How to Spot a Scam

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tina Williams, James Burrows, and Joe Brown Update

The following scam artists have appeared on our radar as of late.  We are in the process of obtaining more information.

Name: Tina Williams

Name: James Burrows
Email: Unknown

Name: Joe Brown (Claims to be a Pastor)
Email: unknown


Tara said...

here's the info on the Pastor Jeffrey Brown post, we encountered: He was advertising an apartment in Bushwick for $800. Here is the response we got:

Sorry for my late response,i am Pastor Brown,I got your email about renting my one bedroom.I will like to tell you a little about me and my wife,My wife and i work with the CHRISTIAN AID MISSION,we are one of the few people posted to west africa for missionary work,this one bedroom have been locked up since the day we left the country for frica,so we really need someone who can take very good care of the place to move in as soon as possible.We are easy going people and we respect others alot,we also accept pets if you have any.We need you to asure us that you will take care of our preciouse home as if its your own place,that is the reason why we brought down the rent price,money is not our problem we just need a nice and neat person to take very good care of the place for us.

This one bedroom is located at:366 Knickerbocker Ave. Apt 2L Brooklyn, NY 11237
And we are giving this one bedroom out for $800,it is well furnished and has a master bedroom,a spaciouse bathroom and a contemporary Kitchens with Built-In Microwaves.Our formal agent almost sold out this one bedroom so we sacked him and decided that we will deal directly with our tenants so we have our keys and flat documents here with us,Once you make the first month deposit payment we will ship the keys and flat documents to your present address (keys and flat documents will be shipped to your present address via FEDEX)ou cannot go see the inside of the place for now,you can only drive by the building,as i left a very strong instruction for the securities not to let anyone roam about the apartment,unless he or she have the keys and the flat documents with my signature 0n it,anyone found roaming or even pointing at the place might be embarrased/arrested by the security guards.
If you for example make payment today,i will go and ship the keys to you immediately and email you the shipping details from the shipping company to assure you that the keys and flat documents have been shipped to you,if the keys get shipped today for example it will get to your present by 12 pm tomorrow.If you are comfortable with our conditions and really want to rent the place,email my wife now on so that she can email you the RENTAL APPLICATION,I must let you know that we have 23 other people interested in this one bedroom,we get so many emails and calls from people begging to take the place.So you need to fill the rental application form and send it back to us ontime so that we can move to the next step,we want to give the place out to the best and first tenant to make a the first month deposit payment,we need your full co-operation if you want to rent our place.
So you can just walk by or drive by the building for now,once we ship you the keys you can go view the inside and if you dont
like it once you send back our keys we will refund your money.I have attached the pictures of this one bedroom to this email and i assure you that you will never regret renting our one bedroom.Call me now on +234 802 074 3804 so that we can talk about my one bedroom on the phone ok.
Stay Blessed
Pastor Brown

forrest said...

Here's another one - same scam as the Jeffrey Brown one: John and Mary Coleman advertising for well under the normal pricing for specific apartments in Honolulu, also claiming the West Africa, missions deal with keys and paperwork elsewhere. The email addresses they used for me on 4/15/09 are:;

Anonymous said...

*LOVE* your website!

James Burrows contacted me yesterday. His email address is

Here is his response:

Thank for the prompt response my secretary will process and mail a certified draft to cover the cost as am completely satisfied with it.I will need the details of whom & where to mail the payment
1.Name to be on the check
2.Home address
3.Mobile #
Please note 'United Parcel Service' do not deliver to P.O.Box addresses and i will not be mailing a draft to one.My mover will becoming over for the pick up right only after the payment as been delivered.Kindly delete the posting as am totally committed to buying from you to save cost,..Here is my relay phone # is (210) 209-8524 am deaf and will receive your phone messages via email, regards

coderedemt said...

Here is an e-mail address from James Burrows. Pretty doubtful he wants to buy a tool box in Fresno all the way from Britain....

Anonymous said...

I am James Burrows and am interested in purchasing the item listed as my subject as you have advertised on will love to know if its still available for sale and will love to know what the last selling price is ? I recently moved here on a job transfer and have a particular need for it so please do withdraw the advert from the website.My secretary will be mailing a certified check to cover the cost as i am interested in buying this from you.I will need the details of whom and where to mail the payment. . . . .

1. Name to be on the check
2.Home or office address
3.Mobile cell phone number

Please note that the UPS do not deliver to P O box addresses.My driver will be picking up once the payment as been delivered so kindly delete the advert as i am totally committed to buying it.Here is my relay number  (210) 209-8524 am deaf and will receive your phone messages via email..

Anonymous said...

Did anyone try the phone number provided for James Burrows ((210) 209-8524)? It appears to be consistent between all of the e-mails.

I too received a response from him for a craigslist posting. Number 1, having to reply to a different e-mail address each time is pretty obviously shady. Secondly, I don't think a guy with a secretary wants to buy what I'm selling ;).

Unknown said...

Got the same email message from James Burrows...his return address is

f'n scammer!

Anonymous said...

Got this from joe brown
Thanks for the response towards these transaction.In about a week you will get payment. I am willing to pay your asking price.I will pay by money order as its the only way i can pay you at the moment.I would have loved to come take a look but i am presently out of town on an assignment.I will not be back in town soon. I dont mind adding an extra twenty dollars so you can keep it in my favor,Please send me some pictures.I hope it is in good condition.Reply with your full name,cell phone number,and address where payment should be sent.I will let you know how i intend to go about the pick-up.Please take the posting off craigslist today and consider it sold to me.
Expecting to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

after I sent joe brown some info he sent me this

Thanks for your quick mail,Your payment has been sent but there is something i think i must bring to your notice immediately. I just discovered there is an error in the payment sent to you. My assistant sent the payment meant for another item thats more expensive than yours. I have called the post office to see if they could retrieve it but nothing positive. I really dont know what to do now. Please and Please, you can go ahead and cash out the Money Order at your Bank when you receive it, deduct your payment and send the balance via western union to the details i will provide you with. Can i trust you to do that for me?

This is his email
and this is the last email I got from him when I asked him for his phone number

I am not on phone at the moment,i only have access to the internet and hope there is no problem.please feel free to ask me any question via email.
-----------one big scam------------

Anonymous said...

From: James Burrows
To: Max James
Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2011 12:11 PM
Subject: Re: XBOX 360, and appliances - $120 (Iowa)

Thanks for prompt response to my mail...I'm James and recently moved here on a job transfer and have a particular need for it.My secretary will be processing and mailing a certified draft which is generally acceptable to cover my purchase as i am interested in buying this from you. So i will need the details of whom and where to mail the payment..It will be mailed by carrier service and delivered to your address two working business day from receiving your info.

(1) Name to be on the payment. . .
(2) Home or Office Address where the payment will be mailed to..
(3) Mobile #. . .

Kindly take off the posting from the website as am completely satisfied with the ad and price. I'll send my mover over for the pick up right only after the payment as been delivered to your address.Please send me an email or text Here is my # 214 838 1908 I will do my best to attend to that as am usually very busy while at work.So do let me have the required info and i will get back to you asap.