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Monday, November 3, 2008

William Klin Scam artist

Thanks again to the craigslist user who forwarded this information. We had never heard of William Klin, but the scam tactics are the same.

Scam Artist: William Klin
Email Used:
Tactic: Pretends to have a child so he can commit international bank and check fraud

Thank you for the email,i want my kid for the English tutorial thanks for accepting the offer,I have made contacts with my son concerningthe arrangement of the tutoring which he told me is okay by him and iwant you to know that i am going to pay for 1 month, $40.00/hr (whichi have in mind) And i am planning that you will be teaching him 3times a week,which is 1hr per day,so get back to me with the total feefor the subjects and when you will be available to teach him duringthe week.we don't live in the states,we live in my son will becoming to the states for November 2008 and i want him to studymore.he is going to be staying in an hotel with a nanny he is familiarwith since he was a child when we still live in Europe.

i am also goingto be coming to the US but he is going to come ahead of me because i want to go on a business trip to Spain soon,i don't want him to be athome he would be doing fine with is Guardian/nanny before myarrival.I want you to know that i will be sending you the payment inform ofmoney orders/check for the tutorial while i will also want you to please help me pay the Nanny that will take care of him while he isthere for the lesson,i would have sent it separately to you and thenanny but because she is not from the Us he wont be familiar with thebanking system there. so as soon as you get the money orders/checkcashed you will deduct cost of tutoring of the lesson ($500) andPlease send the remaining balance to my nanny that will be takingcare of the kid.

The information of the nanny will be giving to you later. Regardingt his, kindly send your full information to receive the payment so itcan be made out on-time.After which we would both agree on theschedule for the Tutoring and all the text book he would be needing.So hope i can trust you that you will teach my son good academics andsome moral respects so that he can be good for himself in thefuture,i hope i can count on you for the tutorial and the money to be sent to the Guardian.Thanks and waiting to read from you. kindly get back to me with the necessary details needed such as to issue out the payment and sending it to you.
CONTACT PHONE NUMBER:(no postal address pls)
DIRECT PHONE NUMBER.Will be waiting to read your mail soon.
william klin

Please note the horrible use of English grammar, and the absurd request for "extra funds" to be sent back to him.


Anonymous said...

I got a e-mail sinuilar to that one except it was for baby sitting here are the e-mails

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "rolland johnson" Add sender to Contacts To:
-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Good day my dear,
it was really nice to get your direct contact from here and i m sure you are going to take good care of my daughter like your?I saw your listing on the craigslist, I am rolland johnson .I am a architecture . I want to do exhibition of my arts and my drawing in the states in various hall in state by the 30 of this month ,i will like to give you a tria, so i am expected there by this month.I will be lodging in any hotel nearest to the place i will be
doing my contract job. I am coming to the state with my only daugther cindy who is (2&half yrs old girl) whom her mother had years ago , I take her everywhere i go. Because she serves as an inspiration to me. so i planned to have a person that will care for her when i will be doing my serious contract job there in usa and
for her in the period i will be staying... I will need your assitance. Just for you to care for her the time we will be having on and the time are negotiable.. I
need care for my girl in different categories . these
are the categories that i will need the cares from 10.30am-6.30pm
-8.30 - 11.30 or overnight - And in weekends also. You can take one of those time to take care of her. As i said the time are negiotiable. I can see that you are fit for the job for your time and your listed in craiglist. So i want you to explain better to me the time that you will like to take care of
her. i want you to tell me may be you will like to take care of her in my hotel or you will like to take care of her at your own house. . I promised to pay you any reasonnable price you mentioned,because I LOVE HER so much. Reply to me as soon as you got my message with all the addition conditions (i mean your fee, the conditions) if there is anyting more you will like me to know about tell me okay.
hope to read from you Asap

Middlesex. London .
United Kingdom

And here is another one

From: "Rolland Johnson" Add sender to Contacts To: christmasangel1823@yahoo.comThanks for the quick mail.
Yea my dearest one may the lord bless you and your family.
You the kind of person i am looking for.I will love my daughter to be with you base on what you said, and i hope the environment its well okay for dayther?pls before i procced i will like to know your exprience about this job?i will like to let you know that my daughter behaviour she is 2yrs and half month by now ,she is very loyal,humble so pls i wanna trust you in my present and absent okay,and i promise you i will do all i can to make you happy too... Thanks for the quick mail.But i will
like you to sum up this in the figure of one months first when i see how your perfomance about that we count,you will starting by 30th of this month. I want you to calculate your fee for the duration of 1 month firstly . I just called the company accountant that is offering me a contract job in usa we discuss about the payment of my job and we reach a conclusion that she should help me to make out some funds to you too from my money that they will be paying, And she has agreed to do that for me.
but sHe said he is out of the state now for business but she said that he will find a means to send a check to you.. All that you will do is to cash the check and make it as payment, and it will still make out some xtra cash on the check apart from your fees you want to collect becuase that extra money on the check will be for my babe wears and toys so that she wont feel lonely can reach me at my cell phone i used here in uk (+447031905692).
so just email me your contact info to issue out check to you if this is really okay for you ok.YOUR FULL NAME
I will like to have all this so that i can quickly instruct the company account there to issue out the check for you and and wait for my me and my child arrival ok.God bless youTel:+447031905692
Middlesex. London .
United Kingdom
am really okay with day time service , i will like from monday till friday as from 10.30am to 6.30pm excluding weekend ok. and calculate your price for one month and i will quickly instruct my trustee to issue out payment to you and email me your complete full name and contact pysical house ads to issue and send payment to you. hope to read back from you.
Moreso your price for one month will be $400 a month am okay with that.

And here is one from A sandra william

BabbySitter NeededWednesday, January 7, 2009 4:51 PM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Sandra Williams" Add sender to Contacts To: Lesa@beyondordinaryhomedaycare.comMy name is Sandra William,i saw your craigslist ad as a Childcare and Baby sitter,i am interested in you as my baby sitter.My daughters name is Hailey,i would like you to take care of her while i am at work in your location,i use to stay in West Africa but i am moving to your location because i would have a contract with Issey Miyake there,i work as a model and the contract will for 1 month,i want you to take care of her while i am at work.I go to work 10 am and i get back by 4pm,i will like to know if you will take care of her in your child care centre or the hotel room where i would be lodging,i am comfortable with any of the ways,my daughter (Hailey) is 3 years old and soon as everything is considered a deal,i will also like to know how much you charge to take care of Hailey for 1 month and the time i need your service is 10 am to 4 pm.
Get back to me with the amount and i will be glad to update you and make the payment in advace to show you how serious i am.
Waiting to hear back from you.
Sandra Willliam

If you go to and look under scams you'll find both of them Rolland Johnson and Sandra William

Anonymous said...

I have an ad on Craig's List for babysitting also and I get these exact same ads all the time. As a matter of fact, I got the exact same one that was posted by Amanda from Nevada. It gave me a phone number so I Googled it and all kinds of websites saying SCAM!! came up. I like to have a little fun with these people and tell them that I would be glad to watch their child for outrageous amounts of money. And they always agree. Then I ask them where EXACTLY it is that they are coming to in my area so I can give them advice on nice places to visit in their down time from their importnat jobs. If they respond again they never answer that question. A lot of them promise pictures of their child so I really press for those, asking over and over again. Of course I never see them. One guy that sent me a message asked me for my picture after I sent him a response so I sent him a picture off a porn website. He then told me that I could not care for his son but he had another "job" for me. When I inquired about that he told me it was printing checks off for his clients in my area. These people are professional scammers. I insisted that I was interested in the job and wanted the contact info for his boss so I could work for them and then he sent me back his Yahoo ID so that we could chat. These people are real pieces of work.

Anonymous said...

yep i just got targeted too form craigslist, i am unemployed and seriously lookig for work/nanny position, but my momma didnt raise no fool i am not stupid either, i did write back, this is what i said, i like to mess with them too....forgive me for being so abrupt and i dont mean to sound rude, but there are alot of scam ads running around craigs list. i understand you are looking for someone to watch your daughter, but i am not the one you want to be trying to pull a scam over on.. i am available for all of the hours mentioned and would gladly accept your daughter into my care if this is legitamate, but i will tell you the way this is going to work... you set a day and a time, i will meet you in a near by public place near my home, lets say panera bread on the corner of little rd and 54 in new port richey. fl which is where i live. you provide me with identification proving to me who you are, i will do a background check on you right then and there.fingerprint required. if you are who you say you are then i will show you all of my credentials and certifications( which you have no way of knowing based on my ad) and you will have proof of my experience and are free to do a background check on me as well. then you can discuss how much you are willing to pay me for the services of watching your daughter. i will agree.or not. you can then pay me in advance one week at a time in the form of american money, cash..i will give you a reciept or a moneyorder from a local amscot. they are free. and i will show you where one is..and watch you purchase it. i will not accept a cashiers check or some other kind of personal check then i will take you to my home for you to check out, if every thing is still a go, then you cand hand me the money order or cash and i will begin services.. I WILL NOT BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF OR SCAMMED!!! I will only give you my code name. gina. you will not get my real name phone number address or banking information until i meet you in person. if all of the above conditions are met i will keep your daughter for you, since i am qualified. if they are not and you try any thing other that what is listed above i will be under no obligation to give you services of childcare.... I hope you understand i am only protecting myself and my family, as i have said there are a lot of similar scams going around on the internet and i have to be cautious.. i replied because of the slim chance you may not be scamming and may truely be needing services... if that is the case then i look foward to hearing from you , if not, then sorry, try again... so what is your post code? gina

--- On Wed, 4/1/09, rolland johnson wrote:

From: rolland johnson
Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 2:36 AM

he changed the email from ooo2 to ooo3 but the content is the same as the other girl that left a comment word for word... and if she was two and a half in jan when he emailed her then she isnt two and a half 4 months later, but whatever, i knew it was a scam, i figured he could get my city and state judging by where he found my ad on craigs list but i do not have my real name or real address attached to the particular email adress i listed strictly for that purpose, so he wont get far with me.. after i sent it i decided to google the phone number, and low and behold, i found all of you... its a shame people prey on those that are down and out, i may be broke but im not stupid...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same here. I got suspicious cause he, Rolland Johnson wanted my address not a p.o. box. So, I copied the number and paste it on google and I found this site. I didn't give him anything that he can used against me, so I'm glad I wasn't raised as a fool. This just makes me more careful who I give my information out to.

Amber Mossburg said...

i got the same email as amanda but he changed his email to i can't believe these people pull this shit... but i got you now

Anonymous said...

I believe that this person may also be using the name Kollin Mark apparently from "Denmark". He wanted me to tutor his kid but when I questioned him about it he never gave me straight answers.

Kollin Mark