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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ted Smith - Robert Phillips Alter Ego

Do you remember when country artist Garth Brooks invented an alter ego called Chris Gaines? The result was a huge media/personal setback. Well it appears that scam artists also have multiple personalities. This past summer Robert Phillips was riding high as a con man who thought no one knew who or what he was (creep, jerk, etc., you name it). As it turns out this site starting featuring good ole' Robert and he disappeared for a while.

Enter Ted Smith, Robert Phillips new identity. Lots of people have reported contact with "Ted" and new story which goes something like this:

From: (Ted's new email)


Thanks for the prompt response to my mail. I will be buying from you
so please kindly withdraw the advert from CRAIGSLIST. Please be
informed that I will be paying with a check. Anyways, I'll not be
available for the pick-up due to much engagement with me this season,
but my intention is to hire a mover to pick it up.Please note 'UPS' do
not deliver to P.O.Box addresses.I will need the following details to
mail out the payment.

1.Name to be on the payment
2.Home address
3.Cell phone #

I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will be
delivered within 2-3 working days.** I use a hearing impaired phone #
and will receive your calls via email.Kindly delete the posting as am
totally committed to buying from you to save me cost.Until then remain
blessed and take good care of yourself for me

*Best excuse yet, to busy due to much engagement with me this season. Honestly these people make my skin crawl.


DumbTube said...

I featured your site on Scamdexs' ScamBlog today
- Keep up the Good work!

Anonymous said...

Ted Smith, Robert Phillips, and Rev. James Russell are the same person.

His email address changed with every reply, but I only responded to his original email address

I got this from Rev. James Russell:

"Hi, I am Rev. James, I am interested in the item on subject listed by you on Craigslist. Please let me know if it is still available for sale??? I have difficulty talking on the phone. Please send me more pictures if possible."

I replied then he sent this:

"Thanks for your swift response on this purchase.I'll send you a check from my bank to cover the cost as I'm happy with your early response.anyway, I'll not be available for the pick-up of the item because of the nature of my job so i got the services of a mover whom will come for the pick up of the item on my behalf. I'll like you to provide me with the following information so as to expedite the payment for the item.

1.Your full name to be on the check
2.Home or work address (Ups doesn't deliver to P.O Boxes)
3.Your phone number
4 The final price

As soon as you have cashed the check I'll make arrangement with my mover to come over for the pick-up. Pls do me a favor of removing the Ad from CL as I'm committed to buying it. Have a nice day. God Bless James."