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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ben Delanoy: Superbowl Ticket Scam

Thank you to the CL Tampa user who submitted the following.

On 1/28/09 CL user wrote:
Beware of Ben Delanoy of Next Level Sports Marketing! He befriended me more than 6 months ago and said he had players Super Bowl tix that he could sell me for face value. We gave him a deposit and he said he would meet me when he got them. He told me he would meet me Wednesday night and never heard from him, his excuse was he was running around getting other people their tickets, then he said he would meet me at Best Buy Thursday, I waited for almost 2 hours and sent him over a dozen texts and talked to him on the phone and he said to drive to Hard Rock, he was on his way. I waited for almost another 2 hours and have never heard from him again. After I did an internet search on him, I discovered there are MANY complaints of the same behavior (and other behavior) all over the internet going as far back as 2004! I am now filing a police report. STAY AWAY FROM HIM! CON ARTIST!! I have his aunt's address in Tampa if anyone needs it for any reason. I will be happy to share all the info I have.


Anonymous said...

I hope you called the police!

Anonymous said...

Ben Delanoy is a rip-off artist. He scammed me as well. He'll lead you along as if everything is OK...but it isn't. In my opinion, he is a liar and a cheat. I'm sure others feel that way.


Anonymous said...

I guess you called the police, I saw his mugshot online !

Anonymous said...

What happened with this???

Anonymous said...

He attempted to scam me as well. STAY WAY FROM BEN DELANOY. HE is a CON! Everything he says is a lie. Please report him to the police!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ben Delanoy has been a scam artist for years. He tells you story and takes you for a ride. He uses other people in his ploys and apparently he can't make money on his own, so he has to resort to scamming people -- that college education sure got you pretty far, huh, Ben?!?!? ... what goes around comes around, buddy: