How to Spot a Scam

Friday, November 21, 2008

Emmanuel Perry - Tutor Scam

A CL user wants everyone to be on guard against Emmanuel Perry. Thanks again for the tip!!

Scam Artist: Emmanuel Perry
Email address:
Tactic: Classic Tutor Scam

While on Craigslist, I found an ad looking for an English tutor. I replied and today received a reply from "Emmanuel perry" (his e-mail address is who has a "15-year-old daughter." He asked for my full name, address, phone numbers, etc." Also, he said I would receive a check in excess of my fee. I am to cash this check and send the remainder to the nanny and taxi driver.

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Anonymous said...

I just received 3 money orders for $1000. each from the mentioned Emmanuel Perry I was on the singlesnet site and started communicating with a guy named John Freider who claimed he was in China on business. Long story short From talking with him I got the money orders from Perry.