How to Spot a Scam

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christoper Stephenson & Dan Spurlock

Another Scam on CL from emails below:

Name: Christopher Stephenson
Emails: &

Name: Dan Spurlock


Anonymous said...

We got a reply from "Dan Spurlock" as well:
I appreciate your response to my inquiry. Am interested in buyingit from you. I would love to come and check it myself but I just got married and am presently on an honeymoon trip to Hawaii with my wife.I would love a surprise change of furniture in our home on our return.Pls do withdraw the advert from craigslists as i dont mind adding $50 for you to do that, so i can be rest assured that the item is held for me. I should believe it is in good condition as stated. I will be making the payment via a Certified Check, which my secretary willmail across to you. I'll be picking the item from you with the aid of my mover. My Mover will be coming to pick it from you once the
Certified Check has been cashed. Pls I will need both your full name and physical address along with your phone number to issue out the

I await your urgent response.

Thanks for the Blog!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip. We too had Dan Spurlock answer our ad with the exact wording as from "anonymous" for the furniture we were listing. This was so helpful. Busted, Dan "How's Akron?" was my reply.
Syracuse, NY

Anonymous said...

We got a reply from "Dan Spurlock" as well and it read exactly the way the other on did that he was in Hawaii so on and so forth. This was for a furniture set we where selling in a hurry for an emergency. I'm sure that just peaked his curiosity. He almost got through with it. He just didn't know my mama didn't raise no fool like him! May he rot in hell!

Brahm said...

Just got an e-mail from "Dan Spurlock []" in response to a posting I made for a table on This version of the message was much shorter:

Is the item still available and in good condition?

The fact that the table was referred to as "the item" and that I had stated the condition of the table in the posting raised a red flag in my mind. I did a search for the e-mail address but came up empty. Doing a search on the name led me here (so thanks for creating this site!).

Anonymous said...

We got the SAME EXACT email from spurlock today after reposting on craiglist. Whomever spurlock is, he or she gives a bad name to such web sites.This blog is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"Dan Spurlock" used this address for himself when e-mailing me: The text about being on a honeymoon trip to Hawai etc. was identical as that sent to the other bloggers here. I got a good looking fake check from him by UPS, follwed by a message left on my answering machine inquring about the 'overage' cash he wanted me to wire him by Western Union to a place in Texas. The quality of his recording on my answering machine was poor, but I am sure he spoke with a heavy African accent. I am around students from Africa a lot, so I do know this accent.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, to all of the above. I was ALMOST scammed but it was not going down like that. I thank you all for your postings because it gave me confirmation that something was not right about this person.