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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Xtreme Promotions Scam Atlanta Georgia

The following testomony can be found at

Xtreme Promotions
1100 Spring Street
Atlanta, Georgia, 30309
Phone: 404-879-0376
Fax: 404-873-8331

Many of you in the Atlanta area, have no doubt seen the ads for Xtreme Promotions, Inc. on Career Builder, AJC Jobs, Craigs List and Monster. You're subjected to the typical MLM ad jargon, such as 'fast-paced career', 'unlimited income potential', 'need managers', etc.

I consider myself an ambitious, hard-working and intelligent individual. Admittedly, however, I was quite naive when it came to the likes of Xtreme Promotions, Cydcor, and DS-Max. As much as the business was hyped by the ad, and the manager Bruno Alvim (who did my first-round interview), I was extremely surprised to be called back for a 2nd interview.

I should have seen the scam coming, I should have known better. Let's just say that Xtreme Promotions took away 4 and 1/2 months of my life that I will never get back. It's a corporate cult to its truest form. 100% door-to-door sells, 11-12 hour days (six days per week), isolation from your friends and family, an organization centered around the whims of a charismatic leader, ritual chants and phrases, people who are 'negative' are often ostracized, if not fired outright, and a cutthroat competitive we/they mentality.

Bruno Alvim, the manager, I think deep down is a good guy. But he is sucked so far into this Cydcor dream. The only way for him to be more successful is to get others sucked into this stupid dream and so on and so forth. Please, don't waste your time with Xtreme Promotions or any other Cydcor/DS-Max affiliate.

Here is the truth about the 'business' as they call it:

(1) It's 100% Commission at EVERY level. Even managers, consultants, and organizational consultants get paid based on what the Corporate Trainers and Account Executives below them make.

(2) The business isn't 'experiencing rapid growth' or 'always expanding'. For every new office that opens up, another goes under. For every market that opens up, another becomes over-saturated. The 'business' can only sustain so many managers and so many organizational consultants.

(3) As long as you are in the 'business' you will be working 12 hour days, plus Saturdays. It's that simple. You will be going door-to-door, sweating in the summer, freezing in the winter to scam an extra $12 off of an old lady who really doesn't need Unlimited Long Distance.

(4) You will put your own ethics into question. When the choice is between ripping someone off or not paying your rent, you will rip someone off. Trust me. That said, you are NEVER decreasing someone's bill. Anything you sell for the AT&T Campaign that I was on required adding additional charges to someones bill and convincing them that you were lowering it.

(5) If you are in the business, you will not look for another job. It's engineered so that when you go home at night, you have time to do the essentials and go to bed. That's it. I was lucky enough to have knocked on someone's door who had been through the DS-Max system before and he offered me a better job.

(6) You will knock on doors in the worst parts of town. My friend had his car broken into. I have walked up and down the streets of the worst ghettos in Atlanta. Residents of these 'burbs have straight up told me that I was extremely lucky to still be walking and knocking.

The Cydcor 'dream' is filled with countless stories of deception, isolation, prison, divorce, and bankruptcy.Xtreme Promotions isn't the only Cydcor/DS Max affiliate operating in Atlanta. I know of a few others, along with the names of their managers:

Wentworth Marketing, Ed Cunliffe
Xtreme Promotions, Bruno Alvim
FC Wetz Interactive, Sarah Spears
KSL Concepts, Ken Lear
Global Marketing Solutions, Daniel Kim


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you sooo much for this post.I was just received a call from a lady named Paula for an interview for tomorrow.Thanks to you I now know that this is a scam and will not waste my time.

Unknown said...

I too just received a call from Paula asking for an interview tomorrow. Thank you for saving my time.

Anonymous said...

Paula gets around, she called me too and she was very excited this article saved my afternoon- what a Xtreme wast of time!!
Thanks for the heads up,

Anonymous said...

Paula gets around, she called me too and she was very excited this article saved my afternoon- what a Xtreme wast of time!!
Thanks for the heads up,

Anonymous said...

I got a call from Gwen for an interview yesterday. Thank goodness I found this article!! I would've been so mad if I had gone all the way there for nothing. I called to cancel and did so with Paula. She barely let me finish saying what I had to say before she hung up on me. Thanks so much for the warning!!!