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Friday, December 5, 2008

John Mark and the Cambodia Connection

The pieces are falling into place as it appears that our old friend John Mark does have an accomplice in the US. Too many people have reported that the envelope containing fake checks was post marked from Brooklyn. At first all may appear normal, but upon receiving the fake checks the victims are instructed to wire the "extra funds" via Western Union to an address in Cambodia. This is where most peoples suspicions are raised and Google John Mark's name, thereby finding this site.

Again we now believe that "John Mark" is based in Cambodia or South East Asia. He is operating with a network of associates, some of which are based in Brooklyn, NY. If you have been a victim to these jerks report it immediately. You can read more about where we believe their US base of operations is here

Computer Crimes Department in NYC
(646) 610-5392

File a Report with the FBI


lynsey. said...

i feel so embarrassed because i too am a victim. i googled his name about a month ago and didn't find anything. now it is too late and the damage has been done. the other wal-mart money still has yet to go fraudulent, but i'm in the hole. i hope that justice is served to him soon! God know's what you're doing! please leave us alone!..
oo and want to know the funny thing, he said i didn't send his shipper enough money to ship the furniture to the states so he wants me to help him out again. the next day i received an express package (that cost $16.50 to send) that had a hand written note from Bobby A and 3 unsigned FAKE money orders.. all for $980. Jesus will prevail!!

lynsey. said...

i also wanted to add that he'd originally said he'd be in the states on nov. 30, then around thanksgiving he said he wasn't able to come until december 5th. i quit my other job to take this one only to be found out that i fell into his mess!