How to Spot a Scam

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scam Alert Update

Update for 7/7/09

Beware of the following people:

Name: Pastor Steven Cammons

Name: Tola West
Email: Tola

Name: Daniel Lappen

Name: Louice Park


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this information. I was recently contacted by tola and after closing the sale, researched the name and number. I came across various information including your blog. I immediately canceled the same. It saved me a tremendous amount of time and hassle I'm sure! The information was extremely helpful and accurate!

Anonymous said...

I also was just contacted by Tola West. Her message was extremely suspicious, so I researched her name and came across this site. Thanks for the hard work keeping this site up and running.

Unknown said...

Thanks as well. I was contacted by Daniel Lappen and googled his name before I replied. Good thing I did. He was using the hotmail account.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Lappen just contacted me too, thanks for the tip!

unfortunately you can't fix stupid!

here is his methodology to hunt:

I would love to buy your Hobie Outback - SUV of kayaks - $1000 which you have for sale,i came across your ad for my first time using craig's list(I guess i was lucky LOL!).I wish i could come down to you to look at it but unfortunately i am currently in Vienna VA but i can do the whole transaction from here with ease.Please advice if the item is still in good conditions and if you can accept a Cashier's check for payment.
The price of the item is fair to me and i wouldn't want to loose it so it would be my pleasure to add another $50 to the asking price so you can sell the item to me and also tell other interested parties that it has been sold to avoid competitions(LOL).
I have read the craig's list warning and i understand they warn against cashier's check,but i want you to know that i am a good guy and would never do anything to harm anyone.So if you are okay with my offer,kindly get back with the information below so i will use it to make payment to you immediately,
1)Full Name
2)Full Address(City,State and zip code)
3)Phone Number(Best time you can be reached on Phone)
Please don't bother yourself about the pick up,the pick up will be handled by me.I will have my forwarding courier to proceed with the pick up once you notify me that you've got your payment and cash in hand.
I will be waiting to read a reply from you soonest.Stay Blessed and Best Regards."

Anonymous said...

Yep, Tola West is one of them!!!

He sent me a fraudulent check, from The Hartford.

jessy said...

watch out for SAM KANE wrote a bad check for $4,300 from first national bank