How to Spot a Scam

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do they ever pick up the item?

I have received many emails from people inquiring as to whether or not these scam artists actually pick up the item. The answer is no, unfortunately they do not. Whenever you receive an email from someone claiming "their shipping company" is going to pick up the item, its a scam of some form. A reliable person would actually meet you, see the item for sale, and take it with them.

Scam Artists like Erike Ziukaite with an IP address of, which traces back to Nigeria, is a total fraud, and would prefer if you would remove the item from craigslist while she prints out a fake check for you to cash. Then she and the rest of the scamers that use this tactic will then ask you to send the remaining balance (they never can send the correct amount) to either them or "their shipping company" so the shipping company who just happens to be in your area the following day or week (or whatever BS they tell you) can pick up the item on the buyers behalf.

If you question this proceedure, you may even be contacted by "their shipping company," who somehow always uses a free email account like hotmail, gmail, or yahoo. "Their shipping company" may even try to pressure you into sending them money so they can pick up the item without delay. In reality there never is a real shipping, its a scam and if you send the scammer or "their shipping company" any money you will most likely never hear from either party again.

Beware of this tactic as it has been around for a long time now, yet people still fall for it.


Hucky Duck said...

Hi CL Scam Buster, I'm glad I found your blog. you left a comment on a post I had regarding my friend getting ripped off on Westjet.
I haven't checked my blog for awhile, so I just read that today..
anyways, since then, two of my friends have come across other scams, one inquired about a car from four different people, and three were actually scams..
My other friend actually bought some kind of HD PVR, by some scam artist.. I like that you are exposing these scam artists' names.

Anonymous said...

Got an E-mail from someone using the name Cody Posey from the E-mail address with a reply-to address of . The persons IP address was which tracks back to Nigeria.