How to Spot a Scam

Friday, January 9, 2009

CAP Concepts Inc. - Another Scam Company

Multi-Level Marketing companies are using craigslist to post deceptive positions. CAP Concepts Inc., falls under this catagory. Additionally, the owner Armon Hatcher claims to be a huge NFL star. Sadly Armon Hatcher was an undrafted player who only appeared in four games before being cut by the San Diego Chargers. He was never a star or a multi-millionaire. This fact is backed up by ESPN. Here now is one of their many ads on craigslist;

10 Entry Level Sports Marketing Positions New Grads & Interns Welcome (Tysons Corner, VA)One of DC Metro area's most progressive sports marketing companies with an exceptional track record of satisfied customers, needs to fill 10 entry-level marketing positions to service our clients.We hold an amazing clientele portfolio of professional sports teams, golf courses, restaurants, and various entertainment industries. This includes: The Washington Wizards, The Cleveland Indians, The Washington Nationals, The Pittsburgh Pirates, Cedar Point, The Disney Theme Parks, and The Cincinnati Reds. CAP Concepts, Inc. recently expanded into the DC metro area from Columbus, OH.

Currently we have openings in customer service, promotional sales, marketing, and entry- level management. We are filling full time, part time, and internship positions as soon as possible. No experience is necessary. Paid training will be provided for all Due to the high quality of the clientele that we service we are going to be holding MANDATORY one on one preliminary interviews at our Tysons Corner location. The candidates we are seeking not only have an entrepreneurial spirit, but also are motivated by opportunity, have a great work ethic, good communication skills, a positive attitude, and a strong desire for success.

Sounds great, but in reality 'marketing' and 'promotional sales' involves door to door soliciting. They never mentioned that I would be intruding on many busy people actually working at a real job. This is just another cydcor/ ds-max clone trying to lure kids in by mentioning big name clients. They try to get you in the company just so that you will walk around for more than 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. What kind of company includes Saturday as a workday? They also want kids with a 'strong desire for success,' but what kind of success includes 100% commission where you pay for your own gas only to drive a bunch of 'teammates' around the entire area.

Furthermore they even implement cult tactics in order to keep their employees, luckily some of their "employees" have a good head on their shoulders and leave. That's why just about every other day they list a job ad stating 'We are filling full time, part time, and internship positions as soon as possible.' They need more droid employees to sell rip off coupon books and broken flea market merchandise.

1568 Spring Hill Rd. Suite 100
McLean, CA 22102
Phone: 703-347-6777


Anonymous said...

I can attest to all of these facts. I worked at CAP Concepts for one month in May 2008. It was horrible. The door to door, the "cult tactics", and the $123 dollars I made total in 4 weeks of work. I'm so glad I had sense enough to leave.

Anonymous said...

This place is pathetic. I had a feeling about it before the "interview" but decided to check it out anyway. It turned out that I was hauled out to Alexandria outside a Safeway soliciting to people until 8 at night. As soon as I got back to the office building I didn't bother going in to tell them I wasn't interested..walked straight to my car and got the hell out of there. DO NOT WORK HERE!