How to Spot a Scam

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

National Tax Day Tea Party - April 15th 2009

In the spirit of our founders, the Boston Tea Party Protest Americans are coming together across the political divide, from coast to coast and border to border for the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party.

Nicholas & Andrea Wells New Accomplace

Nicholas and Andrea Wells would like you to believe they have an awesome apartment in New York City or now Houston for rent. In addition their "representative's" name has changed three times in the past three weeks. They claim Jason Stern or now Simon Baker has been suddenly taken ill in Chicago of all places and cannot show the apartment that is for rent.

Of course Nicholas and Andrea Wells live in the UK and have multiple children so they cannot show the apartment themselves. Instead of hiring a rental agency they want their victim to wire them a deposit via Western Union (a scam artists best friend) in return for a set of keys to the place. These people are pathetic and we really want to obtain photos of them.

Name: Nicholas and Andrea Wells
Accomplice: Jason Stern, Simon Baker

Internet Dating Scam Featuring Emmanuel Perry & John Freider

Exposed con man Emmanuel Perry has changed his tactics as of late. He once trolled CL in an attempt to cheat money out of people, however since being featured here, he has moved on to internet dating. First a person named John Freider contacts women on a singles dating site. He poses as a businessman in China and after a while attempts to send his victims fake checks. The checks are from Emmanuel Perry and eventually the victim is asked to wire him a portion of the money.

This tactic is known as a Nigerian 419 scam, whereby a scam artist sends a fake check and requests a portion of the amount. The victims bank will eventually catch the fake check, whereby the victim is then required to pay back any of the amount used or risk losing their bank account, and possibly face banking fraud charges if they cannot pay the amount owed.

Name: Emmanuel Perry
Accomplace: John Freider

We are actively looking for photos of this person. If you have them please submit them to us.

Fake Landlord Update: Miriam Sullivan

Miriam Sullivan poses as a landlord with an apartment for rent. This person lures potential victims in with the guise extremely low monthly rent. Sadly there is no apartment, and the photos are stolen from other rental or real estate websites.

Name: Miriam Sullivan
CL Posting: Long Beach, CA
Tactic Used: Poses as a Landlord to rip people off

Monday, March 30, 2009

New Scam Artists: Nick Karson & Jeannie Raleigh

Thank you to the CL user who provided the following information. There are two new scam artists to avoid. They are calling themselves Nick Karson and Jeannie Raleigh. We believe they are attempting to victimize people through the classic overpayment scam. Essentially these people pose as buyers, email the seller and send them a bogus check for more than the selling price. Next the seller is suppose to wire them the extra funds. Of course the seller's bank will eventually catch the fake check and the seller is on the hook for the money.

Do not do business with these people, but you can stall them and waste their time. When considering this route, remember never to send personal information. Be creative because we need more info on these people.

Name: Nick Karson

Name: Jeannie Raleigh

Go Away James Russell

By now it should be aparent that James Russell is nothing more than a petty thief operating on CL. He once claimed to be a Reverend, but shed that identity when we started tracking him. Now old James is a pathetic person forced to change email address on a weekly basis. Since we are not going away, please make sure he does.

Name: James Russell

Friday, March 27, 2009

USANA Health Sciences Scam?

USANA Health Sciences claims to be the #1 network marketing company. Unfortunately, as a business model, network marketing fails miserably. Even though USANA's products are superior in their respective marketplace, the model for distribution is not conducive for successful business practices. If you want to own or start your own business, be creative and do so with your own merit. Don't join a network marketing company. Pyramid schemes have a negative connotation in today's real business community. Don't lose your validity or respect by becoming part of a corrupt industry.

  • 74% of distributers fail within the first 12months
  • 70% of compensation went to the top 3% of distributers at the company
  • 87% of current distrubers are loosing money
  • There is no 75% direct to customer savings on products

"Usana charges associates $40 for a 28-day supply of its top-selling multivitamin,usana essentials, more than double the retail price of other premium vitamins. A premium vitamin from competitor gnc corp., the Ultra mega green multivitamin, sells for $17 for a 28-day supply" The Wall Street Journal

Tri-Star Imports Scam - Virginia, North Carolina

There is a new Cydcor, DS-Max, Granton Marketing, Innovage Location in Southwest Virginia Roanoke/Salem. Note: ***Cydcor, DS-Max aliases (and undercover door-to-door sales sweatshops. Many office managers, sales slaves, and team members are former athletes...many with some painful stories or setbacks that made them vulnerable or desperate...Ask your interviewer if they ever played any sports?!

Tri-Star Imports
LaShanta Johnson, Gail, Shawna
Marcus Thompson
616 Chapman St.
Salem, VA 24135
Office: 540-387-0208
Office: 540-387-0035
Fax: 540-387-0286
Direct: 336-671-3751

Tri-Star Imports
Shakhir Warren-Bey
311 G Westgate Dr.
Greensboro, NC 27407
PH: 336-855-0005
Fax: 336-855-1230

TAG Leadership, T.A.G, Cydcor Scam - Los Angeles

We have another Scam company to report.

TAG Leadership
8999 Overland
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Just wanted to give everyone a 'heads up' on TAG Leadership or 'T.A.G.', etc. Do yourself a favor and do a search for Cydcor-these guys are all the same. They're known to crank through applicants for the sole purpose of recruiting new sales people. Don't walk away people, run! They lead you to believe that you are luck that you made it to the 2nd round of interviews, and then you become part of their cult where you are a total slave, simply put. They ask you to wear "comfortable shoes" for the second interview. Why? Because you will be walking door to door trying to get companies to buy phone service, staples, or whatever it is they try to get you to peddle. Spread the word- TAG, Cydcor, and all of the affiliates participate in questionable to shady business practices. It is a scam so beware.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Xtreme Promotions Scam Atlanta Georgia

The following testomony can be found at

Xtreme Promotions
1100 Spring Street
Atlanta, Georgia, 30309
Phone: 404-879-0376
Fax: 404-873-8331

Many of you in the Atlanta area, have no doubt seen the ads for Xtreme Promotions, Inc. on Career Builder, AJC Jobs, Craigs List and Monster. You're subjected to the typical MLM ad jargon, such as 'fast-paced career', 'unlimited income potential', 'need managers', etc.

I consider myself an ambitious, hard-working and intelligent individual. Admittedly, however, I was quite naive when it came to the likes of Xtreme Promotions, Cydcor, and DS-Max. As much as the business was hyped by the ad, and the manager Bruno Alvim (who did my first-round interview), I was extremely surprised to be called back for a 2nd interview.

I should have seen the scam coming, I should have known better. Let's just say that Xtreme Promotions took away 4 and 1/2 months of my life that I will never get back. It's a corporate cult to its truest form. 100% door-to-door sells, 11-12 hour days (six days per week), isolation from your friends and family, an organization centered around the whims of a charismatic leader, ritual chants and phrases, people who are 'negative' are often ostracized, if not fired outright, and a cutthroat competitive we/they mentality.

Bruno Alvim, the manager, I think deep down is a good guy. But he is sucked so far into this Cydcor dream. The only way for him to be more successful is to get others sucked into this stupid dream and so on and so forth. Please, don't waste your time with Xtreme Promotions or any other Cydcor/DS-Max affiliate.

Here is the truth about the 'business' as they call it:

(1) It's 100% Commission at EVERY level. Even managers, consultants, and organizational consultants get paid based on what the Corporate Trainers and Account Executives below them make.

(2) The business isn't 'experiencing rapid growth' or 'always expanding'. For every new office that opens up, another goes under. For every market that opens up, another becomes over-saturated. The 'business' can only sustain so many managers and so many organizational consultants.

(3) As long as you are in the 'business' you will be working 12 hour days, plus Saturdays. It's that simple. You will be going door-to-door, sweating in the summer, freezing in the winter to scam an extra $12 off of an old lady who really doesn't need Unlimited Long Distance.

(4) You will put your own ethics into question. When the choice is between ripping someone off or not paying your rent, you will rip someone off. Trust me. That said, you are NEVER decreasing someone's bill. Anything you sell for the AT&T Campaign that I was on required adding additional charges to someones bill and convincing them that you were lowering it.

(5) If you are in the business, you will not look for another job. It's engineered so that when you go home at night, you have time to do the essentials and go to bed. That's it. I was lucky enough to have knocked on someone's door who had been through the DS-Max system before and he offered me a better job.

(6) You will knock on doors in the worst parts of town. My friend had his car broken into. I have walked up and down the streets of the worst ghettos in Atlanta. Residents of these 'burbs have straight up told me that I was extremely lucky to still be walking and knocking.

The Cydcor 'dream' is filled with countless stories of deception, isolation, prison, divorce, and bankruptcy.Xtreme Promotions isn't the only Cydcor/DS Max affiliate operating in Atlanta. I know of a few others, along with the names of their managers:

Wentworth Marketing, Ed Cunliffe
Xtreme Promotions, Bruno Alvim
FC Wetz Interactive, Sarah Spears
KSL Concepts, Ken Lear
Global Marketing Solutions, Daniel Kim

New Tutor Scam Featuring Crowell Edmond

There is a new tutor scam circulating on CL these days. One of the key scam artists is Crowell Edmonds who desperately needs a tutor for his child (James or insert any name). Mr. Edmonds claims to live in Denmark but is planning to move to the USA due to a job promotion ( or any other factitious scenario).

The scam works by first soliciting unsuspecting women with the prospect of a job. Next a fake check is mailed with the instructions to deposit it ASAP. The would be tutor is then instructed to purchase video games or other electronic devices for the child, and mail them to Denmark, USA, or where ever. After a couple of weeks the tutors banking institution will inform them about the bogus check and now they will be on the hook for the amount used from the fake check.

This scam can be avoided by always dealing locally and never from anyone claiming to live in a foreign country.

Name: Crowell Edmond

Is Penny Gutridge Really David Moore?

Oh boy if you think you have problems, try being Penny Gutridge or as we now believe David Moore. Furthemore David Moore's real name might be Lawal Opeyemi Idowu, a known Nigerian Scam artist.

Name: Lawal Opeyemi Idowu
AKA: David Moore, Penny Gutridge
Phone: 234-8034156161
Address: 395 Oluaye Omooba Street (off Lkeja Rd)
Lagos, 23401Nigeria

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sports Marketing International, An Employment Scam! Sherman Oaks, California

This following scam can be read at

Sports Marketing International, formerly known as 'the landers group' is about helping high school college students find great entry-level jobs. Sports Marketing International is an 'EMPLOYMENT SCAM' which has been identified as a scam by people online and in the media. As it gets later in the post-graduation job hunting season, many new grads become desperate. It makes them easy prey for employment scams like those peddled by the grand daddy of all the groups... DS MAX. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!HOPING TO CLOSE THESE PEOPLE OUT!

Sports Marketing International
4939 Ventura Blvd. Suite 304,
Sherman Oaks,, California

Hunting Down Nigerian Scam Artists

We are currently working to hunt down a Nigerian scam artist who frequents Craigslist to cheat and steal from people. Since being featured here, they have actually visited this site on numerous occasions. What they didn't realize is that their multiple visits to were recorded and monitored. As a result we are in the process of triangulating their location in Nigeria.

The photos above are actual images from the registered triangulated area. For a while now we have reported that these scam artists are not bright. They do not understand that any computer can be tracked and traced to its location. Technology is casting an ever widening net and these guys are dumb enough to get snagged in it. Too many people have wasted their time and resources on Nigerian scams and now there is something that can be done.

Nicole Wilson Photos Wanted

We have heard rumor that known scam artist Nicole Wilson has started to use an online dating service as a means to perpetuate lying, cheating, and stealing. Her scam is old and works by contacting men in a desperate attempt to sell an unbelievable sob story. Currently she is stuck in Laos West Africa (a.k.a. Nigeria) and has run afoul with customs. So naturally she has turned to internet dating in an attempt to find a true soul mate who is sympathetic to her situation, and will rescue her from a terrible demise.

In truth this is a classic Nigerian 419 scam. For all we know Nicole Wilson is most likely a dude with a psychological issues, like passing himself off as a woman. Sexy right? Stay away from this confused loser who has no future or prospects. But in the mean time please email us any photos that you may have obtained from this individual. Please email them to:

Name: Nicole Wilson
Location: Laos, Nigeria
Type of Scam: Internet Dating

Do Not Rent to James Mark

Thank you again to the person who supplied the following info. James Mark is a con man who attempts to rent vacation house, apartment, or whatever. This guy trolls CL and other rental sites in the crude attempt to obtain identities, property information, and other fraudulent behavior. Beware of this shady person.

Name: James Mark
Location: London

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wanted: Jose Johnson Odusola $100,000 Reward

Wanted: Jose Johnson Odusola
Fraud in connection with identification documents, 18 USC 1028; Fraud in connection with access devices, 18 USC 1029.
Case No.:
FBI No.:
Warrant No.:
H-06-385M, 5/26/2006, Texas
None known
04/04/1954, Nigeria
Black male, 5' 5" tall, 155 lbs., dark-skinned, thick accent.
Misc. Info.:
Possibly living in Atlanta, GA, suspected of being heavily involved in identity theft.
Reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

If located, please call theU.S. Postal Inspection Service at 1-877-876-2455.
All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smile Scam Artists your on Google Earth

Scam artists in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and other countries listen up, your being recorded and registered on Google Earth. This will help Interpol track and identify you. Thanks for being so stupid to use a computer to commit a crime!

Scammer Update: Augusta Ramirez, Nicole Wilson

Known scam artists Augusta Ramirez and Nicole Wilson are back at again. This time they are using new email addresses and different tactics. It would be wise to simply ignore these people, but if you feel brazen enough, there is nothing wrong with wasting their time.

Name: Augusta Ramirez

Name: Nicole Wilson
FYI: If this person claims to live in the USA they are full of it.

Jerry Brown & Tommy Shoddy

I don't know why people think its their Right to rip otthers off on CL these days,but many do. Case in point, these cowardly people named Tommy Shoddy and Jerry Brown. Their unoriginal and unsophisticated gives insight as to how these low lifes must live.

Jerry Brown poses as a interested buyer with a fake money order/check to send. More importantly Tommy Shoddy uses the same tactic, but with the addition of a contact number linked to a known area code scam.

Name: Jerry Brown

Name: Tommy Shoddy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Avoid Tina William & Amanda McAndrews

We have two new scammers to report. These people pose as interested buyers and have no problems sending the seller a fradulant check thats not worth the paper its printed on.

Name: Tina Williams

Name: Amanda McAndrews

Nicholas & Andrea Wells (Formerly Rachel & Christopher Clark)

A while ago we featured Rachel and Christopher Clark, fake landlords who claim to own an apartment in New York City. At first their apartment was located in Brooklyn, then it changed to various locations around Manhattan, and eventually to a house in Queens. Now that enough pressure has been turned up, they have opted to change their identities in an attempt to perpetuate their crimes.

As of today their new names are Andrea & Nicholas Wells. These people claim to live in the UK and willing provide UK telephone numbers. The red flag in their operation begins with their alleged rental agent, John Stanford who is injured or ill in Chicago and cannot show the apartment. As such they need the potential renter to wire them $200 via Western Union (a scam artists favorite friend) for a key deposit. By now the potential victim should be asking themselves, what kind of landlord would send a total stranger a key to an apartment while living in another country?

This is a classic rental scam and has appeared more and more on the New York City CL listings. Once the money has been wired, you will never hear from these people again, let alone obtaining a set of keys. Please beware of these scum bags and their true intentions.

Name: Andrea & Nicholas Wells
Accomplice: John Stanford
Ph: +44 7024062089, +44 7035962694

Kelvin Hunt & Williams James

Avoid these losers.

Name: Kelvin Hunt
Email: unknown

Name: James Williams

Joss Yates & Mary Stacy King Update

Joss Yates and Marcy Stacy King have changed their email addresses again. Please note the following:

Name: Joss Yates

Name: Mary Stacy King

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Tutor and Nanny Scam

Craigslist can be a great way to find a Nanny or Tutor. However there is a new scam being perpetuated by a person named Michael Kelly. The scam works by preying on unsuspecting women who eventually receive a fraudulent check. The victim is then asked to purchase toys and other items for the child they will eventually take care of. Next the victim mails the toys and items to the scam artist and is never heard from again.

A couple of weeks later the victims bank finds out about the fake check. If the victim used any of the money from the fake check, they are now on the hook and must repay their bank the amount used or face criminal charges.

Name: Michael Kelly
Accomplice: Hassany Alejandre

Mary Jane Toneman, James Russell, & Robert Leo Update

This is an update of known scam artists on Craigslist.

Name: Mary Jane Toneman

Name: Robert Leo

Name: James Russell
Email: (8th email change in 12 days)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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Chris Marcus & Miriam Sullivan

Chris Marcus is now using a new email address.

Name: Chris Marcus

Miriam Sullivan is a facticious landlord who is trying to scam people out of money.

Name: Miriam Sullivan

Dr. Simon Tylers Update

Simon Tylers has become a busy man since being featured here. He is now relagated to bi-weekly email address changes, while trying to cover his tracks. If Simon Tylers provides you with an address in the United States in which to wire money to, please contact your local police department as he is a wanted fugative with an arrest warrant from California.

Name: Simon Tylers

Joyce Gunn & Benjamin Desk

There is a new tutor/nanny scam circulating on craigslist and sittercity. The scam is being perpetrated by a person named Joyce Gunn and Benjamin Desk. Please beware of these individuals.

Name: Joyce Gunn

Name: Benjamin Desk
email: currently unavailable

Bob Draper Update

Bob Draper is an annoying person who wants to waste your time while stealing your money. In addition a David Clim appears to use the same tactics by posing as an interested renter.

Name: Bob Draper
Address: 48 Blackshaw
London, UK