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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dr. Simon Tylers

Thank you for reporting Dr. Simon Tylers to us. Please be aware that this loser is trying con people on craigslist and backpage. His fake check scam is pathetic, much like his crappy identity. This "doctor" must have a PHD is scam artistry; lets see how long it takes for him to cough up a phone number or real name to wire money (via Western Union) to.

Please remember that if a con man gives you a Name and address within the United States in which to send/wire money, do the right thing and report it to the police. Our goal is to get these scum bags behind bars because, they invade personal residences through the internet, collect personal information, and then attempt to rob. These people deserve prison!

Name: Dr. Simon Tylers


Anonymous said...

I am the latest victim of the Dr. Simon Tyler scammer on Craigslist. I cashed one check for him--his paycheck, he claimed, the story is his bank accidentally misunderstood and sent the whole of it--and I forwarded the remaining cash to someone in Utah via Western Union, as he requested. The item he supposedly purchased was never picked up. Meanwhile, his "bank" continues to ship me checks for large amounts via UPS and up until recently, when he went silent, he kept pleading for me to cash the second check his bank supposedly sent erroneously. He even called once, some Indian jerk probably not even on this continent let alone interested in a kitchen table.

My question is, what do I do now? I have an uncashed check and a pile of email correspondence; I could take this evidence to the police. And yet there is the problem of my having cashed the initial fraudulent check; what sort of retribution will I face for that? Will my bank come after me? Will I owe them the sum of the check? Please, please advise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for creating this blog! I believe you just saved me a lot of headache!

I received an email last night (at 3:17AM, EST - a little fishy already) from "Dr. Tylers" using the email address "" in response to a bed that I posted on Craigslist in the Atlanta area. I had just typed my response a few minutes ago, (which included my email address, physical address, and my phone number) and was about to hit "send", when I thought I'd Google Dr. Simon Tylers to see if I could get a listing for his professional practice. The first site that came up on the Google search was your blog exposing him as a scam artist. BAM. I am so thankful that I came across this before I actually replied!

My advice to anonymous/unpoedic is to go to the police with the evidence you have. And yes, if the check that your bank cashed for you bounces somewhere down the line, eventually your bank will seek to reclaim the money from you, whether or not you ever mention this to the police or anyone else. As long as you return the money (or have some other means for the bank to collect it from you or charge you for it - they'll probably just debit the amount back out of your account, which they have the right to do) you should not be subject to any criminal prosecution. You did not intentionally attempt to perpetrate any fraud, and it sounds like you have ample evidence to support that. (I'm not a lawyer, though, so you might want to check with one.)

Please turn this guy in. You have a lot of evidence. Help law enforcement officials begin to build their dossier on him, so that maybe they can shut him DOWN, before someone else falls victim.

Anonymous said...

Dr. tyler just wrote me last night. There is a California warrant posted on the internet for this guy as well as an FBI case number. Fill out the complaint form on the FBI website or if you're in California call someone there. Warrant was issued in 2008 (May).

Anonymous said...

Talked to the US postal inspection offices, FBI, filed FBI complaint giving them Dr. Simon Tyler's information trying to scam me last night. Each office passed me off to some other office and mostly they wanted to know who gave me their number. Apparently the warrant has been out since May 2008 but no one is seriously on the case. Make sure you turn in any evidence to these offices even if they don't recognize the case number or the warrant number.

Unknown said...

I was contacted by Dr. Simon Tyler(s) about an item on craigslist. Why is he still out there scamming people? Isn't there a law to stop these people. At least I google everyone attempting to purchase from me so I caught this right away.

Unknown said...

I was contacted by Dr. Simon (F*****g Scam Artist)Tyler(s) today about an ad on craigslist. Why is he still out there? The way I keep from being scammed is to google every person who wants to purchase from me. The second thing is to never give out personal info. He just e-mailed me asking for this and I told him what he could do with his scam.

Anonymous said...

He strikes again in California. He said he wanted to buy our furniture sight unseen (except pictures on Craigs List) He asked that we give him our complete name and address and he'd send a check. It sounded too fishy to us - so we told him that we'd take cash when he showed up. We didn't give him our address - but he has our phone number. I googled his name after we responded to his e-mail. I think we did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I just received an email from Dr. Tyler at interested in my Craigslist posting in Chicago. Thank you for the warning!

Anonymous said...

I received an email last night from Dr Simon Tyler about a listing by me on craigslist. I googled his name and came across this blog, but unfortunately , I had already sent him my contact info including the residential address. I wish I would have done this before sending him my address.
Can somebody please advise what should I do now. I am afraid of being his next victim

Susan H. said...

Thank you so much for your posting! I just received a message from Dr. Tyler for a craigslist item I have for sale, and decided to look him up before I responded. While I am sorry you had to go through such hassles, at least you know that you've saved someone else from going through the same. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I just got a reply from "Dr Tylers" today on a craigslist ad asking if a bed I posted was still available. I did reply with a yes and if I could answer any questions. I did not give out any info. Thankfully I googled him and found this. His e-mail didn't sit right with me. It wasn't even close to being grammatically correct. That didn't sit right when he is supposedly a Dr. I decided to google him and see if he actually was a Dr.

Thanks for posting this and I am glad I kept looking.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Simon Tyler just sent me this email about furniture I'm selling-

"I'll really like to have the item but unfortunately I wouldn't have time to be around in person so pls I'll be sending you a Check via my bank for the cost of the item. I'll also be sending someone come pick the item up on my behalf.I hope you do understand...So I'll like you to provide me with the following information so as to notify my bank for issuance of payment of the item.

1.Full name to be on the check
2.Home or work address (Ups doesn't deliver to P.O Boxes)
3.Phone number
4 The final price. As soon as you have cashed the check

I'll make arrangement with my mover concerning the pick up. Pls do me a favor of removing the Ad from CL as I'm committed to buying it. Thanks and have a nice day."
He also changed his email between the email he sent me last night to the email he used it is

What a joke, he is not getting any of my information... I'm so thankful for this site!Now I need to figure out what to reply with..?