How to Spot a Scam

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update: July 28

We are advising that people stay clear of the following known scam artists:

Name: Linda Lemay

Name: Augusta Ramirez
Tactic: unknown

Name: Terry Blanco
Tactic: Tutor Scam

Name: Bryon Rudd
Email: unknown

Name: Brian Dawson
Tactic: Tutor Scam

Name: Jeff Lee


Unknown said...


Name of scammer: Williams Johnson
Email of scammer:

nycidgirl said...

I have actually been a victim of one of these scams. Didn't find your site soon enough. We have to make these more well known to help others from being scammed.

Anonymous said...

Another Bryon Rudd Scam

From: Bryon Rudd
email bryonrudd111 at
Date: August 10, 2009 10:54:11 AM EDT


How are you doing ?

I'd like to inform you that I contacted my bank to confirm if your
Check has been mailed out, I was made to understand that instead of
the actual amount for the item, the bank made out a check for $2,350

The payment has already been posted before I was informed about this
but is a little problem which we can handle amicably. However, I have
rectified this with my Bank cause I wouldn't want this to delay the
sales, all you have to do is that, once you have the payment, do take
it to your Bank and have it cashed and you'll then deduct the money
for your goods and in addition a $100 (which is the cost of your
running around).

The excess fund on the payment will then be wired to my mover via
western union that same day, so that my mover can come for pick up as
I've already planned on using the excess Fund to offset the payment of
the previous shipments that has been undertaken on my behalf.

Do let me know if I can trust you to have the excess fund sent to my mover.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Bryon Rudd's email is
I believe he is a scam artist. He reports that he is deaf and therefore will not call you. He offers to buy furniture sight unseen and wants to know your address to send the payment. He claims that his movers will come and pick-up the furniture.

Unknown said...

martins joe"

erik ramon


lawyer peter

ShaunaK said...

Bryon Rudd( sent me this email:


Thank for the swift response to my mail,as the item is still
available, I will instruct my secretary to process a check to cover
the cost of my purchase as am completely satisfied with the advert.I
will need the details of whom & where to mail the draft.It will be
delivered by the United Parcel Service within 2-3 days.Please note
'United Parcel Service' do not deliver to P.O.Box addresses.

1.Name to be on the check
2.Home address
3.Mobile #

Kindly delete the advert on Craig's List as am totally committed to
buying from you to save me cost, My mover will be coming over for the
pick up right only after the payment as been delivered and I want you
to understand that, I would have love to call but am a deaf and only
uses a hearing -im paired phone relay, So please send me an email