How to Spot a Scam

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best of 2010

We start 2011 by reflecting at the very best of 2010. Thanks to this blog, justice will be served to one crook who thought he was too fast for jail.,0,1862829.story


Anonymous said...

Hi how do you put your own scam story from craigslist on here? I recently just had a scam pulled on me when I was looking for a job on

Anonymous said...

I was searching for a job on craigslist about a month ago when I came across two jobs that were looking for apartment cleaners. so i emailed them and let them know i was interested in the job they emailed me back saying they are paying 500 weekly for three days a week for as many hours as i would like so it sounded good (a little too good) but this man who said his name is Matthew Sheedy lived in london and would be moving here to work with his wife who is pregnant! he asked for my information to send a check so I gave him my name and adress and the check came about 2 weeks later from his FINACIAL ADVISOR! Juan Garcia is the name on the money order i recieved. So then the man emailed me and said i was too deduct my first pay and then WIRE the rest of the money to him! It sounded fishy so I called the USPS to make sure the money orders were even real they told me they were fraudulent and to throw them away if I was to deposit them into my back then wire him the money and later found out that they were fake he would his money but i would be screwed out of 1800 dollars and have to pay it back! The other job i had emailed also messaged me back his name was DERRICK COLE and his email sounded exactly the same as MATTHEW SHEEDY! so i quit emailing him! just be aware of scammers on craigslist they are real and can cause you to be out of money or sometimes you can be incarcarated because of these scammers fake checks!

Anonymous said...

I was recently looking at rental property in Medford, OR and found a 3 bed 2 bath 1600 sq ft house for rent for only $800. It seemed too good to be true so I called the city to discover the person who e-mailed me about the property was no the owner of the property. I called the property managers that are renting the place and found out it was for rent but for $400 more than the add. So look out folks... JEFFREY & VICKY WIENCEK
(011-234-704-220-3098 or +234-704-220-3098) He has placed 4 adds on Craigs list.