How to Spot a Scam

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Internet Dating Scam Featuring Emmanuel Perry & John Freider

Exposed con man Emmanuel Perry has changed his tactics as of late. He once trolled CL in an attempt to cheat money out of people, however since being featured here, he has moved on to internet dating. First a person named John Freider contacts women on a singles dating site. He poses as a businessman in China and after a while attempts to send his victims fake checks. The checks are from Emmanuel Perry and eventually the victim is asked to wire him a portion of the money.

This tactic is known as a Nigerian 419 scam, whereby a scam artist sends a fake check and requests a portion of the amount. The victims bank will eventually catch the fake check, whereby the victim is then required to pay back any of the amount used or risk losing their bank account, and possibly face banking fraud charges if they cannot pay the amount owed.

Name: Emmanuel Perry
Accomplace: John Freider

We are actively looking for photos of this person. If you have them please submit them to us.


Anonymous said...

This man John Freider contacted me at and ran the scam just as you say. He has a submitted photo that I am sure would share with you. Thank you for your posted information. I found it when I googled his name. Needless to say I was grateful not to get to place where he sent the fake checks. That is due in part to your confirmation of something that seemed to good to be true. Other woman need to know about this guy.
His web name was checkmeout144 on
Thank you, again

Anonymous said...

sounds like James Millar who wants you to send packages to Ghana to Emmanuel Osafo