How to Spot a Scam

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Scammer Alert

These new scammers have recently appeared on the scene:

Name: Josh Amstel
Location: Portland, OR

Name: Gray Huston

Name: Bethany NG

Name: Alberto Corona

Name: Luis Gonzalez


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this is a scammer. She's using the name "Kelly Smith". Email addy I posted an ad for a couch and two chairs and got this response via email:

Thanks for getting back to my mail,i would be buying and love
to come down for a look but i'm not idle at the moment,because i'm
indulging in my office assignment, but am satisfy with the description and the condition you gave on the website.i would like to make an outright purchase immediately.i will be glad if you can withdraw the advert placement from the website and will like you to know that i will be sending the payment for the item with a certified bank check or cashier's check in (US dollars) for the reason that i'm busy to come for the item and i will like you to please bear with me. And as for the pick up of the item i will know how to handle that with my
mover.As soon as you cash the payment in check,the mover will come for the pick up,all you need to do is mail me and give me the description to your place to make it easier for the mover to come and do the pick up.I do not want you to look for another buyer and i will be greteful if you withdraw the advert from the website, and i don't mind giving you extra $50 for withdrawing the advert from the web.In order for you to know that I'm really serious in purchasing your item.I will send
you the payment as soon as you give me the info to write the check. i would need your name and address to post the payment and i'll appreciate if you include your
1...Your name
2...Your postal address
3...your zip code phone number
Home or work address (Ups doesn't deliver to P.O Boxes)
thanks and i'll be expecting your reply.

I didn't see this exact name on your list, but am still fairly certain this is a scammer. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Dr. Michael Fredson

Yahoo Messenger ID =

Yahoo Email

Money Laundering and Reshipping Fraudsters

Original job posting has been pulled.


This name goes back to 2005 if the research is done correctly on the net.

Claims he is in the UK on business working to open his art gallery and is a Doctor in the U.S. out of NY. Job will only last until September.

NONE of this can be confirmed however, most who deal with Doctors know that when you speak to one you may address them as "Doctor" however, in writing or when a doctor is using his title, it's written as Michael Fredson Ph.D or Michael Fredson M.D., or Michael Fredson M.O. Not Dr. Michael Fredson.

You don't see a business card for a medical doctor with DR. on it.

There is no Michael Fredson Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy), M.O. or any other listed in the State of NY. Nor is there a Mike Fredson, or anything close to that name who has a license with the NY State Board.

Numbers given for contact are located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Demands that "mule(s)" aka "victims" have Yahoo Messenger on at all times and must have internet access on PDA or cell phone.

Sends text message to cell via Yahoo Messenger to cell/PDA devices.

Requires "mule(s)" aka "victims" to obtain ten UPS locations (these must be sent to fraudconscamartist via email), will be required to obtain at least 500 of these envelopes without bringing attention to self.

Stresses the importance of NO ONE or NO 3rd parties know about the delivery of packages to home address nor the drop off of payroll that must be sent to his colleagues.

Does not use the USPS (as this is a much more serious, it would constitute a Federal crime).

Dr. Michael Fredson stated he would provide a UPS carrier account number, to cover mailing costs for the payroll checks.

I'm going to be bold and presume the account number is one that has either been hijacked from a legitimate company, or one that has been paid for with stolen credit card information.

Dr. Michael Fredson will ask the "mule(s)" aka "victims) if their handwriting is 70%-80% clear(?) in order to sign the payroll checks.

Here is the law in the US governing such matters:

Writing and signing checks on someone else's account

You cannot legally write your name on any account, unless you have properly identified yourself with the bank and have signed the signature card.

To be named a signatory on an account that is not your own, the account holder must clearly state that it is his/her wish that you be authorized to sign checks. To authorize you to sign on his/her account, the account holder must complete a new signature card which you must also sign. Before your signature is accepted by the account holder's bank, you must present valid identification to the bank, just like the account holder had to do when he/she opened the account.

To sign a check on an account that is not yours and on which you have not been listed as an authorized signer is a criminal act called forgery and you can/will be arrested, convicted, and sent to jail for committing forgery. (fraudconscamartist's will threaten you once you've actually done this with calling the FBI, Secret Service and your police department and turning you in for this crime; this is how they manipulate the "mule(s)" aka "victims" into continuing these activities).

Once you've signed the check and shipped it, you will be arrested and you will be convicted of forgery, fraud and theft due to receipt of stolen goods.

This is a Federal crime and I highly doubt this fraudconscamartist aka Dr. Michael Fredson will pay your bail or lawyers fees!

Unknown said...

Louice Park