How to Spot a Scam

Friday, January 23, 2009

Avoid Linda Banks, Leo Chung, Cindy Terry, & Chris Marcus

Thank you to those who forwarded the following information.

Name: Linda Banks

Name: Leo Chung

Name: Chris Marcus

Name: Cindy Terry
Tel: 773 467 7459


Unknown said...

Cindy Terry also uses the email address She also mentions her "husband" Shields Gleyn Terry and their representative Sandra Woods.

Anonymous said...

The new apartment location for the latest scam from "Cindy Terry" is 200 East 24th Street.
Having received the identical emails to those posted in this blog, and after being asked for copies of all sorts of IDs and $200 before getting access to the apartment, I googled the so-called author.

One should do that to check out anyone with whom one would enter into any kind of financial transaction. Contracts are two-sided!

Thank you getting this information out.

How do we report this scam to Craigslist?

Remember: If is it too good to be true, it is! And never give anyone your identity materials if you don't have any kind of assurance of its protection - or recourse. And let me repeat: If it is too good to be true, it is!

Anonymous said...

Yet another, what a plague... I'm just looking for an affordable apartment and most every ad I respond to appears to be a scam. It's enough to make one paranoid, but the wording in these emails is almost identical, so surely I'm not imagining.
Most recent:

I am Elizabeth Hardwick.

Do take note that the apartment at 220 East 57th Street ,New York City is still available for rent.My husband and i owns this nice and also easy-to-maintain Condo.

We run a tight daily schedule so let me acquaint you with some preliminary details about the place

You should be informed that we are a bit careful about who we are leasing out our apartment to.Inotherwords,we could be quite selective but we apologize if it seems to be rather strict. The apartment is in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures attached herein.

My husband and i are in search for a responsible and Tenants.However,if you are a single parent or married,you should not accomodate more than three (3) children as this will not be acceptable to us.Do bear with us on this issue.
The furniture,fitting and indeed the entire apartment will be your full responsibility to take proper care of, an agreement to this regard will be done by our lawyers.

Our priority is finding a decent person, this is why the rentage is low and affordable. We are giving it out for a minimum period of at least 2months starting from this April or preferably a longer lease period to as much as an 8-year lease.

We cleared the apartment for renovation in February and have not been in New York due to business engagements here in UK which by all indications will keep us tied down here for about 7years as our business is on contract basis.Indeed,we are sure ready to lease out the apartment for a long term at a monthly fee of $705

If indeed you want to take this place then you have the responsibility of making us understand that you are suitable and the perfect tenant for the place.
Important things you should let us know are your full names, current address, your present occupation, marital status, and why you want to take the apartment? Let us also know some personal details about you like if you have or like pets, if you are single, your hobbies and so on.
My husband's full names and telephone number: Brian Hardwick; Tel: +44703190959; +447031972870.

Upon your next response, we shall proceed with other modalities
Thank you.

Elizabeth Hardwick