How to Spot a Scam

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

John Mark's Fake Check

Thank you to the person who scanned and submitted an actual fake check sent by "John Mark." As you can see it looks very real. If you are a Sitter City user, please do what you can to report this con artist. You have the power to stop this guy.

Additionally, many people have expressed their concern and worries about having given this person some private information about themselves, such as their mailing address. While it's normal to feel this way, please remember that this particular person/group of people are located in another country (Nigeria) and have no power over you. Remember at all times that they sent you a fraudulent check! If anything these people should be living in constant fear of what will happen to them once they get caught. The US Government and Interpol does not look kindly at criminal organizations, check or bank fraud
As a side note please notice the issuing party or bank on this check. Partners is a federal credit union for Walt Disney employees only. Furthermore they only have branches on the West Coast of the United States. If you are in possession of a check sent to you by John Mark, it would be wise to either tear it up of submit it to your local police or FBI office. If enough pressure is applied it is likely that law enforcement will familiarize themselves with this individual.


Anonymous said...

I just want to know what makes this guy do what he does? He contacted me about babysitting and I fell for it to a point, how can you stop this guy if he keeps making up names and scamming new people?

Anonymous said...

John Mark sent me two Wal*Mart Money Gram Money Orders, looks extremely legit, each in the amount of $980.00. Before following his directions, I called 1.800.MONEYGRAM and entered the money order number and was told that this money order was cashed in September for $120.00. His associate's name is Bobby A. Alfred who send it from 365 E. 96th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212, and the phone number I have from John Mark is 011-855-99943280.

I hope he gets caught, before many more thousands of people are effected!

Dwiggity said...

We had the same thing happen to us as the last poster. Two Walmart money orders in the amount of $980.00. They told us it was too pink and that it was invalid. We called Moneygram and they said they both have been cashed on August the 4th. They were dated 11/12/2008. We don't know how he got our address. My girlfriend said that she doesn't remember giving our address to anyone by any of the names.
He had a note in the envelope that said there was more on the way.