How to Spot a Scam

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dan "The Dumb Man" Spurlock

Thank you to the person who submitted the following information. It appears that Dan Spurlock has slipped up and is now leaving messages on answering machines and giving US based addresses in which to wire money to.

On 12/28/08 a concerned CL user wrote:
"Dan Spurlock" used this address for himself when e-mailing me: The text about being on a honeymoon trip to Hawai etc. was identical as that sent to the other bloggers here. I got a good looking fake check from him by UPS, follwed by a message left on my answering machine inquring about the 'overage' cash he wanted me to wire him by Western Union to a place in Texas. The quality of his recording on my answering machine was poor, but I am sure he spoke with a heavy African accent. I am around students from Africa a lot, so I do know this accent.

*If you have received a fake check with directions to wire money to anywhere in the USA, please contact the United States Postal Inspector's Office (A link has been posted on this site). Also contact your local police department. These people can be caught and stopped!!


Anonymous said...

I was the one who posted the info about the fake check sent to me. Since the check was sent by UPS, a private shipping company, does the U.S. Postal Inspector Office have a jurisdiction in this case? Also, the UPS envelope only gave the account number of the sender, no return address and no personal information for him. I wonder if UPS could trace the account number to the sender himself - I simply don't know.

The check displayed the Sun Trust Bank as the banking institution where the account was held. I am thinking about taking the check to a local branch of that bank and allowing them to handle the case through their procedures. Or should I go to the police first?

Anonymous said...

"Dan Spurlock" is still at it. I received the same e-mails. Once asking about if the item was in good condition and available, and once about being on a honeymoon trip to Hawaii. I was cautious on my first response and will not respond any further. Thanks for posting this information. It was very useful and helpful. I hope others find it helpful as well.