How to Spot a Scam

Monday, January 12, 2009

Avoid these Losers

It appears our tactics are working as this site has received numerous visits from Nigeria. In short these pathetic scam artists are now checking to see if their cover has been blown. We want to make 2009 the year when some of these people see the inside of a jail cell. If you suspect a scam please use the report a scam links we've provided. Also if you have been asked to wire money to a location in the USA please notify your local police department, and contact us at

Name: Leo Chung

Name: Cindy & Shields Cleyn Terry
Country: UK

Name: Kelly Smart

Name: Chris Marcus


Anonymous said...

Same email, new address:


Anonymous said...

Just had "Leo Chung" try to buy an item from me on Craigslist. He was using the address in addition to the addresses you've listed in the original post.

Thanks for the resource. I suspected he was a scammer, but being able to google his name and email to confirm definitely helped!

Anonymous said...

Leo Chung used "" in an attempt to buy furniture from us on Craigslist. We took it so far as to let him send a check to us and then turned it over to the local police. Upon repositing the furniture on Craigslist, we received exactly the same email as the first from Leo Chung, but this time from Dr. Simon Tylers using

Carpentersville Police Report #09-1324, 01/28/2009, Carpentersville IL

Anonymous said...

Just had "LEO Chung" try to buy furniture from me on CL. The following is one of the emails he sent me. I actually thought he was legit and was working with him regarding selling the furniture. But for some reason, I was a bit skeptical and Googled his name after I responded to the following email. I am GLAD I did. Thanks for the resource! Here is his email:

Thanks for the quick response,I'll be sending you a check via my bank for the cost of the item.because of the nature of my job,I'll not be available for the pick-up of the item, with this,i will be sending some one come pick up of the item on my I'll like you to provide me with the following information so as to notify the payment for the item.
1.Full name to be on the check
2.Home or work address (Ups doesn't deliver to P.OBoxes)
3.Phone number
4 The final price
As soon as you have cashed the check I'll make arrangement with my mover concerning the picking-up. Pls do me a favor of removing the Ad from CL as I'm committed to buy it. Have a nice day.

The email addresses he used are:

Leo Chung []
leochng51 []

Thanks again.

gentlesoul said...

Posted a genuine ad for a valentine's date and this supposed person named Kelly claimed in the email that she is super smart, is from Beverly Hills, CA, a great catch, just ended a long relationship, and provided an address on Yahoo to chat. Once I started to chat with her, she claims that a guy she met online lured her to somewhere in West Africa and promised the world to her. She claims that he took all her money and passport and could not return back to USA. She wanted to see if I could help. I said I was skeptical. I gave her my fake name. She gave me a name of Kelly York. She claims that her supposed guy has already left and she's in the hotel with no money. Well, if she does not have any money how does she find money to be online and have a computer???