How to Spot a Scam

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Robert Adams gets reported

After numerous scam emails and fake checks, our good ole' friend Robert Adams has been reported to the FBI. A huge thank you to the Craigslist user that sent this new update.

Craigslist User wrote:
Robert has been in contact with me this week as well. I tricked him into going to a website (so he could download what he thought was a western union reciept) and I got his IP address. It traces back to Nigeria. I filed an online complaint to the FBI, although I haven't even cashed his phoney check. I have seen this as a scam from the beginning, but I have done what I can to waste his time.


Anonymous said...

It is September 17th 2008
Good job, that is funny.
Obviously this is still going on,I am recieving the same emails from him now. Is there any word on what the FBI may be doing?

knuffie said...

I'm in the process of being scammed by this man. Because of your posts, I've reported him to my bank to investigate his payment. It deposited successfully, but he called with a beligerent Nigerian voice from a BLOCKED number today and requires me to go to a Moneygram. (I worked with 5 Nigerians for 7 years, so this is not a guess - that was definitely a Nigerian accent, which threw a serious red flag for me!)

Everything is EXACTLY how others have indicated, so now I'm just hoping my bank will help me not get screwed. I will report the whole process and all his emails later. For now, I'll take any advice on how to stop the scam before he gets any of my money!

Summary: I posted something on CL, he emailed me to buy it. He said he was sending payment. Before I got it, he said the mover messed up and overpaid. I didn't receive the overpayment for 2 weeks and it was dated after he made this claim. I'm so naive, I can't believe I cashed it instead of sending it back to him or whatever.

I waited for the check to clear, it did, the money appears in my bank. He refuses to accept any payment other than his Moneygram (another red flag). I wanted to wait a few days to make sure that the payment wouldn't be rejected by my bank before paying out. (Luckily!)

He called me today, as the check just cleared, from a blocked number and was very rude. He even hung up on me, and he sounded like he was in a hurry the whole time. It was very disturbing, no mention of the dress - just that his mover would handle that after I paid him - and so I investigated and found these articles...

I have reported the deposit as fraudulent, my bank is investigating before I proceed.

ADVICE?!!! Confront him? Forward everything to the FBI - who has the case open? Let my bank handle it? I'm definitely not paying a dime and not picking up a Blocked number until I hear back from the bank's fraud department tomorrow!!