How to Spot a Scam

Thursday, January 29, 2009

SMI And Associates - Sports Marketing International, Doug Ascher

Please beware of SMI and Associates, Sports Marketing International jobs in Lombard, Schaumburg, Naperville, etc. They are MLM company that participates in misleading, and straight-up dishonest practices!They will tell you they have 'big wig' clients like the White Sox. This is NOT a marketing agency. It is door-to-door dishonest soliciting. Dishonest to consumers and dishonest to their employees.Please do not fall for their schemes!

Sports Marketing International (SMI and Associates), and the like, prey on young, naive college graduates, servers, athletes. Sports Marketing International doesn't do a stitch of marketing consulting work for any sports teams (or any other place for that matter). This is straight up dishonest sales.

As an independant contractor (as that is how Sports Marketing International will 'hire' you) you are required to file your sales on your taxes. The 'manager' at this place encourages employees at SMI and Associates to participate in illegal activities, such as soliciting in governmentally protected non-soliciting areas, and not file taxes. It is NOT normal to work long 10 hour days and no even be on the company's payroll. You are NOT your own manager (as the company tries to make you think you are), you have a sly, manipulative, fast-talking boss standing over your shoulder telling you you can't leave until you have sold all of your items!

Do NOT apply to this company, or anything affiliated with Doug Ascher, SmartCircle, SMI and Associates, or Sports Marketing International.

SMI And Associates - Sports Marketing International
2801 S. Fairfield Ave Ste A
Lombard, Illinois, 60148
Owner: Doug Ascher

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adrienne said...

Also listing ads under FAST TRACK. Reverse lookup on WhitePages revealed them to be Boomerang Marketing. FAST TRACK is a "home improvement ad agency."