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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lauretta Coronado, Scott McClintock, and Philip Gate the same person?

For the past week yours truly has been doing some investigative work, and have come to a startling conclusion. Laureta Coronado, Scott Mclintock, and Philip Gate are originiating from the same IP address and phone number. Which leads to the conclusion that they are one in the same. The volunteer staff here at CL Scambuster did a trace on the phone number provided by the scam artists, and the number leads back to a single phone in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Again it appears that a single person or group of people from the same IP address and phone number in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic are sending scam emails using the names Lauretta Coronado, Lauretta Colorado, Lauretta Colonado, Scott McClintock, Philip Gates, and Gabrielle Cole.

Hopefully we are now one step closer to busting up this scam ring.


Anonymous said...

You can add to your list effective 8/24/08. How does this scam work? Do they actually pick up the item?

agr8da said...

You can add to your list as of 8/28/08. How does this scam work? Do they actually send someone to pick up the item? Thanks for doing this blog.

Anonymous said...

erika ziukaite using the E-mail address tracks back to tracks back to Nigeria with their IP

Anonymous said...

I can second the They use the name Erika Ziukaite

Anonymous said... is at it again.

Clipper said...

I got one from Lauretta Colorado. Email:

I advised "Lauretta" that I'd be cashing the certified check before meeting her mover. I never heard back.

Here's an exchange between me and Lauretta:

You've been identified as a craigslist scam artisit. How unfortunate for you to share the same name as a known scammer. When can I expect the certified check to arrive?

--- On Wed, 5/6/09, lauretta colorado wrote:

From: lauretta colorado
Subject: Re: Sofa & oversized chair - $250 (Goodyear)
To: "Bill
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 4:23 PM

Thanks for the prompt response my secretary will process and mail a certified draft to cover the cost as am completely satisfied with it.I will need the details of whom & where to mail the payment
1.Name to be on the check
2.Home address
3.Mobile #
Please note 'United Parcel Service' do not deliver to P.O.Box addresses and i will not be mailing a draft to one.My mover will becoming over for the pick up right only after the payment as been delivered. Kindly delete the posting as am totally committed to buying from you to save cost,..Here is my relay phone # is (210) 209-8524 am hearing impaired and will receive your phone messages via email, regards

gooseling said...

Where is Gabrielle Cole from? I swear my aunt is getting scammed - she's sending money to a Gabriel Cole in Liberia