How to Spot a Scam

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Joyce Gunn & Benjamin Desk

There is a new tutor/nanny scam circulating on craigslist and sittercity. The scam is being perpetrated by a person named Joyce Gunn and Benjamin Desk. Please beware of these individuals.

Name: Joyce Gunn

Name: Benjamin Desk
email: currently unavailable


Anonymous said...

Joyce Gunn just tried to scam me with the sale of a computer desk. She/He is still out there.

Anonymous said...

Joyce Gunn just tried to scam me by sending me a check for more than the amount of purchase, asking me to send her back the difference. Needless to say it's all in the hands of my local police department now.

Anonymous said...

Joyce Gunn tried to scam me the same as she did the Ahern family. She "purchased" some furniture from Craig's listfrom me. If she would spend half the amount of time at a REAL job as she does trying to scam people, she could be a millionaire!!!

Anonymous said...

this person has said she is going to send us a check and that the check was writen for to much. She wants you to send her the differents. I tolf her to come by and give us cash. I think it is a shame that people do this.

Unknown said...

joyce sent us email about how she sent us too much money. She wants us to send her the change. I am to tired of people scaming us.

Anonymous said...

Joyce gunn is still out there . Becareful.she scam me for 2000.00.i believe she send me more for the furniture she had purchase i thought she made a simple mistake wrong . I got played .And me being good person send money back gotscam. .