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Monday, July 20, 2009

Report: Drive Marketing Concepts Inc. Bill Bishop

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Drive Marketing Concepts Inc.

2080 Silas Highway
Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Ads all over the internet looking for entry level sports marketing people. They wanted college students with all degrees to apply for the job.

I smelled something funny when they called me on the phone and said they had reviewed by resume and they wanted to meet with me TODAY. I said that I couldn't and the 'secretary' told me that tomorrow was the last possible day for interviews so I agreed to come in.

When I got there there was a nice plasma television and one secretary at the desk. Another college aged kid was there for an interview as well so I had to wait outside for my turn.

I interviewed with Bill Bishop the 'CEO' of the company. He boasted about how much money he makes, and how with hard work it is so great and easy to make huge profits. He was joking around and 'buddy buddy' with me. The interview lasted about 20 minutes. He then said he had a few more people to interview and then he would select 5 people to call back for a second interview.

After 1 hour, I literally had FIVE MISSED CALLS from Bill. He left a voice mail saying to call back. I called back and no one answered. The secretary called back and said 'Someone from this number tried to contact us' and I said Bill had called me back and wanted a second interview. She responded 'Ohhh Congratulations'

Bill then got on the phone and told me I had to come in tomorrow for the second portion of the interview but since people were coming from 'far away' they had to combine the 2nd and 3rd parts of the interview into one. I would be needed from 11am-830pm. This is with no salary, no details, no nothing... he just said I would be 'shadowing an account manager'

At this point I was VERY suspicious about the activity of this company. I started looking all over the Internet for things about Drive Concept Marketing and Bill Bishop. The guy covers his tracks well... but not well enough.

I found out that he had another fraudulent company in Pennsylvania... and when people caught onto his scam he packed up and moved to Rocky Hill Connecticut and changed the company name. At this point I didn't even want to call the guy back to tell him I am not showing up tomorrow so I wrote an email... if he calls me tomorrow I am going to explode on the guy.

Basically he uses people as door to door salesmen and tries to manipulate college graduates with little and no experience. He makes huge promises and claims you will soon be a manager in his position making huge money. He tries to claim that he has made millions with the Yankees and golf courses to entice sports fans. This scam is all over the country under different names. Bill Bishop is a scam... stay away from him and drive concept marketing!!


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