How to Spot a Scam

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Robert Adams Employment Ad

Check out this fake employment ad from Robert Adams. He's still claiming to the "hearing impaired" to avoid the fact that his thick Nigerian Accent gives him away. Here is his new email address:

Mike Kimball, Services CPA provides accounting services to creditors of all types. This can consist of conducting delinquency interviews with past due customers of the creditors, urging the customers to call the creditor at the time of contact, visual inspection of collateral or photographs of collateral. We are not a collection agency, nor do we serve legal papers or repossess collateral. We act primarily as a conduit of communication between the creditor and their customer and also act as a fund manager on behalf of our creditors. We do not provide a hard-core collection approach when dealing with the creditor's customer.
I run the company and I am currently recruiting employees throughout the country. I am seeking very stable, dependable people on Part-Time basis. You are signed on as Personal Assistant. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have the ability to dispatch some check billed to creditors daily. I do this formerly myself but it as gotten so demanding i can't afford doing this and still expect to have any other work to be done during my work hour, so most time I end leaving for home late. Should you be interested you will be posting the checks by United Parcel service. Work is typically performed during day hours (9:00am-12:00pm or 1:00pm-4:00pm Mondays through Fridays ). This is an excellent part-time income of $1500.00 monthly. Applicants must have an internet access computer, a coloured printer.Applicants will be working from home pending the time Office is avialable. Applicants will also be posting company letters, company invoice & company's account documents via post office or Ups/FedEx.The work is simple in nature.
Interested parties should respond by emailing their resume to We will respond to all resumes received, please check your spam filters. Mike Kimball, Services CPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Job Title : Personal Assistant WantedPosted By: Mike Kimball, Services CPASalary: $1500 payable at end of the monthPhone Number: Employer is hearing impaired, contact is best on email.Location : Nationwide(City/Town) : USA.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response. My name is Cindy Robert and I wish to inform you that the apartment 85 Livingston Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 (Interior: 1,515 sq. ft. (approx.), Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights) is still available and belongs to my husband and I. We apologize for the slight delay in responding to your enquiry. We just received some news from our representative (John Lamont Caldwell Tel: 773 467 7459) who is presently in Chicago had a little accident so we are handling the leasing ourselves.

However, we are very busy people and we will not like to take much of your time, therefore I will go straight to breaking down the terms and conditions that apply to the apartment.

My husband and myself have our preferences in given out the apartment. This means we could be a bit choosy but we apologies in advance if it seems to be rather harsh. The apartment is furnished as you can see from the picture attached but most of the furnitures has been move into the store room. The furnitures could be replaced if you like. We are looking out for a responsible person, preferably single. If we accept any married couple, we cannot accept above three kids. In the case of married couple, they will accept full responsibility for property damages during their stay. Pets are allowed and we may be given out the apartment at a very low and reasonable price but we are given it out for a minimum period of at least 3 months starting January/February or preferably a longer lease period to as much as 5 years lease. Since we cleared the apartment for renovation on August, we have not been in New York due to business. Myself and my husband relocated to England, so we will be given out the apartment for a long duration at $800 month rate (Utilities included). Our priority is taken a responsible, careful, understanding and reasonable tenant that will take good care of the property, since we will be away for most of the period.

The rental agreement will contain issue like;

rental payments
duration of lease
damage to premises
payment of utilities
right of inspection
deposit refunds
terminating the lease

We do not have time for games so we suggest that if you are not serious about the apartment, you try somewhere else. My time is very valuable and my husband is a very busy person but he will like to still speak with you over the telephone before any arrangement for you to inspect the apartment because we cannot just give attention to everyone that is interested in the apartment. My husband's full names are Robert Kenneth, Telephone:+44 7045780684. Call only if you are serious about taken the apartment and let us know how long you will like to have the apartment to help us make our decision. If satisfied, we can discuss on how to get the document and the keys of the house to you to inspect. We will like to know you better to help us take our decision on the apartment therefore, in your response, kindly tell us a little about yourself like your names, hobbies, current address, your present occupation, marital status, if you like pets and why you want to take the apartment?

As soon as we hear from you, we will contact you with more details.





Mike Kimball said...

This is Mike Kimball, I manage the Mike Kimball, CPA Services. I was told by my employee (Natalie) that my Business name was used by an impostor named Mr. Adams. Please, whoever posted this advert concerning my business must contact me or get in touch with the FBI for questioning to claim this ad. I have pressed charges with the FBI and you are to get in touch with the FBI immediately. I am waiting for a response.
Mike Kimball

KC, Omaha/CB said...

Robert Adams -- Alive and Well and Getting Smarter

Got this response recently to an ad for a used BMW for sale, from
Sounds Good
Am okay with the price & condition. my form of payment will be through a certified cashier's check drawn on my Bank which is generally accepted at any bank for cashout, you will cash the check before you proceed with the shipment, i will arrange for it to be picked up after you have gotten your cash at hand. The check we be delivered to your location via UPS within 1-2 business days, provide me your full name which the check will be payable to and you contact address where the check will be delivered. kindly remove the Ad if you are interested in selling to me.

Robert Adams
1018 sam road.
St martinville, LA. 70582
Fax (337) 680-4032

Naturally I wrote back & said I would only accept cash.