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Friday, April 17, 2009

Reben Allen Update

Thank you to the CL user who submitted the following information.

On 4/17/09 a CL user wrote:
Reben Allen sent me a check that was stolen from Barnes and Noble's corporate office in NJ for 3800 dollars. The agreed upon amount was 800 for the summer + 150 for books. I initially didn't connect the check to my speaking to "Reben" as I'd never given him my address: he sent a check from B&N's bank inside a blank letter sized envelope inside a stolen UPS envelope with a stolen label on the front. Thank God I checked my e-mail and saw that he'd sent it along. Planning to go to to the District Atty in the morning. The thing that sucked the most is that it did seem reasonable, you know, until the whole wiring money thing came into play.

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