How to Spot a Scam

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Tutor and Nanny Scam

Craigslist can be a great way to find a Nanny or Tutor. However there is a new scam being perpetuated by a person named Michael Kelly. The scam works by preying on unsuspecting women who eventually receive a fraudulent check. The victim is then asked to purchase toys and other items for the child they will eventually take care of. Next the victim mails the toys and items to the scam artist and is never heard from again.

A couple of weeks later the victims bank finds out about the fake check. If the victim used any of the money from the fake check, they are now on the hook and must repay their bank the amount used or face criminal charges.

Name: Michael Kelly
Accomplice: Hassany Alejandre


Anonymous said...

My daughter and I live in San Diego and at dinner last night (3/11/09)she told me about two tutoring offers she had from responses she made to craigs list job ads for tutors.

They both involed a child, currently in a foreign country, moving to San Diego for a few months. The hourly pay is $50 and will be paid by cashier's check a month in advance. The one person said that the cashier's check would also include the pay for a nanny and that my daughter was to deposit the check and then pay the nanny for her portion.

I smelled a rat immediately and told my daughter to get the checks mailed to her and I would take them to my bank. I'm a CPA and CFO of a company and have strong banking relationships. I would have my bank's fraud department
investigate and perhaps aprehend someone.

Anonymous said... is a scammer. He tries to sell you tickets for sporting events and tries to get you to wire him money or send it via paypal.

Unknown said...

I live in Toronto, and just was part of a similar scam! The supposed father of a scottish girl was looking for a tutor for his daughter and offered to send me a check for $3,000. I would then deposit the check, take $600 and wire the rest through western union to pay for the daughter and nanny to come to Toronto. Thank god I talked to a few people and realized that I was being scammed. Who would trust a complete stranger with their child and $3000? NOT ME!
btw the person's name was Dr. Kelly. Please DO NOT respond to his ad on craigslist Toronto where I found it.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was just solicited for the Tutor/Nanny Scam. She was looking for a teaching job and she posted on Craigslist. She received an e-mail saying they would pay her $100/hour to tutor. They said they would send her a check upfront and it would be for more. They asked her to cash the check and send the difference to a nanny. Without question, a total scam. She did receive a check via UPS overnight. The check was a fake check with a legitimate company name. The check was for over $ daughter was supposed to get $500 and send over $3000 to the fake nanny (scammers. BEWARE!!! There's NO FREE LUNCH

Anonymous said...

his email is

Dear nanny ,
We are a couple with 3 children.A 7 year old boy Jones,5 years
old girl Lilian and 3 years old boy Jude...My name is Bruce James
.I am a civil engineer and work with Collins Engineers, Inc. I just
got transferred by my company to our new office in California.Thus,
the need for us to relocate to a new home in the United
States..Although we are presently in the UK, we will be moving
in by the last week of August. Our new home is in New york,Queens.

We need a nanny to take care of our kids and also for mild house
keeping.The nanny responsibilities includes supporting us with newborn
including attention to,caring for the kids in an attentive manner,
their meals,dressing, and hygiene.You will work from 9a.m till 2p.m
per day, generally five days per week.Live-in or Live out,we are okay
with either.You will not work on weekends.We believe you have some
previous child care experience,and not less than 18 years of age.We
also believe you must be a honest and homely person
We will be moving down there by 20th of september
as aforementioned and you may just be starting work by then.We've
almost gotten the new house and I will give you the address when
everything is done..The house as a matter of fact is still yet to be
we will be paying you $400 everyweek we
won't mind paying you at least 2 weeks upfront to be rest assurred we
have secured a nanny.

well since we have your FULL NAME:
with only need your current occupation

We will forward this information to my company and they will use it in
preparing your pay through Money order or check. We are doing this

because we
want our relocation and settling down with the kids to be easy.I will
keep you posted as to when you will receive the payment.Thank you very
much thus far.
with love,

be carefulll!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we went to the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay game this past Friday and we ended up meeting four other groups that were scammed all by him. Now he's using Craigs List and people need to watch for him! He's now not using pay pal but using any other scheme he can, another person if it's not him thats helping him is a Nicole Stranger, they told us he/she were from Millwakee WI... told the others the same thing but also changed it to Appleton, WI. I hope he gets what's coming to him... but i believe that will happen in the near future. Watch out for him!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just part of the scam as well. this "family" wanted me to nanny for their 3 year old and they would send me a check up front to convience me until they got back from vacation. They were gonna pay me $550 per week, after multiple emails they then asked if I would wire money to their "agent" in the UK...I just emailed them back and said I was offered a job as well as attending school. Thank God!!!

Cindy said...

With Anonymous...I got the excact email you got from James Bruce but mine came from Alva Kusman. Knew it was a scam right away so add Alva Kusman to the list of scammers!!!

Cindy said...

Got the same email that anonymous got from jamesbruce5...except from Alva Kusman....all details were the same except just 1 child and expecting another...and coming from Texas to SC. Beware of Alva Kusman!!!!