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Friday, March 27, 2009

USANA Health Sciences Scam?

USANA Health Sciences claims to be the #1 network marketing company. Unfortunately, as a business model, network marketing fails miserably. Even though USANA's products are superior in their respective marketplace, the model for distribution is not conducive for successful business practices. If you want to own or start your own business, be creative and do so with your own merit. Don't join a network marketing company. Pyramid schemes have a negative connotation in today's real business community. Don't lose your validity or respect by becoming part of a corrupt industry.

  • 74% of distributers fail within the first 12months
  • 70% of compensation went to the top 3% of distributers at the company
  • 87% of current distrubers are loosing money
  • There is no 75% direct to customer savings on products

"Usana charges associates $40 for a 28-day supply of its top-selling multivitamin,usana essentials, more than double the retail price of other premium vitamins. A premium vitamin from competitor gnc corp., the Ultra mega green multivitamin, sells for $17 for a 28-day supply" The Wall Street Journal

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Eryka said...

Comparing the Usana multivitamin to the GNC multi is like comparing organic long-grain brown rice to Uncle Ben's instant white rice. They might seem to be similar but they're completely different when it comes to whether they're healthy or not.

White rice spikes your blood sugar and has no nutritional value. Brown rice has fiber, protein, and doesn't spike your blood sugar. So which is better for you?

Likewise, GNC's vitamin doesn't have the correct proportions of nutrients for optimal absorption by the body, isn't pharmaceutical grade (so we don't even know if what's on the label is in the pill), and a whole slew of other things that simply doesn't compare to the quality of Usana's supplements.

Are Usana's vitamins more expensive? Yes. You get what you pay for. Pharmaceutical grade, high bioavailability (meaning your body absorbs the nutrients it needs, rather than passing them), and in the correct quantities for optimal health.