How to Spot a Scam

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sports Marketing International, An Employment Scam! Sherman Oaks, California

This following scam can be read at

Sports Marketing International, formerly known as 'the landers group' is about helping high school college students find great entry-level jobs. Sports Marketing International is an 'EMPLOYMENT SCAM' which has been identified as a scam by people online and in the media. As it gets later in the post-graduation job hunting season, many new grads become desperate. It makes them easy prey for employment scams like those peddled by the grand daddy of all the groups... DS MAX. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!HOPING TO CLOSE THESE PEOPLE OUT!

Sports Marketing International
4939 Ventura Blvd. Suite 304,
Sherman Oaks,, California


Anonymous said...

agreed, it's not marketing its SOLICITING...f_ucked up job..straight as it sounds...DONT DO IT

Anonymous said...

Do not work for this company! I did and biggest mistake of my life!

Anonymous said...

This job is extremely horrible!!! Matt kelly is a bad man. I see the devil when i look at him. Do not work for this company! you will get nowhere!!! long hours and no pay!!! it sucks!!!! trust me!!! horrible job choice and will never do it again!!! soliciting!! he will go down soon!!

Anonymous said...

Is LA sports marketing the same scam?