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Monday, December 1, 2008

John Mark/Bobby Alfred base of operations?

The pressure has been turned up on John Mark and he is now attempting to change his identity by using different "associates". In addition to using previous names as Jeremy Silver, the name Bobby A Alfred has been appearing on new unsolicited emails.

Furthermore, fake Walmart-Western Union money orders have been sent from:

365 E. 96th Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11212

We are not sure if this person/group of people are currently living at the address they've provided, however the map link below is a street view image courtesy of google.

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Anonymous said...

This guy also gave me a new address that he was planning on moving to in Evanston IL this month:

and he also gave me this number:

I have received actual money orders from him, and am holding them while I report him to the Feds.

Anonymous said...

I have just been a victim of a big scam that i had no clue about he sent me 2 money orders on december 1st 2008. i broght them to a check cashing place and they took them and they told me they were fake now im trying to find out a way to report him. and my e-mails are exactly the same as the person who posted her conversation with the so called Jeremy Silver. and should i be scared being that this person has my address?

Anonymous said...

Please take the money orders to your local Postal Inspectors. the FBI most likely will not investigate due to the low level of money loss.

Here in Cleveland the Postal Inspectors will investigate these types of scams that come through the US mail.

Detective Shaker Heights Police Department

Anonymous said...

Make sure you contact the Postal Inspector in your area. Also, put a fruad alert on your credit.

Det. Shaker Heights Police

Anonymous said...

I was a victim of Jeremy Silver big time! I fell in this whole mess. Very blind and clueless and very stupid. My mother is the person affected through all this because she is the one who's had to borrow money from her bank to put back the amount back on my account. It's becoming very hard for her to pay the loan back. I bearly can help her because I don't have a lot of hours where I work. This is very meanful. I personally dont know why the bank demands to have to put the whole amount back when explained the situation. However, that's the consequences of not being cautious. I've been feeling very depressed lately because I had too many hopes with this new babysitting job. I've done a police report. Made a report with I've also made a report with the postal inspection office.

I am hoping nobody falls into this trap like I did. This is not only money wise VERY BAD but most importantly emotional wise VERY BAD.

If anyone can tell me what else I can do? As in where I should report this kind of incident. Or where I can get a sort of help with cases like this. I would greatly appreciate it!

Unknown said...

I've also found the similar scam from Alfred Edwards. Please see their note below. They are using the same note all the time:

Thanks for getting back to me. I am highly interested in the rental. I would be in the states by the 3rd week of July but my company can provide me with temporary accommodation for a week so we can start the lease from the 1st of August. Would this work for you? Let me tell you more about myself.
I work with the United nations development program(UNDP).I have been working there for 5 years.
I am married with no kid. I and my wife actually got married last year. My Full name is Alfred Johnson Edwards and my wifes name is Anne Johnson Edwards .She is a school teacher.I am 39 years old and my wife is 35.Our current house address is 34 Rose Street, EH2 2NH Edinburgh Scotland.
I would be happy to send you a non refundable deposit of $1000 so that you can secure the place for me till i get there.My company office in the states would be responsible for the payment.I can tell them to deduct $1000 from my travel allowance and send to you.This is to serve as a non refundable deposit so that you would know i am serious about renting.I would sign the lease and pay up the rent as well as all other bills as soon as i get to the states.
Please send me your full name and address so that i can forward it to my company and the deposit can get to you soon.Are there any other details you think i need to know about the Place?Please get back to me.
Thanks a lot.

Alfred Edwards

Anonymous said...

We have apparently been taken in by the Alfred Edwards scam, too, though he has done us no actual harm (yet?). He emailed us the exact same text that has been posted here, with the offer to pay a $1000 nonrefundable deposit to hold our rental until he arrives in the US.

All he has from us is our address and phone number, both of which are available in any case. I honestly don't understand the point of his scam. I am extremely cautious about these things, and would never have been taken in by a request to cash a check and then deposit a difference back to him, etc. etc. I am, though, very curious as to whether anyone else has been taken to the next level with him. What is his whole point?

So far our only harm has been in thinking our rental had been taken off our hands!! What gives??

Unknown said...

I've also gotten an email from Alfred Edwards with the same contents that Brandon received. I am glad my husband told me to do some research on the internet. The reason why I did not really questioned the email was because one of my tenants signed a lease and paid the deposit before she ever looked at the place. She also came from overseas.