How to Spot a Scam

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dan Spurlock is Back

A CL user in Detroit has mentioned that Dan Spurlock is back and using another email address.

Name: Dan Spurlock

Just got an e-mail from "Dan Spurlock []" in response to a posting I made for a table on This version of the message was much shorter: Is the item still available and in good condition? The fact that the table was referred to as "the item" and that I had stated the condition of the table in the posting raised a red flag in my mind. I did a search for the e-mail address but came up empty. Doing a search on the name led me here (so thanks for creating this site!).


Christy said...

I received the same type of interest/scam email. Frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I got a similar e-mail from "Dan Spurlock" a few days ago here in Washington, D.C. metro area. He even went as far as sending me by UPS, no return address, a fake check for $3,500 on a ILSI North America (a legitimate non-profit in D.C. that knows nothing about "Dan Spurlock" but had previously received inquiries about him similar to mine) urging me to return in cash the difference between my asking price ($200) and the face value of his "check" (i.e. $3,300) via Western Union to his "shipper" in Dallas, TX.

Judging from the hours of his correspondence he is located several hours to the east of the U.S., possibly in Africa.

An almost identical inquiry came from a "Steve" a day later.

Anonymous said...

Got one from him yesterday. Read it to my husband, he said "if he is so rich to have movers come pick it up, why doesn't he just buy a new one?" Haha.

The info he requests, name, phone and address doesnt seem like enough for identity theft, but is definitely fishy. Creep.

His email address this time was

belle said...

YEah, I just got a post from him too and he mentioned he is on a honeymoon with his wife in Hawaii and I'm thinking "why the heck are you checking out Craigslist on your Hawaii! Offered to pay me $50 more to withdraw my ad from Craigslist and he'll have his mover's pick up my item while his secretary cuts me a check. I emailed back I do not do business that way! Beware...this is a serious scammer. Whatever!

Anonymous said... just tried to get me with the exact same (word for word) message. my response:

"Almost got me Dan! Get a new scam you piece of shit."