How to Spot a Scam

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tolu Phillips home address

Thank you to Belle for providing this info. As we've documented before, the majority of these scammers are down right stupid and ultimately slip up. Case in point Tolu Phillips who gave up his mailing address, which matches the post marked envelope containing fake checks.

Name: Tolu Phillips
Address: 220 Barley Cir.
Crittenden, KY. 41030-8750

Fradulant Check: M&T Bank
225 East Ave.
Rochester, NY 14604

Issuing Company: Energetix Inc.
755 Brooks Ave.
Rochester, NY 12619


Anonymous said...

That address in Crittend Ky is not his address. That scam artist used my mom and sister to run his buisness. He took advantage of a single mother and her mother that are poor and used them to profit from it.

Anonymous said...

The address you have for Tolu Phillips home address is not his TRUE address! That address is my mother and sisters address. What your reporting on is true but they were scammed in believing he had a legitimate company and they were working for him with no profit. Now the local authorities are working with my Mother and Sister to locate this asshole.

Anonymous said...

Tolulope Phillips is a scammer..He is a very good lier an can make anyone think anything..Please be carefull in who u talk to on any site..These scammers will take u to yahoo,tell u they r in love with u an then take u hook line an sinker..DO NOT CASH A CHECK IF U RECIVE IT IN THE MAIL,UPS,FEDEX..ITS A SCAM..