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Thursday, October 2, 2008

TUTOR SCAM - John Williams

This is an alert from a craigslist user in Raleigh:

Scam Artist: John Williams

Hello,Thanks for the email,my son will be coming for a vacation in the U.S,and i want him to be busy throughout because he is a bit playful.I just want to know maybe he can always come to you and you can be his tutor so he can learn from you.I want my kid to partake for a tutorial class.He is just 15 yrs old,I have told him concerning the arrangement of the tutoring and he told me it is okey with him.

I want you to know that i am going to pay for 1 month,which should be $50.00/hr(which i have in mind).And i am planning that you will be teaching him 3 times a week,which is 1hr per day,so get back to me with the total fee for the subject English language, when you will be available to teach him during the week ?I also want to inform you that my son don't live in the states, he live in Philippine. so my Son will be arriving the states on 10th of NOVEMBER 2008 then the tutorial class can start by 15th NOVEMBER.

I want him to study more about what his needs to know while he is in the states.I will also like to inform you that my client in state will besending you an Over-payment inform of Us money orders or Certifiedcheck for the lesson fee, and Also to inform you that i will be paying the Nanny that will be taking care of my son's welfare while he is there for the lesson, Please for the nature of your job and for the good relationship between Your self and my son i would want to entrust you with this money because am not presently in the States, i would have liked to take care of all this myself but since the payment would be coming to you from my associates , i want you to please kindly be of help by cashing the money and deducting only your teaching fee and send the remaining fund to his Nanny/ Guardian / house keeper so my son can be in good health and well taken care of before my arrival. Regarding this, kindly send your full information to receive the payment so it can be made out to you on-time.

I hope i can trust you to be a very good teacher for my Son's good academics performance.I hope i can count on you for the tutorial and the money to be sent to the Guardian.Please reply with Full Name On Payment,Full residential address,Phone numbers and email address, so that one of my client can issuethe payment to you ASAP.

HIS EMAIL ADDRESS: try, but he should have picked a better name than John Williams


Anonymous said...

Yea his alias goes beyond just John Williams. I received two e-mails identical to the John Williams case. It really upsets me that I am posting something to help out kids and parents with affordable after school tutoring and someone responds with that garbage. To whomever this concerns: Don't be a jag bag and prey on someone else!!

Anonymous said...

I got an almost identical email from a Mr. John, email address, from a Pittsburgh posting on Craigslist. Ridiculous, but people must fall for these scams sometimes. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

He is now doing it in the Denver Craigslist postings. I am going to flag it as a scam.

Unknown said...

I just saw him post on the 19th for Portland, Or Craigslist. THe response was very strange and looks like the overpayment scam. Thanks for this forum.

Anonymous said...

He has a new Portland Craigslist posting asking for a tutor for his 9 year old son. It is definitely an over payment scam and he is using the pjohn547@ aol address. Beware!

Anonymous said...

i definitely got the same email from the pjohn547 one.

i sent him a really funny email back

Anonymous said...

I got the same email over Craigslist. However, he went as far as to sending me a check of $2500. He said $530 is for me and the rest is for the nanny who happens to live in Pennsylvania. I'm not really sure what to expect. He uses different names. He uses Peter John through the emails and the check is signed Thomas Ackerman. The check seems to be real, because I looked up the routing number and it linked to the JP Morgan Chasebank NA in Tampa, Florida.

Anonymous said...

so why do they do this?
i got 2 emails as well saying they will send me a check, i can keep what i need for the tutoring and then send the rest to the nanny....what is this all about???

Unknown said...

I got the same one in San Francisco. Instead, it was his daughter who needed to be tutored...Prey for others.

LB said...

I just got an almost exact email from I am in the Miami area. I am a medical student wanting to make extra cash on the side to help pay for overwhelming loans and this is so sad. Thanks everyone for posting this so that I did not fall for the trap.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to sell a sofa and he suggests he'll send me a check and then send movers to pick up the sofa. He is not even interested in looking at the sofa.

Emails used:

RickMK said...

I've been targeted twice with this scam. The first time was last March from a person who claimed he was from Greece:

>Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 07:43:57
>Subject: Math tutor .....You are
>From: robert rath
> You are welcome and moreso am
>glad with the details about the
>arrangement and provision of
>library..Well, the nanny will be
>responsible in bringing my
>daughter over to the library..
>The tutoring should start by the

Then again this month, this time from a person supposedly from Mexico:

>Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 16:39:10 >-0700 (PDT)
>From: Sean Howf >
>Subject: Payment >details------------Tutoring >especially for Homeschoolers >(Chester/Montgomery/Delaware >County area)
>Thanks for your quick response.i >want to let you know my son is >still new at this,so you just >have to start from the beginning >with

TruthToFreedom said...

Peter John

On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 12:32 PM, Peter John wrote:

Good day to you over there, I need a tutor lesson for my son ( James ),i got your advert while surfring through the internet and i really want my child to be taught by you. James is 15 year old and easily catch up...i was base in ENGLAND.. So i will like you to get back to me the following detail:

3...FULL NAME.....

My mode of payment will be by CHECK OR MONEY ORDER .willing to read from you as soon as possible ,,,,God bless you


Don't get caught by this guy. I almost did.

Unknown said...

I received the same email from a Craigslist posting in Jackson, MS...but under the name Adam Morales. Beware!

Unknown said...

I got nearly the same email from a craigslist posting in Jackson, MS. But it was under the name, Adam Morales. Beware!