How to Spot a Scam

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reporting Lauretta Coronodo?

It appears "Lauretta Coronodo" is surfacing everywhere theses days. A craigslist user in Boston reports email contact with this person. Many people have asked what can they do beyond simply ignoring the email solicitation. You can report this person to law enforcement by asking them to send their fake check to your local FBI field office. Also ask them to include their contact information and instructions for sending payment. You can remain anonymous while reporting this.


Anonymous said...

I was contacted by the same approach. I was actually scammed a couple of years ago and it left a very bad taste in my mouth. There has to be a way that we can catch up to these cons. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

"Laurette Coronado" responded to a Craigslist ad I placed to sell a $150 desk. I decided to google her and found the name is associated with scams. I don't quite understand, however. How is it the scammer is getting anything? Obviously, if no one shows up with cash for the desk, nothing lost, right? What exactly is the scam and what should I be looking out for?


Anonymous said...

Look out for Taste This Production. They list in all different cities and states throughout the country on craigslist. They got me for $8600 claiming that they would film a cooking show pilot for me and that I would then be on food network. They filmed a a garage!!! I never even got the finished product. Maybe they filmed it without any film for all I know. Then they had the nerve to ask me for $50,000 for another 13 episodes!! They are a SCAM! Don't ever answer to these people. Remeber Taste This Production is a scam!

Anonymous said...

Watch out for linda daniels and elizabeth ashley

Claiming to be Chef at sea

I got the exact same responses to 2 seperate ads from these people.

The first reply was as follows

Just viewed your listing and will like to purchase it .please can you send me more pics of it and more detail of it, and what is your final asking price of this item thank you


My Response
Please make me an offer

The next response I recieved was this
Thanks for mailing back, I don't have the chance to come and view it cos of the nature of my job, i am a chef,am at the sea,i am buying this for for my sister, i am at sea right now but i wouldn't mind seeing a few more pictures of it, and I am okay with your price.Right now the only way i can make the payment is via paypal as i don't have access to my bank account online and theres no way i can issue out a check or something here, but i have my bank account attached to my paypal account,and this is why am using paypal to pay you, all i will need is your paypal email address to make the payment,and if you dont have a paypal account,its pretty easy to set up and it very secured,log on to its also the same as me paying you directly. i hope you consider this cos i really don't want to miss this deal.I have a pick up agent who will come for the pick up after payment have been made.Thanks for understanding.many thanks.