How to Spot a Scam

Monday, November 28, 2011

Scambuster J. Fly Reports

Hello Scambuster!

I frequently rent someone's apartment in Manhattan when I need to visit for business (or personal, occasionally). I noticed this time that some scammer has posted tons of apartments all over Manhattan. It is incredibly annoying and makes finding a place difficult.

So far, here are the names:

Jeff Gibbson
Janina Richardson
Pegy Ferguson

It was pretty clear after I looked at a few places that they were all the same apartment (faux photos, obviously), much too nice to actually be in Manhattan for that price, and written by the same person with email addresses similar to:

All three of them wrote back with the same sentence: "How many nights do you want to book?"

"Jeff Gibbson" is the only one I had further communication with, and he returned the expected stock response, poorly articulated, terrible syntax, and full of unnecessary blather:

-J. Fly

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