their image is being circulated around the world in an attempt to cheat people.

If these photos have been sent to you please be aware of why you have received them. Further contact with this individual may put you on a path to a deep dark scam artist rabbit hole.
I understand the job position you?ve chosen now, and it will really help us. The information about the games we need for Maria with the Nintendo Ds is below:
1) Nintendo DS Game (Color Pink)
7) Game Discs e.g Shrek, Dora the Explorer, Diego, Little Mermaid, Hannah Montana, Mario Brothers, Pokemon, Cartoon, or other similar educational ones that is good for her age.
Go to any game stores in your area like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City or Target and ask them for seven deferent games that will be okay for her age and let me know the price for everything all together and I will instruct my Associate to send Money to you for purchasing the Nintendo DS and Game Discs ahead of our arrival.
The reason why I can?t go online and purchase the Nintendo Ds and the game discs is because the stores in America don?t take international credit cards and they don?t ship abroad, and because it will be like a welcome gift for Maria when you bring it on the day we are meeting for the first time.
As I explained before that we are from Belgium live in Cambodia as foreign investors, I and my wife are into Wine Production/Supply. And that is what we are coming to establish over there as well. We are presently blessed with one child and we are still planning for two more by God's grace. We are friendly and reasonable hard working family.
Maria is a very gentle and active girl, she like meeting new friends as well and has no allergies, she is excited in places like the beach, museum, zoological gardens etc She is very obedient and doesn?t get provoked so easily and sometimes she could be angry like most kids do, when this happens, just try and pet her and she becomes more interesting.
Basically your work while you are on duty is to make sure that Maria is always save in your care, keep her room and clothes clean, and to take her for an outing sometimes. Definitely there will be another person in charge of house cleaning, cooking and general house work. We will be working away from home when we get over there. My wife is permanently stay in office while am out for marketing.
There is no problem as regards the kind of food Maria eats because she adapts so easily. She can eat normal adult western food and like I said she can adapt to any new nutrition. Her nap is 12 noon for 1hour. She will be home schooled when we get there.
We will surely meet as soon as we arrive on the 5th of December 2008 at any location you do prefer. You may take someone along with you if that will make you more comfortable.
Issues like your vacation schedule/holidays will be jointly addressed during our first meeting.
I have attached my family picture to you in this message.
Please do not forget to furnish us with information about the price of the Nintendo Ds and the Games Discs.
The pay is weekly as i mentioned before.

On Friday, November 14, 2008, at 10:35PM, "sue smith"wrote:
Hi Jeremy,
That's great news! I'm excited to work with Maria and your family. Can I ask>you: do you work from home? What business is your family in? Where does>Maria attend school?>>I would like to work bother the Wednesday to Friday, 4-7 shift and the>Saturday to Sunday shift, if that is okay with you.>>About transportation: I know you mentioned you live in Jersey City. How>would you like me to travel back and forth from my home in (With held upon request) to>yours? I'm attaching some pictures of me and of my two cats so you can>better get an idea of who I am.>>Let me know if you have any questions. I intend to check the prices on the video games this weekend.

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 8:54 PM, Jeremy Silver <> wrote:>>> Greetings!>>>> How are you today? I hope fine! I am very happy for your response to the>> offer, so this message is just to let you know that you have been accepted>> for the job. Your work is to commence as soon as we arrive over there on the>> 5th of December 2008.>>>> I will like to let you know the amount for each offer again, so everything>> can be well understood by you:>>>> Monday to Friday (8:00am-3:30pm) is ==$600.00,>> Wednesday to Friday (4:00pm-7:00pm) is $300.00>> Saturday to Sunday $300 (8:00am-3:30pm) Pls Note: Since we will be going to>> church on Sunday with Maria you have an advantage of resuming working at>> 11.00am on Sunday.>>>> So if you choose the Monday to Friday option, you can also choose the both>> offer if you think you are fit for the both, but let me know the actual>> offer you choose.>>>> Once again The name of our daughter is Maria, 5 years and 3 months old. She>> likes watching cartoons very much and she loves playing video games.>>>> You are free to ask what ever question you like to know about my family,>> and am very sure that you will love working with my family, I will also scan>> my family pictures to you in my next email and explain much about my family>> and about Maria to you.>>>> I want you to go and price (1 Nintendo DS Game, with 7 different Games Disc>> price at any, Best Buy, Circuit City , or any other game stores in your>> area) that you will bring along with you for my child when you are coming to>> resume your job, because she wants something new and the types that are>> available in Cambodia are made in Cambodia characters. That is reason I>> need you to assist me buy this for her, so make sure you get back to me with>> the price of the games, so I can arrange how the money will get over to you>> as soon as possible.>>>> You can call me on my phone number 011-855-99320793 anytime.>>>> Thanks very much.>>>> Jeremy Silver

On Friday, November 14, 2008, at 09:40AM
Hi Jeremy->> >I apologize for my late response; I've been a bit ill.>> >>> >Here is more about me. I've worked mostly with girls, ages 8-14 and tend>> to>> >relate best to them, though I enjoy working with kids of all ages. I've>> >nannied for families on the Upper East Side and SoHo, mostly.>> >>> >My appointment was not terminated by any of my previous employers. I'm in>> a>> >relationship but not married and I have no children of my own. I'd like to>> >work with you for as long as possible, as I believe that consistency is>> >healthy for children--probably 6 months or 1 year.>> >>> >I grew up in a small town in (With held) and moved to (With held) attend college in the fall of 2000. I've lived here ever since. I live>> with>> >two roommates and two cats in (With held) .>> >>> >Please let me know if you have additional questions.>> >>> >Cheers,>> >Sue>> >>> >On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 9:13 AM, Jeremy Silver <> wrote:>> >>> >> Hello Sue,>> >>>> >> Thanks for the response. I am so sorry for my late response, I have>> been>> >> so busy lately.>> >>>> >> We'll like to know more about you if you don't mind, I mean like the>> kind>> >> of people you've worked with in the past ?, What is the assurance that>> you>> >> will be able to resume to work on time? Has your appointment been>> terminated>> >> by any of your previous employer? If so give reason for this. Are you>> >> single? a single mother ? married ? For how will you be able to work for>> us>> >> ? You could all also supply any additional information like your birth>> >> place, location where you grew up. etc>> >>>> >> Your response to these will play a major role in qualifying you for>> the>> >> job position.>> >>>> >> The job is going to last long, all depends on how long you will like to>> >> work for us. Your choice could be 3months, 6months, 1 year or more.>> >>>> >> Awaiting your prompt response>> >>>> >> Jeremy Silver

On Wednesday, November 05, 2008, at 09:37PM
Hi, I would be available to work the Wednesday to Friday as well as the Saturday and Sunday shifts. I would need a car to transport me, as I live in (With held upon request). Let me know if you need any additional information from me.>> I've>> >> >sent you my resume and references.

Hello, how are you doing today? Hope fine. I just want to use this>> channel>> >> >to ask if you will be available to work for my family. My name is>> Jeremy>> >> >Silver and my wife name is Jennie Silver, we are living and working as>> a>> >> >foreign investor in Phnom Penh which is the capital city of Kingdom Of Cambodia, but we are from Belgium by origin, we will be relocating to United State on the 5th of December, w e need someone who will start working>> with>> >> >our family on 5th of December 2008, because we're going to be very busy>> >> that>> >> >is why we need someone to be in charge of our child. The name of our>> child>> >> >is Maria, 5 years and about 3 months old. We need someone during the>> week>> >> >(Monday to Friday) and another person on weekend (Saturday and Sunday),>> We>> >> >will need someone as well for (Wednesday from to Friday evening, 4pm to>> >> 7pm)>> >> >you will be resuming work by 8am and close by 3:30pm from Monday to>> >> Friday.>> >> >On weekend, Saturday you will resume work by 8am to 3:30pm, but o n>> Sunday>> >> >you will resume by 11am to 3:30pm, because we will be going to church>> >> >together with her. The third offer is from 4pm to 7pm. Our offer for>> >> Monday>> >> >to Friday is $600.00 and for weekend is $300.00, and the Wednesday to>> >> Friday>> >> >evening is $300.00 as well. Just choose the one that please you or let>> me>> >> >know if you can do both, which will be seven days all together, and>> your>> >> >money will be added together for you. A car can be provided for you, if>> >> >needed. Our new house address is 45 RIVER DR S APT 3210, JERSEY CITY NJ>> >> >07310-3741 that's where your service is needed at. I want you to>> contact>> >> me>> >> >through my personal email, so i can always receive your message in>> time,>> >> >because am always on it, GET BACK TO ME THROUGH MY EMAIL)>>>> >> I>> >> >will be waiting to hear from soon, you can also contact me through my>> >> >phone.....011-85599320793. Contact me back with your references to know>> >> >you're capable of taking care of our child. Thanks.

On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 5:53 AM, Jeremy S. <>>>wrote:>> This message was sent by another Sittercity User. Hello, how are you doing today? Hope fine. I just want to use this>> >> channel>> >> >> to ask if you will be available to work for my family. My name is>> Jeremy Silver and my wife name is Jennie Silver, we are living and working>> as a>> >> >> foreign investor in Phnom Penh which is the capital city of Kingdom>> Of Cambodia, but we are from Belgium by origin, we will be relocating to United State on the 5th of December, w e need someone who will start working with our family on 5th of December 2008, because we're going to be very>> busy that is why we need someone to be in charge of our child. The name of our>> >> child is Maria, 5 years and about 3 months old. We need someone during the>> >> week (Monday to Friday) and another person on weekend (Saturday and>> Sunday), We will need someone as well for (Wednesday from to Friday evening, 4pm>> to>> >> 7pm)>> >> >> you will be resuming work by 8am and close by 3:30pm from Monday to>> >> Friday.>> >> >> On weekend, Saturday you will resume work by 8am to 3:30pm, but o n>> >> Sunday>> >> >> you will resume by 11am to 3:30pm, because we will be going to church>> >> >> together with her. The third offer is from 4pm to 7pm. Our offer for>> >> Monday>> >> >> to Friday is $600.00 and for weekend is $300.00, and the Wednesday to>> >> Friday>> >> >> evening is $300.00 as well. Just choose the one that please you or>> let>> >> me>> >> >> know if you can do both, which will be seven days all together, and>> your>> >> >> money will be added together for you. A car can be provided for you,>> if>> >> >> needed. Our new house address is 45 RIVER DR S APT 3210, JERSEY CITY>> NJ>> >> >> 07310-3741 that's where your service is needed at. I want you to>> contact>> >> me>> >> >> through my personal email, so i can always receive your message in>> time,>> >> >> because am always on it, GET BACK TO ME THROUGH MY EMAIL)>> >>>> >> >> I will be waiting to hear from soon, you can also contact me through>> my>> >> >> phone.....011-85599320793. Contact me back with your references to>> know>> >> >> you're capable of taking care of our child. Thanks.

Monday, November 10, 2008

John Mark Photos Wanted

It has come to our attention that John Mark has been emailing people various photos of his "alleged" family. We are looking to obtain copies of these photos so they can be posted here. If you have been contacted by this creep please email your photos to us at:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

UK Scam artist Owen Simpson

Thanks again to the UK user who sent this info.

Another scam off of a London posting.

Dear Rep AP648,

Thank you for the information's. This is to notify you that there was a mixed up at the accounting department with the payment sent to you. The payment that was sent to you is $3200 and the weekly payment should be $350 and not $3200 that was sent to you. The $3200 was supposed to be sent to our travel agent.As soon as you receive the payment, Take the payment to the bank immediately and cash it. Then send $2850 back to the travel agent through western union money transfer so that he can book a flight for your student to come over to USA.

Here is our Travel Agent's information to send the money to him

First Name: Rodney
Last Name: Blank
Address: 10 Robin Court, London, SE12 9QW

As soon as you send the money, email me the control number given to you at western union and the actual amount sent after deducting western union charges to send the money. Then wait till you receive further instruction. Hope to hear back from you soon.


Important Notice: Please email me back so I can be sure you receive and understand this message.
Owen Simpson


Monday, November 3, 2008

William Klin Scam artist

Thanks again to the craigslist user who forwarded this information. We had never heard of William Klin, but the scam tactics are the same.

Scam Artist: William Klin
Email Used:
Tactic: Pretends to have a child so he can commit international bank and check fraud

Thank you for the email,i want my kid for the English tutorial thanks for accepting the offer,I have made contacts with my son concerningthe arrangement of the tutoring which he told me is okay by him and iwant you to know that i am going to pay for 1 month, $40.00/hr (whichi have in mind) And i am planning that you will be teaching him 3times a week,which is 1hr per day,so get back to me with the total feefor the subjects and when you will be available to teach him duringthe week.we don't live in the states,we live in my son will becoming to the states for November 2008 and i want him to studymore.he is going to be staying in an hotel with a nanny he is familiarwith since he was a child when we still live in Europe.

i am also goingto be coming to the US but he is going to come ahead of me because i want to go on a business trip to Spain soon,i don't want him to be athome he would be doing fine with is Guardian/nanny before myarrival.I want you to know that i will be sending you the payment inform ofmoney orders/check for the tutorial while i will also want you to please help me pay the Nanny that will take care of him while he isthere for the lesson,i would have sent it separately to you and thenanny but because she is not from the Us he wont be familiar with thebanking system there. so as soon as you get the money orders/checkcashed you will deduct cost of tutoring of the lesson ($500) andPlease send the remaining balance to my nanny that will be takingcare of the kid.

The information of the nanny will be giving to you later. Regardingt his, kindly send your full information to receive the payment so itcan be made out on-time.After which we would both agree on theschedule for the Tutoring and all the text book he would be needing.So hope i can trust you that you will teach my son good academics andsome moral respects so that he can be good for himself in thefuture,i hope i can count on you for the tutorial and the money to be sent to the Guardian.Thanks and waiting to read from you. kindly get back to me with the necessary details needed such as to issue out the payment and sending it to you.
CONTACT PHONE NUMBER:(no postal address pls)
DIRECT PHONE NUMBER.Will be waiting to read your mail soon.
william klin

Please note the horrible use of English grammar, and the absurd request for "extra funds" to be sent back to him.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John Mark's Fake Check

Thank you to the person who scanned and submitted an actual fake check sent by "John Mark." As you can see it looks very real. If you are a Sitter City user, please do what you can to report this con artist. You have the power to stop this guy.

Additionally, many people have expressed their concern and worries about having given this person some private information about themselves, such as their mailing address. While it's normal to feel this way, please remember that this particular person/group of people are located in another country (Nigeria) and have no power over you. Remember at all times that they sent you a fraudulent check! If anything these people should be living in constant fear of what will happen to them once they get caught. The US Government and Interpol does not look kindly at criminal organizations, check or bank fraud
As a side note please notice the issuing party or bank on this check. Partners is a federal credit union for Walt Disney employees only. Furthermore they only have branches on the West Coast of the United States. If you are in possession of a check sent to you by John Mark, it would be wise to either tear it up of submit it to your local police or FBI office. If enough pressure is applied it is likely that law enforcement will familiarize themselves with this individual.

Friday, October 24, 2008

CL Scambuster on TV!!

Due to the overwhelming support of our movement, we were able to supply some of the info provided in this news segment. Thank you again for everyone's continued efforts to combat criminal activity online and offline.

Avoid Sandra Candy

A craigslist user informed us of this low life:

Name: Sandra Candy

Being new to CL and that USPS/DHL shipments, I became a victim. She made an email that would came from USPS with all that tracking number notifications...Item was delivered to the address she gave me but no payment came's depressing but there's nothing more I could do but be wiser next time.

This is the email from Mrs Sandra Candy- i guess this could be the same person that you encountered too.How are you doing?I am located in BOSTON. I'd want you to know that i am new to craigslist online transaction.. I would like to let you know that I have gone through your posting and ready to buy it. As far as there will not be any repairs on it I am willing to offer you a sum of $2100 for the item so that it could be packed properly.

I could have love to pick the item up myself but am busy woman due to fact that am a nurse and working in the hospital and i have alot of appointment in the hospital. So the payment will be made through (usps Money Order, delivery of cash)(Standard 1-2 Days delivery Service ).. I am purchasing it for my friend's daughter wedding which coming up on the 15th october in Warrington, Pa 18976 USA... With this,you'd get your money after payment has been made and all necessary things done.. To proceed with the payment I will need your mailing address, city, zip code, state and likewise phone number. I also have a UPS/DHL prepaid account which will take care of the shipping charge, so you will not need to pay for shipment....I will be looking forward to hearing you...ASAP

John Mark is back

John Mark use to be an avid scam artist, but since we featured his tactics he has been avoiding craigslist. It appears ole' "John" cannot help himself, and has surfaced on SITTERCITY, an website dedicated to connecting reliable childcare personnel with parents in need of such services. John Mark has targeted young women in an attempt to swindle them out of money.

Since this scammer shows no regard for decency, we are now committed to ending his run on SITTERCITY as well. Here is the info we have on him so far:

User name: RossyJoss09
Email used:,

If you are in contact with this person please beware of his criminal intentions! Do not send him any personal information!!

Ticket Scammer

A craigslist user sent this warning to us recently:

Name: Tommy Ryan
Company: Let's Talk Tickets

Tommy Ryan ripped me off for baseball tickets to the cubs don't use "lets talk tickets" for anything. his phone # is 773-595-8228

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beware of Frank Edwards

Thanks again to the person who sent this info to us.

Name: Frank Edwards

I replied to a Craiglist post for an English tutor, and this is the response I recieved: HelloAm Frank an international model from Spain,my 16 yrs old Step-daughter will be coming for a vacation in the U.S,and I want her to be busy throughout because she is a lil bit playful.Therefore, I just want to know maybe she can always come to you and be her English tutor so she can learn from you. If possible,please get back to me with the cost of your teaching for the month,i mean for the whole Month, excluding Sat and Sun.She will be coming to your home or Meet in the City Library for 2 hours each day, I have scheduled a CHAUFFEUR that will always drive her down to your place. My step-daughter's name is Venus Simpson , I want to know the total amount for an hour each for the total month.

So that i can arrange for the payments.If its going to work, Kindly get back to me with the total amount for the month and your mailing address,i will be waiting to see your mail soon,bye for now.
Frank Edwards

The bad spelling and grammar bothered me, especially since the original post was very nicely written. His claim to be a model also bothered me (why, of all places, would a Spanish model send his step-daughter to the small city I live in?) Also, why is he willing to hire a "CHAUFFEUR" rather than have me drive to the location, the "City Library," and which library anyway - there are at least a half-dozen different branches! In addition, like an idiot, I sent my resume as an attachment - so he has my mailing address and has no need to ask for it, unless he doesn't know how to open attachments (I hope). This also suggests that I am dealing with a complete fraud. I marked the original post as spam on Craigslist and have no intent to reply to the email. A Google search turns up no hits on the name or email, so this must be a new identity. I hope others who are suspcious read this and don't fall for this old scam.

"Cynthia" the tutor scam artist

CL Scambuster would like to thank the craigslist user that sent in this intel.

Scam Artist: Cynthia
Email Used:
CL Listing: Buffalo, NY

Hello, thanks for making this information available.

My girlfriend just received the following email after responding to a "tutor wanted" ad on the Buffalo Craigslist. The message immediately raised flags, but thanks to your site, we were able to confirm our suspicion. Notice the "$50.00/hr(which i have in mind)" phrasing is identical. Return address is

Hello Diana ,Thank you for the email,i want my girl (Betty) for the tutorial. A girl of 7 yrs, more so for accepting the offer and its okay by me,I have made contacts with my child concerning the arrangement of the tutoring which she told me is ok by her and i want you to know that i am going to pay for 1 month,which should be $50.00/hr(which i have in mind) And am planning that you will be teaching her 3 times a week,which is 1hr per day,so get back to me with the total fee for the subject which is English and when you will be available to teach her during the week So my child will be coming down for summer by ending of November 2008 and i want her to study more about what she need to know while she is in the states and she speaks a little bit english... So i want you to inform you that i will be sending you the payment inform of Check for the tutorial while i will also pay the Nanny that will be taking care of her and the nanny would bring her down to whereever you believe it will be comfortable for you to have the tutorial, so as soon as you get the payment cash you will deduct cost of tutoring of the leschild and send the remaining balance to the nanny that will be taking care of the jachild which the information will be giving to you later after you have recive the payment.

Regarding the payment,kindly send your full information to made the payment out to, So it can be made out on-time. So hope i can trust you that you will teach my child good academics and some moral respects so that they can be good to their self in the future, i hope i can count on you for the tutorial and the money to be sent to the Guardian my child would be coming down to stay with the nanny that would bring her down anytime you have a class with her and the tutor would start by middle of child (Betty) speaks a little bit english and she is in grade one....i would await the information... so i can proceed on the payment as soon as possible.

MAILING ADDRESS (no P.O.Box please):

I will be looking forward to hear back from you soon with the information to made the payment and your contact phone number.

Note how the information requested by the scammer is enough to begin a preliminary identity theft operation against you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Porsche Scam

It used to be that kids did the darndest things. Lately, a lot of kids seem to be more into wacked-out-WTF things, like a 17-year-old Manhattan high-schooler in Long Island, NY who was the ringleader in a scam created to rob folks looking to buy a Porsche.

The scam was quite simple and took advantage of folks looking for the too-good-to-be-true. The ringleader would post an ad on craigslist for a used Porsche -- in one case for a 2002 Porsche Turbo for $50,000 OBO, in another case it was for a 2005 Carrera GT that the "owner" had simply "gotten too old for." The siren-goes-off part of the ads was when the owner requested that potential buyers bring $22,000 for the down payment on the car.

Turns out that folks did show up with cash in their pockets. Upon arrival, they were set upon by six male teens who tried to rob them of whatever they had. The most the teen crooks were able to get at one time was $4,000 from one couple. On another occasion, two gentlemen apparently did show up with $22,000, but only lost $50 before they were able to get away. The perps have all been caught, but next time you see an ad for a car that seems like a steal, ask a lot of questions and leave the $22,000 at home.