How to Spot a Scam

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lisa & Ryan Peter Christensen Update

Lisa (use to be Mary) & Ryan Peter Christensen are proof that you cannot teach old cons new tricks. Their tired old scam involves "owning" an apartment (now in Queens, NY) at trying to find a renter who will pay the ridiculously low rent. The scam perpetuates and eventually the potential renter will have to pay a "key deposit" of some sort to view the apartment, while the Christensen's ("landlord") is away living in some foreign country. What kind of landlord would "send a set of keys" to a total stranger for an apartment, on the merit of a deposit without being present, or sending an associate from a rental agency? Sadly there are people who keep falling for this.

Name: Lisa & Ryan Peter Christensen
Tel: +44 702 4060053
Rental Location: Queens, NY


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this helpful info. My husband responded to their ad this morning in craigslist and asked me to reply. I kinda have a bad feeling about this so i told him to google their names. And voila! This came out! I knew it... these days we just have to be wary. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

these people are horrible and i almost fell for their scam...thank you so much for this website..what a relief, be careful everyone!

Anonymous said...

Please read our bad experience as well on renting a vacation rental in New Jersey, just outside of NYC.

Anonymous said...

They're still at it!

Anonymous said...

I almost got ripped off today too. Thanks for listing this. Is there anyway to press charges?