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Monday, January 26, 2009

Robert Miller & Donna Hicks Update

Thanks again guys for updating us with this new information.

Name: Robert Miller
Tel: 206 426 7059

Name: Donna Hicks


Anonymous said...

"Donna Hicks" is also using this email For real estate the response letter is..ello ,
Thank you again for your reply . If you are ready to proceed with this transaction I must tell you how this service work and what we need to do.
You have to deposit to RENT Service the first month of rent-$1000 and a security deposit of $1000, so they can proceed with the shipping of the keys and the contract. Like I said, I will pay for 2 days delivery so you'll receive the Keys and the contract signed by me right away. I will explain you step by step how this service work.
1 - To start this transaction i need to know your full shipping information (full name and shipping address)
2 - I'll go to a RENT Office and leave the Keys and the contract on your name as the intended receiver.
3 - RENT will check the envelope to see if everything is OK with it and also the legal documents that come along with the Keys.
4 - After they will check the documents , RENT will send you a delivery notification to let you know that they have the Keys and the documents in their custody.
5 - At this point you'll have to go to a Western Union Office and make a money deposit on the RENT agent name for the amount we agreed (the total amount you shall deposit is for the first month of rent and for the security deposit).
6 - After you'll make the deposit you'll have to send the info about the money deposit to RENT .
7 - RENT will verify the deposit information's and if everything is in order they will deliver the Keys and the contract to you.
8 - After you receive the keys and the contract, you must check the apt, decide if you keep the apt or not. If all is in order you'll instruct RENT to release the money to me. If you don`t like the apt they will return your money, and they will ship back to me the keys (you'll have 2 days to decide if you keep the apt or not).
I will pay RENT Service for the shipping and you'll pay Western Union for the Money Transfer fee.
So if you have $2,000 cash (the rent for 1 month-$1000 and the security deposit-$1000) and if you're ready for this transaction tell me your full name and your shipping address and I'll start the official procedure, and RENT will notify you about this matter. You'll also receive important guidelines plus instructions from them (please go through them exactly)
1. As soon as I get your info I will ship the keys and the contract.
2. RENT will check the contract and the keys and they will notify you about this matter(they will send you all the instructions in order to complete the deal in a safe way for both)
3. You must send the money in the next 24 hours to the RENT agent.
4. After you'll confirm the payment they will start delivery at your address (the shipping will not take more then 2 days).
5. After you'll receive the keys, you'll have 2 days to decide if you keep the apt or not.
So if you're a serious person tell me your info and I'll start the process.
PS: When I start the process I must pay RENT fees and if you can't send the money in the next 24 hours,they will cancel the shipping and I will lose the money paid for the transaction.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

I received two e-mails from Robert Miller ( for two different items; Here is what the e-amils said; "Still available? I am interested



I googled the phone number and found this site, Thank you!

Unknown said...

It turns out this person is also using this email address:

Thanks for creating this site.

Anonymous said...

Now he's trying to hire a driver to work weekly for him, asking for the same bullshit he always ask like personal info to send a paycheck, western union, blablabla... It's so sad to see people trying to take advantage of someone.
I'm sure he'll get the consequences of this in his life.

Be aware!! No personal info! Never!

Anonymous said...

There is also a scam generated through a popular real estate website in australia (i was searching for cheap apartments in the city) the contact name is Polly Marto, but the person writing the email is called 'Amanda'. I emailed this person and asked if the 3 bedroom, City high-rise apartment for $125 per week had any catches (?) They emailed me back with basically the same info as what you have said these scam emails contain. The address this email came from is ""

Unknown said...
is a major scam. I called the building the supposed apartment was in and they informed me it is not real and that people have sent the $3000 to this "Amanda" please NOONE send any money to this person. THey are low life scam artist.

Anonymous said...

The Person selling on craigslist using the phone #954-865-2495 was also using this to commit identity more than likely all his ads on craigs list are fraudulent as well.this is one of his listings! Go GET-EM!!