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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nicholas & Andrea Wells New Accomplace

Nicholas and Andrea Wells would like you to believe they have an awesome apartment in New York City or now Houston for rent. In addition their "representative's" name has changed three times in the past three weeks. They claim Jason Stern or now Simon Baker has been suddenly taken ill in Chicago of all places and cannot show the apartment that is for rent.

Of course Nicholas and Andrea Wells live in the UK and have multiple children so they cannot show the apartment themselves. Instead of hiring a rental agency they want their victim to wire them a deposit via Western Union (a scam artists best friend) in return for a set of keys to the place. These people are pathetic and we really want to obtain photos of them.

Name: Nicholas and Andrea Wells
Accomplice: Jason Stern, Simon Baker


Anonymous said...

I am so thankful to you for putting up this information. 'Andrea and Nicholas Wells' now own a one-bedroom apartment on 675 Sackett Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 (1,040 Sqft (approx.), Cross st: (4th & 5th Avenues) Neighborhood: Park Slope). They posted their ad on Craigslist yesterday, which was gone this morning! And they had the same things to say in their email, that their representative Jason Stern has met with an accident in Houston (in the second email, it changed to Chicago) and so on. I am glad I showed the emails to a friend, who researched it and found this posting! Any way to nab these swindlers?

Anonymous said...

and they are still at it!
May 11th post- 1BR in DUMBO

Thanks for your response. My name is Andrea Wells and I wish to inform you that the apartment at 84 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (729 Sqft (approx.), Cross st: (Washington & Adams Streets) Neighborhood: Vinegar Hill) is still available and belongs to my husband and I. We apologize for the slight delay in responding to your enquiry. We just received some news from our representative ( Jason Park) who is presently in Boston had a little accident so we are handling the leasing ourselves.

However, we are very busy people and we will not like to take much of your time, therefore I will go straight to breaking down the terms and conditions that apply to the apartment.

My husband and I have our preferences in given out the apartment. This means we could be a bit choosy but we apologise in advance if it seems to be rather harsh. The apartment is furnished as you can see from the pictures attached but most of the furnitures have been moved into the storage. The furnitures could be replaced if you like. We are looking out for a responsible person or couple,they will accept full responsibility for property damages caused during their stay. Pets are allowed and we may be given out the apartment at a very low and reasonable price but we are given it out for a minimum period of at least 3 months starting May/June or preferably a longer lease period to as much as 5 years lease. Since we cleared the apartment for renovation last August, we have not been in New York due to business. Myself, my husband and my children have relocated to England, so we will be given out the apartment for a long duration at $850 /month rate (All Utilities included). Our priority is taking a responsible, careful, understanding and reasonable tenant that will take good care of the property, since we will be away for most of the period.

The rental agreement will contain issues like;

rental payments
duration of lease
damage to premises
payment of utilities
right of inspection
deposit refunds
terminating the lease

We do not have time for games so we suggest that if you are not serious about the apartment, you try somewhere else. My time is very valuable and my husband is a very busy person but he will like to still speak with you over the telephone before any arrangement for you to inspect the apartment because we cannot just give attention to everyone that is interested in the apartment. My husband's full names are Nichloas Wells, Telephone (+447024062089)011447024062089 or (+447035962694)011447035962694. Call only if you are serious about taken the apartment and let us know how long you will like to have the apartment to help us make our decision. If satisfied, we can discuss on how to get the document and the keys of the house to you to inspect. In your response, tell us a little more about yourself like your names, current address, your present occupation, marital status, if you like pets and why you want to take the apartment?

As soon as we hear from you, we will contact you with more details.


Unknown said...




Unknown said...

there is another couple from london with an apartment in chelsea
rita and lyle coffman
with an injured representative in boston

Unknown said...

there is another couple in london
who have an apartment in chelsea
lyle and rita coffman
with a sick representative in boston

watch out!

llcooljessie said...

Nicholas and Andrea now own an apartment at 84 Front St in Brooklyn. It's a shocking $850 a month for rent. They posted it on Craigslist. Bad news about Jason Park, their broker in Boston. He too had an accident. What's impressive is, the photos actually seem to be of a real apartment in that building. This is a pretty good scam, if not for the international phone numbers.

Anonymous said...

I had an Alex Wells try to rent me an apartment in Barrie. His ad on Kijiji was "2 Bedroom stunning unfurnished apartment"
1250 sq feet two bedrooms, all inclusive, 5 appliances and laundry in-suite all for $800. The catch was that he travels for a living and is now in Louisiana. I was more than welcome to drive by the building myself, but I couldn't go inside, because he doesn't trust anyone with his keys while he is away. He did send me some pictures from, I guess his wife Martha Well's e-mail.
The Nerve!

I thought it was way too fishy so I googled the address he gave me and then called the building's property manager, who has never heard of Alex Wells and that the building has no new vacancies and it would be impossible to get a 2 bedroom for $800, as 1 bedrooms start at $875.

Anonymous said...

These people are at it again. Now they have an apartment on 453 12th Street in Park Slope Brooklyn for $850. They want you to give them $220 to LOOK at the apartment. DON"T GET SCAMMED, I almost did!!!

Anonymous said...

They have now changed their names to Nicholas and Jennifer Parks. Their assistants name to Richard Parson and the address of the apt to 259 Ainslie Street in Brooklyn. Same scam.. glad I found this blog before I sent them any money.. I had my hopes up that I might just be finding a nice apt i could afford. Its sad.. but mostly for them. Thanks for the blog.

Anonymous said...

I received this email today about an apartment for $950 in Arlington VA. Bullshit. It pisses me off. For the fun of it I asked him to let me see it today:

"Happy to hear of your interest.
I moved to London, UK and I've decided to rent this apartment. The apartment is with 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 kitchen and a living room. I'm asking only $950/month with all utilities included because I need a serious and trust worthy person who not only will pay me the rent on time but also will take care and preserve my property.
I'm looking to rent the apartment for six months with an option to renew for another year, but I'm flexible, so please let me know your thoughts.
I decided to rent the apartment through, a eBay company, whose service we'll use to carry out the transaction. has the possession of all the necessary documents (rental contract, proof of ownership...) and apartment keys. If you want to learn more about how this service works, let me know.
Thank you,"

Anonymous said...

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