How to Spot a Scam

Friday, January 2, 2009

Avoid Giving Personal Information

Many CL users have written and asked what the scammers do with their personal information. Sometimes the scam artist does nothing with the information given, but there are always exceptions. Case in point Robert Liebetreu. Mr. Liebetreu accidentally gave a scam artist his name and now his good name is being used to cheat people out of money.

On 1/2/2009 Robert wrote:
I am the REAL Robert Liebetreu who lives here in NYC.
I have no apartment for rent. I provided my name when I was looking for an apartment and my name was stolen, and the person is trying to use it to scam other potential tenants.

Thanks, Bob Liebetreu
PS I have no wife Jennifer or even a wife for that matter.

*We believe Mr. Liebetreu and this is just one example of why one must keep personal information private.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot to your blog I avoided to go on answering to jennifer liebetreu (the non existing wife) - luckly she still doesn't know her/his/their identity to be public---
italian scholar in new york

Anonymous said...

Just found out they are posting a place in Lowell, MA 130 Bowden Street, Lowell, MA. They are very convincing. They claim the place is for rent for $680. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! The pictures are very nice.

Chris said...

I just fell for a scam and gave out a whole bunch of information including my address and phone number and a picture of me. The husband claimed to be "out in west africa doing gods work" and wanted me to email his wife "in the states" They sent me pictures of an apartment in san francisco in pacific heights. The woman claimed her name was Mary Johnson.