How to Spot a Scam

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Venture Marketing Solutions - Washington DC Scam

First and foremost a huge thanks to those who infiltrated and exposed Venture Marketing Solutions as a pyramid scheme in order to protect future victims. Let's be honest, the economy is shaky these days and unemployment is on the rise. Many college graduates are entering the marketplace, only to find that many once prized jobs are no longer available.

Venture Marketing Solutions is a company that preys on young unsuspecting college kids to make their larger corporations money while the independent contractors make nothing. This is a door to door sales business, 100% commission, no benefits, where guys are expected to work 12+ hours with no time off. Furthermore, they continue to post on Craigslist with cleverly worded ads that suggest anything but a door to door company. That is until you reach the "second interview process" which entails shadowing a sketchy person who drives a sketchy car to a designated territory, whereby the random home owner or business is solicited for new phone contracts or coupon books. Venture Marketing Solutions has nothing to do with legitimate operations of a major league sports franchise.

When dealing with the people who run the show here, expect to be lied to. You can always tell a pyramid scheme company by a few key things in their ads;

1. All capitol letters in their description line

2. Sports minded company or seeking sports minded individuals

3. Compensation based on merit

4. Promotional advertising/marketing company/Fortune 500 clients

5. Sports marketing/work with PRO sports team

Please parents, family, and friends if someone you know is going to work for one of these companies STOP THEM

Company: Venture Marketing Solutions
Address: 6210 North Kings Highway
Alexandria, VA 22303

Phone: 703-718-0865

Key Scam Artists

CEO: Justin Jordan
Home Town: Newport Beach, CA

"Human Resources": Thomie Wolfgram
Home Town: Springfield, VA

"Campaign Manager": Marcos Ronquillo
Home Town: Dallas, TX
* Now runs MJR Acquisitions in Baltimore, MD

"Campaign Manager": TJ Ramey
Home Town: New York Native (Possibly Albany)
*Now involved with Oracle International Marketing

"Assistant Manager": Oronde Abayomi Pittman (Named derived from the Yorba language)
Home Town: Brooklyn, NY
*Involved with Oracle International Marketing

"Campaign Manager": Steve Sorenson
Home Town: Findlay, OH

This is the crew of scam artists that run Venture Marketing Solutions, door to door solicitors, or as they call it a "business to business" company.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I was supposed to come back tomorrow for a shadowing... I now definetly will not.

Anonymous said...

I worked for them for 6+ months with the idea of running my own office. Listen to me, they are a SCAM. Dont waste your time or money with those losers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have an interview with SMI tomorrow and it seems that it's not worth it. Thanks for putting this together!

Anonymous said...

This place is a straight up scam. The people who were training me had only been there for a couple of weeks longer than I have. Don't waste your time or energy.

Anonymous said...

These people have been scamming young and energetic people for years. They say B2B but what they mean is Door 2 Door. I worked there for three weeks, even had a "Business" trip to Virginia Beach, in which, I had to pay for my own gas, my own transportation, and was stuck in a terrible cheap hotel room with 4 other guys (one had to sleep on a chair the whole week). The total of the three weeks I worked there, I made 120, and spent over 600 (gas, food, new suites, and materials) not to mention the ridiculous schedule (7 am to usually 8pm). The owner/"CEO" is a classic used car salesman slimeball. They use you, abuse you, and promise you the stars. To all other people looking for marketing jobs, don't be fooled, this is a terrible job, and definitely not a career. You know a job is bad when they have to reassure you daily that your upcoming days will be better.

Anonymous said...

I only wish I had found this earlier. Yeah, I worked here for a while, I actually made a lot of money. I waited until I got my bonus, and then bailed. It was the smartest decision I ever made.

Anonymous said...

I had a personal experience with them last year November 2008.After deceiving me into believing that this is a commissioned based job and that my training for the week or two will be paid for , all turned out to be a complete lie.What even hurt me most up to date is how callous these guys are I mean after spending gas and sometimes boarding the train they ask gave flimsy excuse that their contract with verizon has dropped by some margin so I had to go however, they promised to pay the two weeks that i work with them.As i write this today i have still not be paid.
What i want to tell them is vengeance is always from God and leave them to their own conscience.