How to Spot a Scam

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New UK Scam Artists

We are issuing a warning to any and all CL users in the United Kingdom. Beware of Rita Coffman and John Coleman.

Name: John Coleman
Tactic: Poses as Facticious Landlord
Associate: Mary Coleman

Name: Rita Coffman
Tel: +44 702 406 2089, +44 703 596294
Location: Highgate Hill, London


EdBdCJ said...

Just like Andrea Welles and her husband Nicholas this is a total scam. They ask you to send them money just to LOOK at an apartment. Totally ridiculous!! DOn't fall for it. They've been reported to Craigslist as well.

Jules said...

I just received this uk scam email:

My name is Daniel Smith.I'm interested in your lesson. I would like you to be taking my daughter your lesson while i am at work in your location. I live in England, but i'm moving to your area beacause i'm having a contract with Issey Miyake Jnr. I work as a model and the contract will be just for FOUR weeks, I will be in the State very soon because there is a great program going on here in London in which i am the main in this show. So it will be so difficult for me to see you, in this case you have to assist me alot on by taking her the lesson , cause i will be busy all through. Her name is (Jessica), she is 16 years old. So i'm paying you with a Cashier Check as soon every thing has been consider as deal. i will like to know how much you charge to take here for 4 weeks and also you dont have to worry i have negotiate with a cab driver that will always driving her down to your place go and come.Please get back to me with the amount and i will be glad to update you and make the payment in advance to show you how serious i am.


First Name:

Last Name:

Cell Phone:

Address: (not PO BOX)


State :

Zip Code:

Total Amount :

Email Addresses:

Thanks while am waiting to read from you shortly. And remember she is all i have and i really want a condusive and a pleasant atmostphere for her. With Warm Regards.

Daniel Smith
28 Northwick Park,Watford Road,
Harrow,Middlesex HA1 3UJ,
United Kingdom

"His" "email":

CC said...

I googled an e-mail I got about my tutoring services and it's almost word by word what Jules posted above. I suspected it was a scam because the grammar was suspicious (mine said he had a contract with the Environmental Protection Agency).

Thanks for posting this, it's great for those of us who screen our e-mails for scams.