How to Spot a Scam

Monday, April 27, 2009

Con Artist Update

We are urging people to either avoid or scambait the following:

Name: Jessica Spencer

Name: Scott Kelvin

Name: Alice Houser (Use to be Marisa)
Location: Lagos, Nigeria 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this blog; It helped convince me that a suspicious inquiry to a craigslist ad was in fact a scam. Might add another name/email address under Jessica Spencer: I got this after posting some antique furniture on craigslist.

**Thanks for the prompt response to my mail...

I will be buying from you so please kindly withdraw the advert from
C...LIST. Please be informed that i will be paying with a certified
check from my Bank as i just moved here from Aspen Hill Of Maryland on
a job transfer....
I will need the following details to mail the
payment as soon as possible..

1.Name to be on the payment__________________2..
Home address______________ City
____________State_____________ Zip Code________________3.Cell phone

I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your money.

I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will be
delivered within 2-3? working days.** I use a hearing impaired phone #
and will receive your calls via email *


First Email From: Jessy (
Second Email From: jexxy spency (

Anonymous said...

Women, don't be coned by Jose Ray Luberza Collazo or Jose Ray, Jose Collazo, Jose Elegua Ray. He uses internet sites to hook up with women. He claims he is a retired military Air Force Lt. Colonel of 22 years. He is a dark skinned puerto rican and wears glasses most of the time. He uses colored contacts too, when he has the money to purchase them. He has two tattoos: one on his back (happy face/sad face) and one on his leg (samurai warrior). He has a scar on his cheek and one on his back from supposedly having to put a stent in his heart.
He is from Ponce, PR and claims that Isabel La Negra is his grandmother and is fighting to get an inheritance. When actually she is his aunt and the monies are tied up because of back taxes and the monies were made by her in her bordetella in Puerto Rico.

He will smoothly move into your life and cause havoc. He uses his dancing skills to sweep you off your feet. He has done this to eight women that we are aware of, who have filed reports with the police, however he has not been caught.

He has cleaned out women's bank accounts, made fraudulent charges and checks, stolen and has used women's social security numbers to open credit card accounts. He owes back rents and monies to women and men that he befriends.

He uses a law firm's name from Florida to legitimize all his claims to you and has people call him acting out roles so you believe what he is saying. He has lived in Norcross, Georgia, Linden and North Arlington, NJ, Los Angeles, CA, Tampa and Orlando, FL, Moreno Vally, CA and Chicago. The last detail is now is will be posing as a Santero of many years, son of Elegua. Beware!