How to Spot a Scam

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jerry Brown, Katie Stevens, & Mike Wilson

Be wary of these three individuals:

Name: Jerry Brown

Name: Katie Stevens

Name: Mike Wilson


Anonymous said...

here is another email by the same jerry brown


wish he would leave me alone is there any way you can stop recieving these emails?? they are sent to my inbox not spam folder??

Anonymous said...

Mike Wilson is now using, claiming to be in South Carolina, asking to pay by money order and claiming to be sick and wanting to buy things for sick inlaws.

Can I ask what people's negative experiences have been with this "character"?

I am anonymous, but I am tracking the thread, so I will receive replies.

Anonymous said...

How about Williams Kate? Don't see name on list, but MO seems similar...cashiers check, will have shipper pick up, pick up charges to make payable to the mover, etc.

Anonymous said...

Mike Wilson wants to buy an item from me for his inlaws in south carolina and is willing to pay a little extra, he said shipping will be taken care of by "a mover," anybody have any bad experiences with him?