How to Spot a Scam

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mary Coleman now Kate Coleman and Mary Brunswick?

It appears that our efforts to flush out the scam artist using the name Mary Coleman have paid off. The factitious landlord who has posted everywhere on Craigslist is now using the name Kate Coleman. In fact this person has even posted on CL Australia using the name Mary Brunswick.

No matter what name they use, this person still claims to have a husband named John Coleman, and would like to rent a non-existent apartment for a very low deposit and monthly rate.

Name: John & Kate Coleman (use to be Mary Coleman)

Name: John & Mary Brunswick
PH: +8613558335439


mare said...

the email address used by mary coleman/kate coleman is now beng used by mary gago. she is on craigslist, trying to rent an apt., owned by her husband. the email,, is the one currently still being used. my husband asked me to check it out, as he is looking for an apt. in the san diego,ca area, using craigslist. beware!

Unknown said...

John Collins and Mary Collins renting apartments in San Francisco, CA who fit this description renting below market apartments. He says he is in Africa and has the keys and documents.

John Collins (
Mary Collins (

Anonymous said...

They are also going by Susanna Vicario and John Vicario!

They are promising very low priced apartments on craigslist that they don't even own. I am not their first attempt to get over on, but it is nearly a needle in the hay stack. Do your research when dealing with anyone online no matter how honest you may believe their are. I received to emails from them before I realized they were full of s***! They usually took a couple days to respond in between the emails I guess to make themselves seem like they were busy. They also go other names but they usually pose as a married couple. They asked me to put up a couple of months for rent before hand, and stressed the fact that I will not be able to see the inside of the apartment because they were in another state. Clearly these people are not legit, what person would expect a person to pay for an apartment that they have seen before hand!

Emails they use:

Anonymous said...

She is still using the name Mary Coleman and claims her husband, John, is on a mission trip in Africa. She is targeting the San Francisco bay area. Offering a studio and 1 bedroom apartment for rent.

Anonymous said...

John and Mary Coleman put an ad on craigslist for a 1BR for $780 in North Hollywood, fully furnished. They included photos of the place. Mary was the one that mainly does everything. Mary advised that her family was Christian and they moved to the UK due to John's job. Apparently Mary and John live all over the place. They asked for 2 months of rent ahead of time and you can get one free + security deposit and they will send you the keys. When I asked if they can send the keys to a friend who can show the apt, they advised they didn't know anybody. This is scam. Don't fall for it.