How to Spot a Scam

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nicole Wilson Photos Wanted

We have heard rumor that known scam artist Nicole Wilson has started to use an online dating service as a means to perpetuate lying, cheating, and stealing. Her scam is old and works by contacting men in a desperate attempt to sell an unbelievable sob story. Currently she is stuck in Laos West Africa (a.k.a. Nigeria) and has run afoul with customs. So naturally she has turned to internet dating in an attempt to find a true soul mate who is sympathetic to her situation, and will rescue her from a terrible demise.

In truth this is a classic Nigerian 419 scam. For all we know Nicole Wilson is most likely a dude with a psychological issues, like passing himself off as a woman. Sexy right? Stay away from this confused loser who has no future or prospects. But in the mean time please email us any photos that you may have obtained from this individual. Please email them to:

Name: Nicole Wilson
Location: Laos, Nigeria
Type of Scam: Internet Dating

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