How to Spot a Scam

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CL Scambuster is Back!!!

Your truly CL Scambuster is back from a much deserved vacation. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support for what we do, and for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences regarding the low lifes that troll cragislist on a daily basis.

In the past couple of weeks some new names and scam tactics have crept up, I will be posting these individuals names and email adresses very soon.


Anonymous said...

Please beware of these 2 scammers. I've included their email address as well as their postal address.

Ellen Coon
Segun Victor A
985 isale ake sapon
Tel +2348058553625

Anonymous said...

I've been in contact with a Mesila Banney, using the E-mail address

She/He wanted to buy my item right away and wanted to use PayPal. Red flag right there. I said that I didn't use PayPal and got a reply offering a money order. Another red flag. I replyed with the address of my local FBI office. After which, I recived the following E-mail;

Hello Dear,

Thanks for getting back to me regarding your item i requested to buy for my mother.Am sorry to let you know that am unable to receive the item in Denver as i previously planed.That was due to the calamity that befell on me today. I got a call from a friend of my mine that my girl friend who has been suffering from cancel had pass away, And i have schedule for a flight ticket right away so am traveling in a few hours time, But i will make the payment before i travel.

Please you will be shipping me in shipping the item to my mother down to her Upton receiver of the confirmation of my payment, I have negotiated with specific amount of the shipping cost from the USPS Priority Postal mail. So i will be adding a sufficient dollars on top of your asking price to enable you cover up with the shipping.

My mother is a cardiologist by profession, and she is currently on an official assignment for a surgery operation in ( KANU HEART FOUNDATION)West Africa. Please i want this item to get to my mother before her birthday, of course i don't wanna disappoint her. I so much love and care for my mother.

I will be making the payment right away and will notify you after i have done with the payment.

Thanks for your time and understanding
Good Luck

Another giant red flag, accomponied by gigantic red spot lights, air horns and klaxons, and probably some gun fire.

I replyed asking for them to mail the shipping address along with the money order. So, both of those should hopfully be going straight to the FBI.

The IP address of the person is which tracks back to Nigeria. So, the 419 scammers are getting into Craig's List.

If I hear anything else from the person, I might mess with them a bit. Make them jump through some hoops.

Anonymous said...

Mine was "David Richardson". Same IP address - wanted to send my laptop to his son in Africa while he was on a business trip. Fishy, fishy, fishy. I sent him a link to this blog!