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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beware of Joe Smith

Criagslist user "Kate" wants everyone to be aware of a scammer named Joe Smith.

Name: Joe Smith

Email address:,

Tactic Used: Classic Nigerian Wire Fraud

7/7/08 "Kate" wrote:
I was selling something on craigslist and I got this e-mail yesterday.
"Hello,This is joe smith, Am emailing
you concerning your items you place for
sales.I just want to know if its still
The name of the person was JOE SMITH (capitalization theirs). I replied and said that it was, not thinking much of their spelling (heck, there are plenty of people I see from the states that have worse). A few hours later, I got this response.
"Hello,I am glad to read from you. Am okay with the price and condition .I really need to get this right away. i am ready to pay on time. No need of shipping it. i will like my shipper to schedule a pick up immediately you get the payment confirmed. I would have love to come for it or see it but i must let you know i am okay with it. i just want this as replacement.I will offer you extra $100 to remove the ad from the posted site to be sure you are selling this to me ok. I will be able to make payment in form of US Certified Cashiers Check that is payable in any American banks in us dollars . I will like you to let me have information of whom i should issue the payment to.Such As :
*Full Name, Address and Working Phone no.*
So that ups can make delivery of the payment on time. I will also issue an excess fund with the payment so that when you get the payment, you will have to deduct your exact amount and wire out the excess to my shipper so that he can be able to make the pick up. I hope i can trust you with my money..When its time for the pick up, You will have to let me know the exact time and day my shipper can make the pick up of this item ..Your early response will be highly appreciated.Regards,joe."
The name was now showing up as joe smith (spelling is once again theirs). So I thought it was a little odd that the name had somehow changed on their e-mail accounts. Looking closer, their e-mail addresses were different!
The first one was joe0081@yahoo.comThe second was
Obviously something they thought no one would notice, but I definitely thought it was sketchy, even knowing very little of the Nigeria scams. So if anyone receives e-mails from either of these addresses, THEY ARE SCAMS!

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